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  1. Parking assignments! Looks like Lots of us are parked together! 2019 NASA Championships Paddock_Garage Assignments.pdf
  2. Horray! I'll be there camping as well. Just in the paddock.
  3. Miata's at Hallet 🤩 @Hollywood, sounds like a great road trip!
  4. The DE/TT will be refunded. For 1 day or 2 I'm not sure.
  5. Hey everyone, TT Chase here checking in and just want to help clear things up. As to me it seems many of those who weren't there always give .2 cents (its the interwebs, I don't blame you.) First off, Nix was right, TMS has said over an over "there was a timing loop on the infield" TMS failed to mention that it is 10 years old and was never maintained. Thursday Will finds out the timing loop is not working during some prechecks. He got with the IT guy who takes care of it at TMS and they worked on it all day & night Thursday. With last major efforts Friday morning. Once he realized its probably not going to work he begun to search for a back up. Ordering a system and having it shipped over night with an early morning scheduled delivery to make it with thoughts of TT only missing 1-2 sessions. After a couple hours of not being able to get the timing loop up for TT and causing a delay for the entire event, he moved forward with the races and we begun to plan on working on the timing loop all night till it was up and running. We also started talking about how to plan for TT for contingency's worked out and contacting the National office. Unfortunately, during HPDE1, there was a mishap that lead to opening up the possibly of “it’s dangerous for a car to potentially hit these light poles that aren’t protected by a wall and they cannot be replaced in time for the next NASCAR event”. So it’s a double risk scenario and TMS and NASA decided it best to cancel for the Sunday HPDE/TT TL;DR: NASA drivers get short end of the stick by A bad situation but both NASA and TMS are still enthusiastic about putting on great events for TT/de/and racers in 2020 and beyond. Lobster wins his class in ST and Nix hits the podium on the new setup.
  6. RIght now all I see is garage spots. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTnrdG0RrS7M19tgLBu_r4n6TVRhZP_LO-1a_OieIjIuzoYl1pN9YVL8pKKw2BMQwe5mog7oHGg_XPL/pubhtml
  7. Hi @Shuka, I don't see any reason why you couldn't. I believe @pmptx will be parking his RV with the homies.
  8. Its Texas, we sweating anyway, anywhere. Why not sweat at the racetrack?
  9. Event information: https://nasatx.com/texas-motor-speedway-event-information/
  10. nah, aint nobody gonna track with you bb
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