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  1. The Exxon only works if you have a street legal car, guess I'll get several gas cans. Thanks for the responses. Richard
  2. I assume everyone with a non-street legal car is toting their own fuel going forward?
  3. Will be three Vipers and a Comp Coupe there this weekend. Richard
  4. Quickag, that was no guy, and she was definitely not "butt hurt". My wife probably just didn't see him knowing her, sorry for any delays. The TA was running some 1:55's which is a great time in a stock car, from what I heard he has only owned a few weeks. Great driving. Richard
  5. Weather forecast really is crazy, 80% chance of rain Monday through Sunday of next week. Can't say as I ever remember some much rain for so long without some sort of tropical system. Richard
  6. Done, this will be great!!! Richard
  7. The AIM Solo DL and the Smartycam HD combo hits all the points you mentioned. Used Harry's Laptimer for years but down here in Texas the phone would overheat and go into lock down out on the track. We have a laptop and a 40" flat panel in the trailer to review the video in between runs, works great. the Solo DL has all the hard GPS data for turn by turn analysis but does need to be plugged in to down load it. Richard
  8. We have been real happy with the AIM DL Solo and Smarty Cam/GP HD combos. Pretty much idiot proof and automatically produces the video overlay while recording. 720p resolution, if you go with th GP the separate bullet cam you can put almost anywhere. Richard
  9. We aren't hearing much due to the suit, when that finishes in June we should all have a better understanding on how things will proceed. Richard
  10. Beth and I will be there and for the open track day on Friday. Get em while you can!!! Richard
  11. What a surprise Against once again doesn't know what he's saying. Confirmed with Charles Chappell Hill is still on and nothing in that regard has changed. Richard
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