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  1. Car looks super clean, glws. I hope you are still sticking around.
  2. Very cool, glad it all worked as intended.
  3. Getting put together, hope to get it running by the weekend.
  4. Done deal. Just need to tie up a few odds and ends, set it up and let it rip.
  5. Black paint done. Cage should be painted by tomorrow.
  6. I would guess weight will be around 1600. Paint will be black body with orange cage and bash bars, maybe house of kolor tangelo orange. All done, going to paint this week
  7. Last few fab pics. Going to paint soon, hope to have it on track by months end.
  8. Yes, the plan is definitely to get it on track. A bit more progress.
  9. Yes, ND, but it is using an NC cage as a baseline, maybe that is what mixed Robert up.
  10. Thanks to watching a few YouTube videos, we got the bug to build a miata kart. The main difference from the other builds will be that, we want it as safe as possible, put in an actual cage, and it will be on an ND platform. Sliced and diced for 2 days, going to our friends shop for cage installation and hope to have it done in the next few weeks.
  11. where are you with this build? ii am sad to not see updates. h
  12. https://showroom.windingroad.com/listings/product/4026/ feel free to email or text me with any questions 832 368 seven nine nine eight
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