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  1. Yes and no. Miss not having to worry about pandemics and nuclear war, for sure. Miss a friend and a relative who we lost to Covid. But glad that all that upheaval led to some really positive changes in life (new career doing what I love, substantial growth of our charity due to people being more aware of the suffering out there, finally getting counseling help I needed). As with almost everything, there's good and bad in all seasons.
  2. That's very kind of you to ask @robertcope! There's a few ideas that come to mind for anyone who wants to help us. 1. Follow what we're doing at www.onramptx.org and @OnRampTX on FB and IG and share the stories with others so that more people know about OnRamp, especially those connected to charities that could sponsor great clients to us (we don't take any clients directly - all come through qualifying sponsorship). While we're just in the Brazos Valley right now, we hope to get to all major cities in Texas in the coming years and it helps a lot if people just know a bit about what we do
  3. Just thought I'd throw this out there. After 17 years as a pastor - hence the username "The Rev" - I stepped down to do OnRamp full-time. It's the Brazos-Valley charity my wife and I built to give cars to families in need sent to us by other charities, churches, healthcare and education providers. When we started it 3 ½ years ago, we figured we'd be able to to a few a year. We gave client #70 her car last week and are doing almost 1 a week. We're also in the process of expanding outside BCS - hopefully DFW later this summer. So it wasn't something that could remain an evening and weekend gig.
  4. It’s all sprayed insta-grass laid out in perfect rows. Most areas are still fairly brown around town. The problem with this stuff is it hides a lot of construction debris, asphalt bits, and even rebar. That was all high bank not too long ago. So I had to be very clear with my son, no rolling down the hill!
  5. This thread made me nostalgic so I took my son out there today. Green grass as far as the eye can see. T2 on the oval is now a fun hill to climb. He loved it. While it made me a bit sad we did get to drive the country roads behind the track in our old 911 with the windows down which is always a treat.
  6. I drive by there every week or so. Tunnel is gone and hill is coming down. They're leveling everything in preparation for what will soon be the front of the development, with commercial and possibly even an elementary school. Hard to watch but such is life. The challenge for us locals is that about 6 months after TWS died, the TAMU Riverside Campus also closed to autocross. It's all reserved for TXDOT type research now. So we've got nothing car-related within 2 hours (Harris Hill and MSRH are the closest). 3090 is still nearby and a good sunny-day drive, so at least we have that. Sure wish Blu
  7. Yes, OnRamp does both and can be found at www.onramptx.org
  8. Since we're all car enthusiasts here, I thought you might want to hear a relevant data point on this national #blackouttuesday. Since we started our OnRamp charity 2 ½ years ago, we've given away reliable vehicles to 37 families in Brazos County brought to us by our two school districts, large charitable orgs like H4H and FoodBank, and various religious orgs. Of those 37 families, 20 have been African American. That's 54% in a county of just 11% African American. Conclusion: transportation insecurity, which has a bigger impact on generational poverty than even education, disproportionately aff
  9. Sadly no fun car projects at the moment. Between ongoing work and now being a homeschool parent, I'm definitely not getting much time for boredom! In fact, my car has now been repurposed as a filming studio b/c I couldn't find sufficient quiet in my home for recording. Turns out the inside cabin of a car or minivan with the camera suctioned to the windshield makes for a very quiet, comfy spot for filming ?
  10. While this whole virus situation definitely sucks, one advantage is having huge High School band parking lots empty on drizzly days. Perfect for practicing on-the-limit throttle modulation and discovering the balance of one’s car. Making lemonade outta lemons. Hopefully this is legal!!
  11. Based on his current fleet, this one might be a better fit for Brad.
  12. Rev

    Goals 2020

    Three of those are admirable goals.
  13. It's the annual Day of Giving and most of you probably already have charities near-and-dear to you to support. But for any who don't, if you'd like to help an automotive charity run by a fellow TJ-er, we'd love to have you on our team at OnRamp. My wife and I founded this 501c3 2 years ago to give reliable vehicles to struggling families in the Brazos Valley who'd otherwise have to turn to predatory lenders. We just gave away car #30 a couple weeks ago and have another 7 families on the list. We also support all the cars we give away with a full year of free maintenance to help these families
  14. Wow... Hard to believe that guy is the same species as the rest of us.
  15. I don't often post stuff here related to the automotive charity I run, but thought this was an important piece of news for you all to be aware of. From Reuters News last week: "For America’s working poor, an often essential ingredient for getting and keeping a job – having a car – has rarely been more costly, and millions of people are finding it impossible to keep up with payments despite prolonged economic growth and low unemployment." We're seeing dramatic increases in the price of reliable used cars. According to Reuters, the price of a 10-year-old vehicle is up 75% since 2010. Think
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