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  1. Tank slapper by s2k resulting in a booty slap. And thanks dude!
  2. 991.1 gt3 with headers. tune and not tuned.
  3. Next weekend! Anyone coming to race GLTC or Super Lap Battle time attack?
  4. Type gltc.racing into your web browser! You'll find the ruleset there. GLTC is gridlife's w2w series. It's roughly 12.5:1 power to weight series for production based cars with a few exceptions. For this COTA event. We are only bringing the GLTC portion of gridlife as a support series for Super Lab Battle time attack that will be at COTA already. That stock car in your sig definitely won't work haha. You could rent something though. Spec e46's fit in well.
  5. https://facebook.com/events/442301443321289/?ti=icl GLTC at COTA for basically cheapest w2w racing ever done at COTA. This will event will be with and support of Super Lab Battle time attack during the same weekend. 1 class. 1 run group. 4 races. Tickets on sale tomorrow 12/18/2019 Who's in? I'll be there codriving my MX5 with a buddy Feb 15/16 Let me know if you guys have any questions about the rules "#GRIDLIFE brings the excitement of it’s touring cup series to the grander of the Circuit of the Americas. Running in tandem with Super Lap Ba
  6. Yeah. This class ain't taking of until spec miata dies off.
  7. Flying Miata fox coil overs 550/450 springs For NC MX5 7k miles of mixed street track use. In great shape Going a different direction. Who wants them? Located in austin TX. Can ship at buyers expense Track junkies price 1600 Text at 409-670-2671
  8. The K miati that are running with us in GLTC are using electric throttle bodies controlled by haltec and a honda fit pedal. It's a pretty slick setup
  9. It's for me. I need to make sure an aftermarket top fits with my cage
  10. I've found any car with a soft top from the factory is more to insure backed up by both my s2000 and NC mx5 i've owned
  11. Yeah, don't go around messing with the ABS unless you are competing in a class that requires you disable it. It just makes the car worse.
  12. I would not do that. NC's systems don't do well without ABS working. It fucks the bias up. Put the ABS fuse back in. lol
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