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  1. Passenger side fender right below the map sensor
  2. That is normal for the car but not the way it should run. There are two issues that that car has one is the ECU and the other is the boost pressure solenoid. The best way to fix the ECU is to send it out to BEGI for the reflash. That company is very slow at everything so expect the car to be down for a month in the process but it is the best fix for the driveability of the car. The boost pressure solenoid gets carbon build up in it. haven't found a successful way of cleaning them so best fix is to replace it and then put an inline filter in place like for a boost guage
  3. I have an 02 miata for sale with 107000 miles. All info is in the craigslist ad http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/4872037218.html
  4. Depending on what you are doing with the car for most the best car for racing use is an early NB 99-00. That is what everyone is looking for to be competitive in SM. The simplicity and durability of the NA-NB cars is far better than the NC. Working on these cars everyday the NC is not hard but they just made it more of a pain in the ass IMO. Also the NCs just don't seem to hold up to the beatings in the long run that we put on these cars. I would save the money on the car and get a decent NB over spending more and getting an NC and having less money for cage, suspension, ect.
  5. I was in class the other day and my teacher showed me this video that explained very well how a differential works and i thought i would share it with yall.. there isnt anything important till about 1:50
  6. Depending on whether I am working that day which I don't think I am I will be there and my dad will be as well.
  7. http://m.jalopnik.com/5906263/subaru-brz-vs-toyota-gt-86-vs-mazda-miata-track-battle?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  8. And that means I get the one you get in May right?
  9. We have been out on that track the same day as it rained. Man it was fun had some slippy spots where people brought mud into the corners
  10. samuk92

    Help Needed

    If anyone is able to help me out just throw a response up so I can make sure the money gets to my trip and a tax deduction makes it to you
  11. samuk92

    Help Needed

    Sam James 2102 Woodland Drive Richmond, TX 77406 Tel: 281 232 5332 Dear I pray this letter finds you doing well and having a great start to 2012. During the first year and a half of my college career, I have both become more active students serving in the Student Ministry at The Bridge Fellowship, in Sugar Land. Through the student ministry I have been given an amazing opportunity to travel to Guatemala with seven fellow students in June this year. During the seven days in Guatemala the team will be visiting a small village to build a clean water well with the organization Living Water International. www.water.cc Girls in the team will have the privilege of visiting the women and children in their homes to experience the living conditions and to teach a class on hygiene, and I will be spending my time drilling the well and forming relationships with the children of the village. The females also get a chance to drill the well. I am so excited for this great opportunity and am thrilled to see the changes it will bring in our lives. In order for this life changing experience to take place for us and the Guatemalan villagers, we are asking for your help. Firstly your help in prayers for the safe trip for the team, secondly, financial support, we need to raise a total of $850 for each of us for the whole trip. The first deadline is March 9thneeding $500 and then second is May 9th for the final payment of $350. I would appreciate any help that you can give to help reach my goal. I ask at this time to please keep my team in your prayers; we have a lot of preparation to do and a lot to get done. Whether you are supporting through prayers, financial or both I am extremely grateful for you taking the time to read my request and I hope you will take part in this journey with me. Thank you for your time and support Sam James Donations are tax deductible and can be made in a couple of different ways, directly to Living Water International in our name (form attached) or to The Bridge Fellowship in our names, http://www.thebridgefellowship.com/connect/student1 or you mail a check to the address above payable to The Bridge Fellowship
  12. http://m.jalopnik.com/5872514/the-true-story-of-how-a-ferrari-ended-up-buried-in-someones-yard Never thought you would see this
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