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  1. Andrea is the plate "FIGA" ?
  2. I have run all three tires at hallet during a wrl event on an ND MX5 over the last 3 years 660 and RE71 lap times within 3/10 with RE71 being the faster. The RE71 lasted 6 hours before cording, crisp turn in predictable at the limit . The 660 lasted all 8 hours, although it was basically a slick when the enduro was done, consistent thru the whole 8 hours. the RS4 will easily last 2 8 hour enduros, are about 1 second per lap slower than the other 2 and is likely the worst tire I have ever driven in the rain.
  3. in real life we depend on g load and visual parallax to perceive rotation / slip of a car. learning to rely more on parallax by using a sim, will help tremendously in real life. u just simply are relying more on visual cortex than your butt (inner ear really)
  4. That looks both hella fun and terrifying, Benny hill would be proud
  5. Car looks super clean, glws. I hope you are still sticking around.
  6. hpimola


    Very cool, glad it all worked as intended.
  7. Getting put together, hope to get it running by the weekend.
  8. Done deal. Just need to tie up a few odds and ends, set it up and let it rip.
  9. Black paint done. Cage should be painted by tomorrow.
  10. I would guess weight will be around 1600. Paint will be black body with orange cage and bash bars, maybe house of kolor tangelo orange. All done, going to paint this week
  11. Last few fab pics. Going to paint soon, hope to have it on track by months end.
  12. Yes, the plan is definitely to get it on track. A bit more progress.
  13. Yes, ND, but it is using an NC cage as a baseline, maybe that is what mixed Robert up.
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