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  1. You’ve listed the usual suspects. I’ve used, and been very happy with moorespeed (south Austin) and TPWS (north) for my Cayman s. Both are great.
  2. Like others have said, it was hot but a lot of fun. It was great meeting and hanging out a bit with @BigMonkey73. I didn't set any PB but worked on some basics and improved in some areas. I prefer the 1.7 ccw but that's because I have more experience with that direction, so it was good getting more time going CW. The crazy part was the drive home (to Lago Vista NW of Austin). I left at the third session on Sunday trying to beat the storm but no dice. Got slammed from just south of Granbury to Lampasas (100 miles). I always tell folks going to their first track day, the most dangerous thing you will do on that day is drive to and from the track. Sure was the case yesterday. Bad_weather.mov
  3. I'll be there on Sunday (3/17) in Piglet, my white '09 Cayman S, #25.
  4. "Did they post a link of pictures? I haven't gotten an email yet." I think they are sorting through all the photos now and suspect a link will be sent out soon. The photo above was just one they chose to use for their Facebook page.
  5. It was kinda cool seeing a photo of Piglet on the Edge Addicts Facebook page! The event was a lot of fun even with the couple wet areas. Plus, I always meet new people that enjoy what we do at the track. Good times.
  6. I've been to all the F1 races at COTA except one and it's always been General Admission for us. All the spots Matt93SE mentioned are good for F1 as well. Over the years we have watched from the slopes just before T19, T1 for qualy, and most often T7. We like the T7 area because you can see Turns 6-7-8 and also you can see the last half of the back straight in the distance. If you sit a little lower on the slope in T7, you can see a large TV screen to the left which allows you to see activity elsewhere on the track. Plus, T7 is very near a Beer Garden. Priorities. There's also a long grassy area leading into T11 which is nice. You might see some passing there. I just remembered that there is a SMALL grassy area between grandstands at T15 (the stadium area). It will be crowded but if you can get a good spot you get a good view of T12 through T16ish. Cheers!
  7. I plan to be there for all three days. This is one of my favorite events of the year.
  8. To follow-up, I was looking at the little "safety" button on my NRG 2.5 hub a couple days ago with the intention of removing it. I pulled on the release flanges WITHOUT pushing the button and the steering wheel came right off. I tried it several times with the same results. The wheel is still held firmly in place when it is attached. So, we now know that the "safety" button is a) a nuisance and b) poor quality.
  9. +1 for the Squiggly Lines book. I also recommend: A Practical Guide to Race Car Data Analysis
  10. I went through the same thought process earlier this year. I switched from HLT + GoPro + 10hz external GPS puck + OBDII data dongle to AIM Solo DL + SmartyCam HD. The DL is hardwired into the CAN bus and a switched power line. Now, I get in the car, start the motor and go. You probably know all this but after a session you can pop the SD card from the SmartyCam and look at video with embedded data graphics with no post processing required. Plus, the data analytics from the Solo DL are great for identifying areas of improvement. Now, I don't have to worry about charging several batteries, then making sure everything is powered up and ready to go before a session. My current setup is not as cheap as the HLT combo, but it provides more useful information, is a lot more reliable and less stressful and lets me concentrate on the upcoming session and not diddling with a bunch of gadgets.
  11. I too have one of the NRG models. I had to modify it to work with my paddle shifters but that won't be an issue for you. I agree with Robert about the check button issue. In normal operation it's a nuisance. I sometimes wonder what it would be like trying to find that damn little button after a crash, with the steering wheel at some unknown position, you've had your bell rung a bit and you need to get out of the car in a hurry. I might be over-reacting, but, TBH, it bothers me enough that I might look for another option.
  12. I'll be going. I went to the EA 3.1 events in April and May. Lots of track time with light traffic. Great time.
  13. Hi Dave, it was great meeting and running with you as well! Hope to see you (maybe on some new Hoosiers???) back at Cresson soon :-)
  14. Track: MSR-C 3.1 Date: 5/7/2018 Lap Time: 2:27.85 (AIM SoloDL) Car: 2009 Cayman S Estimated Weight w/Driver: ~3250 Estimated WHP: ~300 Tires: 255/275 RE-71R Suspension: Moton Club Sport Weather: 85*, light wind Second session, lap 3. This was supposed to be a warm-up lap but turned out to be the best of the day. Virtual best is 2:25 so more work needed on consistency.
  15. This is a repeat of the similar event held this past April 16th (which was quite fun). Three run groups with max 20 cars per group. Up to 4 hours of track time available. Plus lunch and snacks provided. More information available here: https://www.shop.edgeaddicts.com/MSR-Cresson-31-May-7th-2018-MSR-May-7.htm
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