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  1. Seat was purchased 4 months ago, manufacture date in Dec 2014. Seat is like new condition with very little use. Thanks for looking :) Manny 7five7-553-8643
  2. Actually, that thanks 3 posts up was meant for you, that was an umbrella thank you
  3. $680 price until tomorrow, or going to ship it back for refund
  4. The sparco fighter, bottom mount. I used buddy club rails with buddy club bottom mount adapter. Had to use some nylon spacers to get the right seat angle and clearance from rail to seat.
  5. good price and VERY nice seat, correct ^^^ :) Oh forgot to mention, I will deliver seat to your doorstep, within reason
  6. Hello everyone!! New to this forum. I was looking to sell a seat an one of the guys on here recommended I list it here, prob much better luck since track specific forum. I have a brand new, only test mounted Evo 2. This is the non US model, so it fits medium/tall. I bought it from amazon for $825, cheapest price I could find online couple months ago. Decided to go with another seat that fits better in the s2000 so this needs to go. I really don't feel like dealing with shipping this thing back, so I'm hopeful that someone local is looking for a SWEET seat a good price Located in the Heights. Thanks for looking :)
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