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  1. Will trade for 6spd CTSV 4 door.
  2. Yes. OEM Ap2 transmission un touched. Car just needs a nut (person) behind the wheel. Thank you, I figured I've invested almost double what I'm asking.
  3. Will trade for CR or new Civic Type R, White, black or blue.
  4. LMAO, don't put this negativity on meh
  5. not april fools though
  6. I am thinking 4 door, luxury. probably along the lines of Porsche Cayenne
  7. Hey everyone, I think I want to move back to the dedicated street car life. So here I'm listing my Honda S2000. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Lap times: MSR Houston: 1:41.275 (TT4 class track record) Price: $35,000 Interior · Sparco Rev · Mugen 6 speed shift knob · RockStar Garage Single diagonal with X Brace roll bar · Schroth Harness Exterior: · Voltex Type 7 1700mm swan neck · 4" splitter · Forbidden USA Hardtop · TrackSpec Motorsports hood louvers Suspension: · J’s Racing SP1 off set front ball joints · ESM Race spherical bushings · custom MeisterR GT1 coilovers Wheels: · Advan RZII 17x10 with Hoosier R7’s · Rota Grid 17x10 with Hoosier R7’s · TRC3 17x9 with Falken RT615k+ / Hoosier R7’s Brakes: · Hawk DTC 70 brake pads · Castrol SRF fluid · Science of Speed Stainless steel brake lines Engine: J32a2 V6 engine from Acura TL-S · 3.5L crankshaft · InlinePRO connecting rods · InlinePRO camshafts · Supertech Valvetrain · Inline Pro V6 engine mount kit. · ASP custom V6 headers · 90mm Throttle body. · Injector Dynamics 725 injectors · Schmuck Built Oil catch can and coolant overflow Cooling: · Schmuck Built dual pass dual row radiator · Setrab oil cooler · Stant 180F thermostat Differential: · PuddyMod Stage 2 differential · Euro Spec Mazda Miata 3.63 gear ratio · Ballade Sports 1pc axle spacers · Megan Racing Differential Collars Engine management: · AEM Infinity 6h (506 now) · AEM oil pressure gauge and sensor · AEM infinity wide band fail safe · AEM UEGO wide band and gauge · AEM Fuel pressure sensor · Tunerview RD2 digital display
  8. I can understand completely, I've been working from home past couple weeks and it can be very boring.
  9. They will forever be Legends
  10. Just the director position, I'm still all in with NASA. Might also be jumping into some of the SCCA tt stuff for fun.
  11. Great weekend, thanks everyone for coming out. I'm truly grateful for all the support from my friends and competitors. I am now retiring from TT and handing the rains over the next couple events to Turner Dobbins and Sean Farrah. Still happy to answer any questions anyone has with NASA in general or time trial questions. I look forward to seeing everyone at ECR.
  12. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 3/7/20 Lap time: 1:18.6 (transponder) Car: Honduh 20000 (Street Car) Total vehicle weight with driver: 2800 lbs Wheel horsepower: 248 No video cause I'm not as cool as Ryan is. Being super cool pro driver and all.
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