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  1. very cool! V6 swaps for the win!!!!
  2. I just bypass it personally. Although it will disable cruise control
  3. I'd prefer the HP over the 9,000 rpms personally. if you decide the ap1 it can be fixed if you cant drive around it. I don't see a problem. I normally run 0 toe front and rear. Currently running 1mm in rear (.5 both sides)
  4. V6Donut


    I do think its great to have shop access to parts available at MSRH for those who need it. This "Meh LOL" I was referring to was purchasing SRF at top dollar retail with potential added track tax.
  5. should just send it and run TT4/ST4 lol
  6. haha! That was actually a really popular brand in mid 2000's and probably s better performing intake than quiet a bit of stuff on the market.
  7. I personally don't know this car nor have wrenched on it at any time . Although, to me it shows quiet a few red flags just from the crappy photos. Especially If this is a car you're interested in taking to the track. -The A/C line is bent, there was a forward facing turbo manifold there a one point in time. (people are cheap now a days and when one finds an issue they tear everything off, part it out and sell the car as stock as possible. -Accel Coils, although this isn't a major run sign, its a sign from an enthusiast that purchased the coil's over the factory F or K series coils because they are either cheap, or not knowledgeable about what parts work. -2 step, aka, launch control. Although the internet claims the S2000 diff's are made of "glass" its not quiet true in my opinion. The Launch control gives me a sign to run for two reasons. This individual wanted two step for one reason. noise, and fire balls out the exhaust. No real drag racer is going to setup launch control at 4500 rpms. There's no torque or power for these engines at that rpm to do anything unless on garbage street tires. if any of this doesn't tell you to run, then do your self a favor and run a compression and leak down test on the engine as well as sending the oil out to black stone labs for testing. Replacement engines now a days for these cars are $3,000-$5,000 for a factory engine. K swaps, send you north of $6,500 J swaps, $8,000-10,000 LS Swaps, $8,000 - $15,000 All this plus labor..... good luck!
  8. I plan on hosting quiet a bit of iracing at mid ohio, if you want in on the action just post here and ill shoot a pm with the next time I plan to host.
  9. i'll vouch for the seller. Good guy.
  10. dang, I wish this was up a month ago. good luck with your sale.
  11. Parking assignment's updated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LgWC6_YxCvyho4jE272lrIwGbVKX_Z5R/view
  12. Schedule! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT6n3SC2xYG00ifLYaRgfnjmtenzGfm3PGkuBzBz7uXQ4sG0W3fiPbPYVR89t-wtNHAUoerHlmcw1-Y/pubhtml#
  13. Parking assignments! Looks like Lots of us are parked together! 2019 NASA Championships Paddock_Garage Assignments.pdf
  14. Horray! I'll be there camping as well. Just in the paddock.
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