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  1. I agree, Sam. But this is a green student running Carbotech 1521. They only have a 800 degree limit.
  2. What's everyone running on their Z07s? Thanks
  3. I am interested. I would like to come have a look and see if I fit in it. I sent you a PM. Craig
  4. It is unusual for rotors to actually warp. I use Carbotech as well and I have the same problem. Look at your rotors and you will probably see what looks like splotches of something that looks like it was painted on with a brush. That is pad material and is most likely what is causing the vibration you feel. I called Carbotech and asked them about this. They said to swap inner and outer pads on each caliper.
  5. Track: MSR-C 3.1CCW Date: 4/30/2017 Lap Time: 2:30:36 (Harry's) Car: 2004 Porsche 911 4S Estimated Weight w/Driver: 3400? Estimated WHP: ~263 (Stock) Tires: R888R Suspension: PSS10, Tarrett Sway F/R Weather: 70F, Sunny, Very Windy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwUcfErXjnM
  6. I will be instructing. MSR Cresson is my favorite track.
  7. I will be there, instructing. My favorite track.
  8. I just bought seats yesterday. I am driving a 996. I got the Sparco 2000 Pro II. I was looking at seats with Halos but decided against it as I still street the car and I think it will be more attractive for resale. As for how they mount, I bought a mounting plate made specifically for the car for the passenger side. For the driver side I got a slider so I can adjust it. All of this should be in in a couple of weeks. I am thinking I might try to install it myself. I might just take it to Soul Speed and let them install it. I still need to get harnesses. I will update the thread when
  9. Thanks everyone. I ended up trading the Vette in on a 2012 997.2S. I am going to move forward with the 996 as my track car. Have a happy apex!
  10. How do you organize an event with this as a stipulation? I wouldn't sign up knowing it could be cancelled. "If their schedule changes or other circumstances arise, your date may be canceled."
  11. I'll be there. BTW, where is everyone staying? I tried the group discounts Rick mentioned but the hotels said they didn't have that group listed.
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