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  1. I don't think a Vette has the same worries on rolling resistance as your weedwacker of a KA24 does... 😆 Honestly, for DEs, and quibbling over 10 mm of section width on a 300+ width tire... I'd just go with whichever one is cheaper. Sometimes there's a noticeable 10%+ jump to get an extra 10 mm of width which might be worth a tenth or two, but who really cares at a DE right? There's way cheaper ways (for DE'ing a C6) to add a couple of tenths of speed than adding 10%+ recurring expenses to your tire budget every year.
  2. I've had some luck with Solarflux, but it's kinda hit or miss on completely eliminating sugaring.
  3. FWIW, the INSIDE of a non-backpurged stainless weld is way worse for corrosion than the outside when doing MIG with stainless wire and C25 (which honestly I've never seen corrode?). But a TIG weld does look more aesthetically pleasing - just get your fitup really tight!
  4. Bandsaws are amazing... and also very efficient at exposing your stupid when cutting something and putting your meaty bits where they don't belong.
  5. Dude, I totally bandsaw'd a finger about 6 weeks ago and it's still a bit numb/feeling weird. I probably should have gotten stitches, but I just held it together for about 2 weeks with adhesive staples. Had a "safety pusher" I was pushing something with, and the part cut through, the saw grabbed the pusher and basically catapulted my finger into the bandsaw. Definitely do not recommend... I've been favoring the angle grinder more after that incident... haha
  6. To put it mildly... But also, at the end of the day, when you're the one driving, instructor or not, you've got your big boy pants on and are the one that is ultimately responsible for the end result. Sure, you might not know how to do everything right (that's why you've got an instructor), but at the end of the day, lots of people who are strong on the OSB scale somehow think their instructors in the passenger seat should somehow save their bacon after they've gone over the limit and are heading for a very bad result. It strongly sounds like the instructor was letting him have an easy first session as a n00b, and he was so hamfisted he couldn't even get the thing around the track at a snail's pace for a full session. Again... OSB is hard to fix from the passenger seat. Take ownership for what you're doing as a driver, otherwise you'll never learn and get better.
  7. Are TT drivers in CA allergic to apexes?
  8. Def

    Evo X MR & Stuff

    Need more DefSport parts on the S14...
  9. TIL a ~1:23 lap at 1.7 CCW MSR-C is a ripping lap for a C6... hah! Seriously tho', the skill level at DEs varies a lot. Toyobarus keeping up with more impressive machinery does not mean they're fast in near stock form.
  10. Seriously, this time of year in the Denton area - not likely. Starting in April it's likely you'll get a stretch that'll meet that as long as you don't care what the low is on one or two occasional cool nights.
  11. No anywhere near stock Toyobaru is going to be anywhere near a properly driven C5 Z06 or C6 Z51 on any track larger than a karting track... For the OP - I'd try to find one already lightly modded but with fairly low mileage and in pretty good condition. It's probably something not too hard to find if you have a bit of patience, and you can really reduce your total entry into things with maybe a little bit of elbow grease on your end to fix/change things to exactly what you want. I would shop for either personally, and pick the first one up that looked like a great deal to me. I think in general the speed is going to be pretty similar between the two from what I've seen.
  12. That would explain it. On higher pressure fuel lines usually it won't do more than catch and die shortly after as the fuel pressure bleeds down very quick. If you have rubber hoses in there, it'd make sense it'd run for a bit longer. Work on getting the idle and idle target after startup maps dialed in, looks like she's idling at about 500-550 RPM!
  13. My MR2 has a 2 stage setup with a resistor for low stage, and at idle the factory reg will still regulate even with a reasonably strong pump on high. Look in the Big Green Book (BGB) for how the fuel pump circuit is laid out and you should be able to see if the ECU is activating that. I'd probably just say delete it for what you're doing with the car as long as fuel pressure doesn't rise at idle. Or if you have a fuel pressure sensor wired to the ECU it will probably compensate for the different differential fuel pressure automagically.
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