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  1. I had a great time out there this weekend. I always had a miata battle in TT for at least a couple of laps, and then would hop into my Dads car and lead follow with Kevin in DE3. Running with all of the fast guys in TT really makes the speed of these miata's jaded. Kevin was running in the 2:12 range Saturday and we were stuck behind a red Z06 and Panoz a couple of times :) Really close times most of the weekend which made the grid back in TTE like 5 miata's deep. I actually ran my best time of the weekend stuck behind a GTR in TT (2:09.1), go figure. I finally after 12 track days at TWS
  2. I'm almost positive the early spec miata's 2002-2004 build's ran ground control collars during the first trial season's of spec miata. I bet they are grand fathered in.
  3. How many agx? All 4? Will the rollbar fit a 01 with a hardtop?
  4. Sorry should have put a smiley, it was a joke for mega.
  5. I clocked a rolling lap of 1:57.9 which I think is the lap record for a naturally aspirated miata at TWS CCW. I bet instruction form Eric could get anyone 2 seconds, what does that cost in parts?
  6. You guys are taking this way to personal. I feel the instructor did exactly what I would have done. Look at my comments on youtube, I want to live.
  7. Saw this video on youtube while trolling for videos of this weekends races. Short story, newish driver has a modified CTS-V, grabs an instructor and is ripping TWS CW. The brakes fail at the end of the back straight coming into 6 at 120+. The car was going off and the instructor yanked the wheel as it was leaving the track. This is a wooded area with a access road and a concrete wall with no runoff. The youtube user obviously feels that the instructor caused more damage than if the car had gone off straight. I'm going to leave my comments out at first. Discuss...
  8. For street/track I'd go with the Hankook RS3, for track only the NT01. They both display great life and nice break away characteristics without getting greasy.
  9. Miata Challenge is fun, send me your number lets chat.
  10. I'm not defending anyone dude. Your taking this way to personal and actually quite out of line. South Texas is so freaking dry right now you can't compare it to anywhere else in the country. The point is that car/driver passed tech he was sound checked again before entering the track, then HHR staff after the fact is confronting the person they think started it. My point is a fire at HHR is like water in a lake... Instead of playing the blame game HHR needs to come up with a better solution to stoping fires that start.
  11. *****WARNING****** NSFW after 9 min mark, spoolin2bars, itrack, ravynx, hustler, wags, subyshufflin, carthusiast, etc, crap talking Forgot to turn the camera off after the run and caught our crap talking tomfoolery on tape :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhY_jZDmPbg
  12. Fun day, had a blast with all the miata guys!
  13. Not a record but posting up 2012 Boss 302 Stock Michelin SB9's CW 1:27.8 65 degrees, cloudy, damp track
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