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  1. The bidding process requires live participation. IOW, there's no automated routines to do last minute bids. Furthermore, any bid in the last 2 minutes automatically resets the clock to 2 minutes, which can significantly extend the auction if bids keep coming in. From my experience, bidders do like to wait till the last 10 seconds. I don't really know why since the clock's going to reset on them anyways. But it's how most people do it. Yes, you can link to the BaT ad anywhere you want. BaT wants you to do that since it drives traffic to the auction which is good for them. Any publicity that drives people to their site is encouraged. Tell me more about your 1M! That car's always intrigued me. I thought it might make it onto my list one day once depreciation kicked in... but it never did! They're still to expensive. What are you hoping to get for yours? As for the mods, yes, that can hurt the price you get on BaT. The issue is that people are bidding on a car they haven't seen from a buyer they haven't met. So anything that's not factory stock is unknown, and therefore presents increased risk. A PPI might help, and perhaps a Blackstone oil analysis given the particular engine issues some BMW's suffer from. But make sure to include lots of pictures (like 100+) and a couple videos (walk around and driving are useful).
  2. Oh dear, you had to bring Osteen into this! Yes, that's a fair point. There are some in my profession who could afford a 6-figure RUF. There are others of us who's personal ethics prevent that particular approach. I am grateful for the generous church I get to serve, but they wisely pay me around what the average person in our church makes, and that won't afford a RUF 😉
  3. Ha ha ha! You clearly don’t know what pastors earn! $65k is already way out of my price range and there’s still six days left. This might be 6 figures when bidding is done. But sure would be nice.
  4. A few thoughts on BaT selling now that the sale is complete: The BaT interface is excellent, easy, and intuitive. You can always add pictures automatically, but they do have to be screened by your auction specialist before they add. Mine missed the pics until I brought it to his attention. So don't assume your specialist is always watching out for you. I'm assuming each specialist probably has quite a few active listings. Moral: follow the online submission of additional photos with an email to your specialist letting him/her know you've just uploaded. Videos have to be linked by BaT - they can't be done automatically like photos. I think it's worth posting videos though. Commenting in an active, kind, and informative way seems to really help. Resist the urge to blast people for hijacking your auction thread with ridiculous comments about their own car they think is prettier than yours. I was not excited to see that after listing my S2k, they posted 3 more within 5 days. That meant there were 4 active S2k's at the time mine was closing. I don't know if that reduced my sale price, but it was a bit disappointing. It lists with 7 days. Day 1 is fun - lots of comments and some bids. Days 2-6 are excruciating. It's like watching paint dry. Nothing's happening. Day 7 is stressful, but exciting, especially in the last 15 minutes. Lots of bidders seem to wait till 10 seconds is left, which is annoying but understandable. Fortunately, BaT automatically adds 2 minutes to the clock when a last minute bid happens. All in all, I'd do it again. So kudos to BaT.
  5. I think it's pretty good. I was hoping for closer to $25 after that number was thrown around in the comments, but that was probably unrealistic. $22k is better than the best offer I had locally (around $21), so BaT came through on boosting my return. Now to figure out what's next. I'd still love to find an air-cooled 911 I can afford with this plus the ~10k I've saved, but that's not likely to happen. May need to redirect.
  6. Man, waiting for the last hour of your own auction on BaT is quite stressful! Hard to get any work done today 😳
  7. For those interested in the BaT process, here's my impressions thus far (through listing day 1): Submitting the ad is surprisingly easy. You can upload pictures in bulk. No reason not to include a very large number. You can't upload video, but can link to it. You should host any videos you want shared on YouTube or a similar hosting site and then have links ready to post in the ad submission process. They were quick to respond to the ad. We negotiated on the reserve (they wanted it lower than I did, but not outrageously low). We emailed back and forth about details and I submitted a few more pictures as they came to my mind. This process was confidence-building. They got me the proposed ad in about 3 business days for review. It was, IMO, well-written and accurate. It wasn't exactly as I would have wanted, but it was close. Ultimately, I know that they want what I want: as high a sale price as possible since they get a % from the buyer. So I trusted their judgment in creating the ad. I was a bit disappointed in the scheduling process... in that there was none! I accepted the ad, expecting that the next step would be to inform me about when they would be scheduling the ad so I could be ready to respond to bidder's questions. Instead, I was simply notified via email after it was already live. Unfortunately, I was on the road and unable to respond to bidders for a while. Lesson: don't hit "approve" on the ad until you're ready to go! It might not list that day, but you need to be prepared for it. More analysis to come as the auction continues.
  8. No, I'm offering both the BY rails (installed) and stock rails in the BaT sale. I figure anything that sets mine apart from the 1000 other S2k's sold on BaT will help the sale price :-)
  9. Here goes nothing! Just went live on BaT. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2002-honda-s2000-42/
  10. I’ll let you know how it goes. At the moment, the car has been accepted and the ad is being written. Should list in two weeks or less.
  11. I haven't updated this thread in a long time. Today, we gave away vehicle #16, a 2007 Yukon XL Denali. It went to a sweet family of seven in our town sponsored by the school their kids attend. One of their teachers noticed that the kids, all great students, were absent a lot. By digging deeper, she discovered the cause - they couldn't afford a reliable vehicle, and buses weren't available. We were blessed to get to fix that for them. Frankly, we've been blown away by the response in our community to help families in need of reliable transportation. Through the donations of lots of concerned people, we've been able to give away 16 cars and repair another 14. That's 30 families who can keep employment and get to school and doctors' appointments. If you'd ever like to learn from us about how to do something like this in your own community, let me know. I'm happy to share what we've learned. And if you want to contribute to our work, let me know. It's all tax deductible.
  12. I've done some DD and a lot of weekend-only in an NA and an NB and now an S2k. All are a lot of fun on the street, especially the NA and NB (the S2k is a bit too tempting to speed IMO). The NB had a significantly nicer interior, but other than that, they were very similar. Pros for driving an na/nb DD: - Truly fun at legal speeds - Ridiculously cheap maintenance and tons of online support - Fun to modify with aftermarket parts to "tune" it exactly to your liking (suspension, exhaust, clutch, seats, etc, etc.) Cons for driving an na/nb DD: - Scary when surrounded by big SUV's/trucks whose drivers are texting! I got rear ended by such a person. It did $2700 of damage to my nb and only dented his license plate. There's no way around the fact that an na/nb is practically invisible to today's distracted drivers. And since they've got a ton advantage on you, your miata will lose. Just something to be aware of. You've got to be really diligent and defensive out there. - Loud at highway speeds - Hard to get into at 40+ years old. I had an aftermarket seat in both my na and nb to get my head low enough to fit roll-bar requirements on track. By 41, I was struggling to get in and out of that seat over and over. For reference, I'm 5'10" and 155#, but my torso is relatively tall for my height. My S2k is notably easier to get in and out of.
  13. I also gave Hagerty a shot based on this convo. Their quote was less than half of Farmers, without mileage limits! I haven't bought the new car, so I'll just sit on this info. But thanks for the advice everyone!
  14. Good to know! Need to check that out if I go down that path. I'm assuming the Cayman and 996 are more likely to be properly covered by general automotive insurance. Man, I knew a fender bender was pricey, but ouch! Really want to experience an Elise/Exige one day, but that's a lot of money.
  15. I'm working on selling the S2k and getting my next interesting car to play around with and learn on. I narrowed it down to an Elise, Cayman S, 996 911, and older air-cooled 911 such as an SC. I contacted my insurance agent about these options, and was surprised by the numbers they sent back (shocked is more like it). I'm wondering if these numbers are reasonable, or if I should start looking for a new agent. Policy background: This is with Farmers, who has insured our home and cars for 15 years now. This is a full policy with comprehensive coverage. I'm not sure of the exact deductibles at the moment, but assume fairly standard. We have an '09 Honda Odyssey and my '05 330i on this policy. So this would be for a 3rd car. I have no tickets at all, and no accidents in the last 15 years. Here's what I got from my agent... Your current 6 month premium on the 2002 Honda S2000 is $395. These numbers are per 6 month term: Option 1(2006 Lotus) $1137 Option 2 (2006 Porsche Cayman) $576 Option 3 (1983 Porsche 911) $306 Option 4(2006 Porsche Carrera) $730 I can't figure out why the numbers jump so much. The S2K is not cheap, and plenty of people have done stupid things in them. Why is a Lotus almost 3x the price (I'm guessing b/c of the clamshells, right?)? Do these numbers, in general, seem reasonable? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks guys! Blake
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