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  1. I have a set of manual seat bases for e46 M3 seat bases. I bought them on ebay a few years back and had them shipped from Germany. I was trying to do the same as you - gain some headroom. It was actually pretty easy to swap the manual bases in for the power ones. It didn't gain me enough headroom though, so I took them out. Shoot me a PM and we can work out a deal if you want them. They are just sitting in the corner in my garage, so I would be happy to get rid of them. I am on the south side of Houston.
  2. My wife and I both signed up this past weekend, so we will be there.
  3. Price drop - $650 for local sale.
  4. All PM's answered. Still for sale.
  5. I recently purchased this seat here from a fellow Trackjunkie. I ran into the same issue as the original seller - it won't fit in my car!! It is new, but has a few scratches from being test fitted (into two cars now!). The FIA date is 2022. This is a large seat suitable for 200lb and larger people. 5ft11 and above. It has the removable halo. It is a very comfortable seat! I am located on the South side of Houston. I paid $700 for the seat, and I would like to get that same amount. This seat is $1,000 online from a dealer. (The harness sub strap and seat brackets shown in picture are not included)
  6. It was a great weekend with Chin. It was HOT, but fantastic fun!
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