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  1. where are you with this build? ii am sad to not see updates. h
  2. https://showroom.windingroad.com/listings/product/4026/ feel free to email or text me with any questions 832 368 seven nine nine eight
  3. the transmission in this car will be the "built" trans we run in the cup cars, upgraded 3 & 4 gears by AMCO. the stock trans it has issues, it was shearing 3rd gear when we ran them stock in mx5 cup. there will be a fully built AMCO box next year, all gears upgraded. the box has unfortunately been a week point in this otherwise bulletproof car.
  4. Car is finished. Just side skirts and a few ends need to be tied up. We will be at wrl cota next weekend. If any TJs are there come say hi.
  5. Trans in, engine harness and front harness in. Fire system going in, started with dash Hope to get it started today and set up to test on Saturday
  6. Out of paint, suspension and brakes are on. Wiring started, ahould have it done by the weekend to test at msrh. Then run WRL the weekend after.
  7. I love the blue, I think it will look good with all of its livery and accents in black and white
  8. Inside painted. I have never been one to shy away from bright colors
  9. Ok, we have been busy with global MX5 cup this year, and this got put on the back burner for quite a bit. Good news is that our team, teammate and home grown Houstonian, Nikko Reger WON!!! So these last few days attention was turned to the 25hr car, cage and drive train are in, should go to paint by next week and be fully operational by early November.
  10. I always perused this site because it supports open discussions and mostly constructive criticism. We need more hippies on here spreading the love.
  11. yes, we actually bought 2 cars, a wrecked manual for the drive line and electronics and this one for caging
  12. hpimola

    AIM dash unit

    ‭Scott Adams has helped me and my team set up all of our aim system, as well as kept them updated and working flaulessly. He is an aim dealer, contact him if you are looking for a unit or just advise. (832) 439-1858‬
  13. cup cars cost 63k new. we can definitely build a car for less than that, depending on a number of variables, i think mid 30s is a realistic number for a well put together car. the cage design on the cup cars is great for close racing in mx5 cup, but really intrusive from an aerodynamic perspective, the hard top for that fits the cage of the cup car is 3k, that is pretty steep compared to 1200 for a non cup car hard top. i do not want to put the wear and tear on my cup car to run in the cup series after an enduro, you need to consider changing hubs, transmission, motor, rebuild shocks etc.... these costs add up pretty quick. also we wont need to run sealed motors, diff, transmission etc in a WRL/NASA car. the cup car is put into TTC for nasa, the tire the cup car runs really pushes it over the TTD limit. with the same HP/Weight ratio better aero and running an RR or hoosier we could sit atop the TTD.
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