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  1. @BobKid I haven't been to any pca events. How onerous is their process for getting into their system?
  2. I also run RE71Rs on my Cayman S track car, so here is another data point for you. First, my usage is a bit different than yours in so far as this is mainly a track car and driven on the road mostly just to get to the track. However, since my preferred track is MSRC and I live just outside Austin, the miles on the car/tires is about 67% road/33% track (360 mile round-trip + 180 miles on track for a single-day event) I get about 4 track days (six 30 minute sessions/day) on a set so I'm replacing them approximately every three months. They never really get old, just worn out. After a lot of testing, I go out with tire pressures set at 24psi. After a lap or two on the 3.1 at MSRC they are up to (and stay at) 33-34psi. Traction is very good at that kind of pressure. Earlier in my days running these tires I would get back to the paddock with pressures having risen to 38 - 39psi. No bueno. Traction is markedly reduced. I run -3.3* camber front and -3* rear. I don't get much tire squeal, even when the tire pressures have gotten away from me, just loss of traction. Finally, even with hot pressures at 33-34psi, by laps 8-10 on the MSRC 3.1, the tires are plenty hot and grip is reduced, although manageable. Time to look for the checkered flag 🙂 I don't know if my data is of much use to you. I will emphasize the importance of watching your HOT tire pressures though. Find a way to keep them around 33psi. Cheers!
  3. Track: CoTA Date: 12/13/2020 3PM (Edge Addicts event) Lap Time: 2:33.9 (AIM SoloDL) Car: 2009 Porsche Cayman S Weight with Driver: 3250 (pre COVID-19. The driver might weigh a little more these days) WHP: ~300 Tires: new RE-71Rs It was nice being back to COTA after a 1.5 year absence. I managed to improve my previous PB by 1.2 seconds. I threw away .6 second on this lap when I had to completely lift off the throttle about 75 meters before the start/finish line to let a Porsche GT3 by. It pained me to lift, but I had given him/her a point at the start of the straight and it was my responsibility to let them pass safely. C'est la vie. Regardless, I'm beginning to think Piglet and I might be able to see a 2:31.x in our future.
  4. We built a new building 7 years ago that included another "garage". We originally chose epoxy, but after three failed attempts by the installer, we switched to porcelain tile. Our application is different from yours though: this room doesn't see any "wrenching, fluid changes (and fluid spills), heavy floor jacks, possibly engine replacements, etc.". We have had some liquids spill on the tiles and it cleaned up nicely. I've included some shots of the tile below. Having said all that, for your application I would choose epoxy. Just get a good company to install it or do it yourself. Cheers, Joe
  5. Yeah, I'm in the Red Run Group. Me and Piglet don't have what it takes to go <2:30 at COTA 🙂
  6. I'll be there also on Sunday 12/13. You'll have a great time. I'll be in a garage somewhere. White Cayman S, #25. Stop by and say howdy. My name is Joe.
  7. Track: 3.1 Date: Nov 16, 2020 Lap Time: 2:26.3 (Solo DL) Car: 2009 Cayman S Weight with driver: 3250 WHP: ~300 Tires: RE-71R Weather: 70, Sunny I over-slowed for ricochet and was sloppy in several places, but still managed to cut a second off my previous PB.
  8. 1.7CW on Sat -> 1.7 CCW on Sunday -> 3.1 CCW on Monday Who's in?
  9. It was great meeting and running with y'all as well! Yeah, Piglet was happy to be back on-track after a three month summer hiatus. I was happy to start to knock the rust off my driving and rediscover all the muscles that get a good workout in a day at the track 😉
  10. I'll be there 🙂 BTW, @BobKid, I meant to stop by and introduce myself at the last Monday Funday in June. I'll come by and say Howdy at the next one in Sep..
  11. Still some spots open for this event. The weather is going to be perfect. Come on, you know you want to take a well deserved day off work and treat yourself to a day at the track 🙂
  12. Edge Addicts will be having another one of their Monday Fundays on the 3.1. Might be a bit chilly, but I plan to be there. Cheers!
  13. Yeah, I need to investigate better cooling. Right now, I'm using GT3 ducts which is better than stock but not good enough. I've applied brake temp paint to the rotors a couple times this year (at COTA and MSR) and consistently run at 1,400 degrees F. Brake performance is still good, but as noted, brake life is not so good. I think more ducting will be the primary thing on the to-do list this winter.
  14. They are/were Ferodo DS1.11 pads. This is the third set I've used this year and I got similar results with the other sets. Three days reduces the pads to less than 50% of material remaining (= 2+mm per day). I used to use PFC08's and would get five days on them. So far, the DS1.11's are much kinder to my (Sebro) rotors, which is the reason I switched. Here is a photo from the previous set. . . . Queue brake pad debate and braking technique critique.
  15. Yeah, this is the second time I've done the Triple Play event and it was great again this year. Perfect weather. Met some old friends and made some new ones. I had some new RE-71R's drop-shipped to Doghouse and had them mounted after session 4 on Sunday which made Monday on the 3.1 much more fun. I had installed a fresh set of front brake pads before I went to the track. Wish I had brought another set for Monday 😞; live and learn. But again, it was a great event. Looking forward to next year.
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