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  1. 😍 that is the secret code word yes. May I expect a call from you in the future?
  2. such a rad track, I cant wait to go back
  3. best advise I can give is to contact a certified NASA annual tech inspection location and ask them. or Hank himself
  4. Here is my fast lap TT4 honda S2000
  5. Jelly, I am leaving after work or before 4am. Look forward to seeing everyone there.
  6. hope you make it, I think it will be a ton of fun for sure.
  7. V6Donut

    Go Kart

    Dang, I hope you get this notification and come back to forums.....
  8. V6Donut

    Go Kart

    How full is the class? I have a friend that has a shifter that's just been sitting. I wonder if I could borrow it to drive...….. where do you go? Speed sportz and GCKI?
  9. V6Donut

    Go Kart

    theres a new 200CC thing that is the new hot kart gig. id go that route. after driving a 206 it is quiet slow. although the shifter kart is probably a bit much. im with HDA. LOL I wanna go fast.
  10. LMAO, I think I'm going either Wednesday night or Thursday during day. I want to do the test day Friday.
  11. WHOS IN? New to NASA? heres a 20% off coupon for new members. NEW-2-NASA-78898 https://nasaproracing.com/events/3055 @pmptx @lobster @Vinnieb @blk96gt @V6Donut @mkarr
  12. Edison is correct, you can go to any Dyno jet. I always like to bring my own flash drive and ask for the complete DRF (Dyno Run File) then I can just download the dyno software at home and reprint what I need to. Makes it easier on the operator.
  13. I love reading all the input, myself has been window shopping and have borrowed enclosed trailers from friends. I love being able to store stuff inside but I do think I want an open trailer and just to toss a camper on the back side of the truck.
  14. I'll send this to a friend, slight possibility hes coming to Houston on Thursday
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