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  1. Schedule : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vThhCBaHaMehaj4PK1-n0QqQcUurwTgmGcVGXj2BbiXNniP21dzlLWR3A9V9DpdlyVtIOcxzjz0CRJV/pubhtml?fbclid=IwAR250D_U1_Nr-sSZTIS-Eay0URLvwVkfsq575UrWgqXgpo6hMLa3w42DVB8#
  2. Hey everyone, anyone here planning on attending? I registered the S2000 for Street mod! https://www.grid.life/nola
  3. not sure if you remember how loud my S2000 is. but this is exhaust i have. Its loud and has lots of drone. but makes best power if thats what matters.
  4. still seem like great deal on a set of non SL TE37's
  5. I think its going to be the car to have in TT4, its wild with Forrest driving it and killing it so far. Makes great power. I cant wait to see what it will do with Aero.
  6. I like this!!! Cool build for sure, I love my J swapped S2000! (S3200) I see youre going with a spec Twin disc, I kind of wish I would have gone with a hyper single instead. Does your ECU not support the factory Cam and crank sensor? I shaved a nipple off my cam gear for the proper sync.
  7. on it, I just listed on s2ki right now.
  8. bump, another record
  9. Track: CoTA Date: 7/26/2020 8AM (1st NASA Session) Lap Time: 2:28.523 AMB Transponder Car: 2003 Honda S2000 Weight with Driver: 2804 WHP: 242 NASA AVG 248 Peak HP Tires: 245/40/17 on 9" wheel (less than 266MM) Hoosier R7 with 1HC
  10. Thank you!!!!! Full sends with out power steering!
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