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  1. I Fixed yOuR sTaTiStICs
  2. Looks like a decent turnout so far! https://nasaproracing.com/events/2971/entry_list?direction=asc&sort=class
  3. V6Donut

    Oculus Rift

    slide in those dms bb. I want in.
  4. not mike, mike drives a Honduh, this is totally Jimmy accepting all the L's with BMW
  5. Try Calling Mihn at NT Auto off airline. I've purchased a couple 06+ K24a2's from him over the years along with B,D,F,H and J's
  6. Yes! I plan to be there, I think were rolling out on Thursday after work.
  7. haha! looks like im not the only one who watches that show. LOL
  8. Dibbs if/when matt bails
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