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  1. I'm in for TT and Directing. I'm retiring from directing soon, so position will be available. If you're interested in the position shoot me a text or a pm.
  2. Late to the party, I think we chatted on facebook. Happy to help. I like a roll bar or as some call it "half cage" because I still like it as my street car.
  3. I daily drove my car on spherical for a while with no complaints. nor any crazy issues. only serviced once in two years being daily driven
  4. Awesome!!!! Picked up a great car at killer deal for sure.
  5. i have a friend in philly with a 16" with cover. you want me to get his contact info for you? Or you looking local to save on shipping cost.
  6. who? edit nvm, "a while back"
  7. Lobster is winning for trolls in this thread
  8. I did, they said yes but didn't say how much. I'm hoping $150 range.... I want to practice for cresson NASA
  9. hey @Arro, do they allow single days? I'm interested for Sunday only.
  10. Yup, that and aero space bearings all made in USA. One day for me, until then, next up is brakes.
  11. V6Donut

    MSRH Lap Times

    Track name: MSR Houston CW Date: 3/22/2019 Lap time: 1:42.34 Car: Honda 2000 Johnny tran edition Total vehicle weight with driver: 2820 Estimated wheel horsepower: 242 NASA AVG. Tire: 225/40/17 Hoosier R7
  12. V6Donut

    MSRH Lap Times

    Track name: MSR Houston CW Date: 9/7/2019 Lap time: 1:44.96 Car: Honda 2000 Johnny tran edition Total vehicle weight with driver: 2820 Estimated wheel horsepower: 242 NASA AVG. Tire: Corded 245/40/17 Hoosier R7's figured they had some more sessions.
  13. Whoops! I can pick it up this weekend, unless Sam wants it no problem. I'll just get it out of your garage, I don't plan on changing my setup anytime soon. Right now its working.
  14. I ran the full NASA TX Schedule with a couple member days this year and a DE or Two, I also got addicted to purple crack and found out how to drive.
  15. I'm with @Arro, ballades rep isn't so hot one the interwebs…… I have ESM Race sphercials, they are just as shady as Ballade now and dipped out on quiet a few folks. Seems the only spherical guy that's left that's worth a shit is King Pin. King Pin is triple cost based on research
  16. So stoked to see this, although I loved you racing in your miata, im happy to see the CR out more
  17. Thank you!!! I wish you were there so we could have really battled. but I probably would have lost LOL. It never fails me to have issues at NOLA..... 1st time at NOLA, engine spun thrust washer day prior. (it knew we were going.) After placing engine same day after getting to nola I snapped a wheel stud on each wheel and loaded up and went home. 2nd time. after breaking the 2min club I had a coolant crossover tube o-ring bust and took about 4-5 hours to replace. 3rd time was this past time. LOL, I kinda want to go back in December just to see what breaks next......
  18. really fun and tough weekend. NOLA is always my nemesis, there is something that goes wrong at this track. every. single. time. Friday did the test day for some fun in the wet on the Hoosiers. It was my first time in wet on Hoosiers and there was actually a lot more grip than I anticipated. Saturday is where the fun begins, before first session I saw that a competitor in a Porsche Carrara 4S who is the front runner in 3 was attending and the class had 6, seeing this I moved from TT4 to TT3. Session 1 I felt a bit more understeer than normal and come to find out my Wasp splitter had exploded. Since I was directing TT I wasn't able to leave until after the 2nd session when we broke for lunch. Myself Dysen, and James hard charged to the nearest Lowes for some wood, once we got back to the track Troy Messer assisted with ol faithful sawzaw and a drill. got that new bad boy slapped and on and went sending it to hard to catch a puncture in the tire by a nail or screw. T1 with a flat is interesting to say..... Still was a fast enough lap to hold 1st in TT3 for the day. Sunday good ol NOLA strikes again leaving my starter dead in the water, thankfully the Honda boys and TJ squad were still there to help the ol girl out with a solid push start. 1st session Joey got me, sticking me in second by .1, I went out second session giving my all and joining the 51 club. Stoked and confident enough I drove straight from pit exit to the trailer. no more push starts. Long drive home as expected, only with the largest smile on my face.
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