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  1. Great job Jay. I meant to ask you at the last race what you are using for data acquisition and video. Do you have to piece this together post race or are you using some app on an iPhone (like Harry's Laptimer)? I want to take in-car video and data, but can't seem to find what I want in one package. I had a trackmate and sold it, I have used the Solo devices that H2R uses, and looked at data from AC's G2X (or something like that). They all have plus and minus features in my opinion. Then this weekend, my student was using his iPhone with a GPS (and ODBII plug-in which was available in his car), and it pretty much had all the features I want. However, it is GPS based so again it boils down to is it accurate enough to be useful data. Philipp tried this with the AIM Solo which proved significant difference if you put 6 of them on the same windshield of the same car and turn laps. Anyway, this probably should be a PM or a new thread, so I won't get into too much more detail here for now. This is Jeff Sanders, in case you don't know my user name on here, I don't post much...
  2. Cool video. I hadn't seen this one before today. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it.
  3. Christopher - glad you had a safe and fun day. Enjoyed coaching you and seeing you improve with each session. Keep up the good work :-) AC - You and Jon were really smooth and fast in the Civic Si, fun to watch. Jon - thanks for the opportunity to take a few laps in your car. It was really impressive how that car handled. Nice work yesterday! AC is the king of smooth, so you learned from the Jetti Master.
  4. Hey all, Just read this thread and thought I'd reply by first saying it was a damn fun weekend! It was great to see a lot of friends and have a chance to go mix it up a bit on the track in good fun! Had a couple really cool battles each session that I ran which is what I was after. The spirit of this event to me was racing with each other while still being willing to do whatever we could to help ANY team out to keep them on the track says a lot about what the series is really about. You wrench, brain storm, and lend tools/parts to old friends and strangers (that usually end up friends) throughout the race (and the year) because it is the hunt and the racing that matters (not a cut throat mentality). I'm sure Red Bull isn't going to lend McLaren anything to help them out during the race EVER, but that aint how we roll at HPDE's or these crap can races which is how it is meant to be in my opinion. The Edmond's or KBB value would be cool if they went back far enough to capture the value of my car ;-) It looked like the values started at 1991, ours is a 85' with some completely unpredictable number of miles. I like the idea of having some formal reference because that would at least put people on notice that high $ cars not welcome. I mean really do some guys feel like more of a man to take candy from a baby in the mall???? If so, I feel for them, because it seems that would make a "man" feel more like a "mouse". I found many people to "race" with, and had a blast. We broke AGAIN, but heck that is life. Last topic and WAY more serious than the $'s to me is on the safety. Any car that misses any flag (but especially more that 2 stations) should be parked (maybe for a short period first, then permanently for second violation). This level of blown flags is just ridiculous if that was the case (I wasn't in the corner stations, but sounds like some here were, and I THANK THEM FOR IT!). We count on that team to keep us all safe, and they take that seriously. If the competitors don't take this serioiusly, bench them and don't loose a minute of sleep over it if they go away mad and stay away. We don't need them! If they are that self absorbed as to not care about the safety of others (workers and drivers) in the event then go away. I think the Chump guys have made a series that is a lot of fun, and I want to see them be wildly successful. However. they have to come to grips immediately with safety or bad things will happen that will end the fun. It won't be a bit of fun to read in the paper, or worse have it happen at an event we are attending, that a serious accident happened and it could have been avoided by simple enforcement of what we all know is right. Corner works are the eyes of all of us, and it doesn't work if some in the field are driving with their eyes closed! I hope Chump reads this thread because there are a lot of instructors of the various HPDE's on here, and I know DE's aren't racing but the safety part is the first and most important skill we teach, Chump needs to take a similar stance. If you're dangerous to yourself and others, won't listen, or want fix the problem; GO HOME and don't let the door hit ya in the a$$! End rant on this... Sorry.
  5. Team "Loose Screw Racing" will be there in our sporty Red Barron MR2..... Can't wait to see everyone and have some fun at TWS. What is the deal with T&T, who is running it? I tried calling TWS and they pointed me to Chump and then Chump said TWS. Team Loose Screw: Jeff (squared) Sanders & Spencer Mike McKinney Ed Moore
  6. Congrats man! Kids are awesome and the most rewarding part of life. (this is true even when the screw up ::) )
  7. You can't go anywhere outside the driving range of TWS buddy! We will hunt you down and drag you back ;) :P
  8. I'm with Chris, I'll be there Sat but don't have a kitchen pass for Sunday ;)
  9. Jeff (or ffej....), I didn't get an email with "details" last night from you.... I was planning to help out and instruct, so could you at least post what time you want us at the track for instructors meeting? Thanks, Jeff
  10. What if we all just picked a few tools needed for some of these jobs and purchased them with the understanding we all share our collective inventory to do the job. :) That way when anyone "exits" they leave with their toys and someone else will step up to purchase that tool for the group (for example if someone moves away etc). Just another way to think about solving the problem. I have done some "joint procurement" arrangements and although better than not having the tool you need (unless they are your neighbor) who "keeps the tool" and where it is when you need it is often an issue. If we have access to scales that someone is willing to rent, then maybe we should spend $'s getting accessories to make the job (alignment, corner balance, ride height, etc) easier and just pay the renal fee for scales. Anyway, I am just thinking out load here. just my $0.02.... Jeff
  11. I don't have a clue what "stop motion" is, but if that is the technology used to make this it must be a lot of work!!! Makes things cool though. Take the vanishing beer or spinning clock as an example, is this short video clips edited together or what. What program is common for this type of video editing? This was really cool and I'd like to read about how it is done. Jeff
  12. Turbo 01' is possibly going on the block this month? If interested feel free to ping me a PM. Jeff
  13. Very cool and congrats to both teams for the achievements and well deserved awards! Nice job. Jeff
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