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  1. Does anybody have a MSR 1.3 track file for the AIM Solo/Solo2? I see 1.7 and 3.1 in the AIM software, but not 1.3.
  2. Hi folks, I purchased this a year or so ago thinking I would start instructing at HPDE events, but life got in the way and I quickly realized I didn't remotely have enough time to do that. This is a BRAND NEW, literally never been used full TracCom intercom package with all the bells and whistles. These units are WAY more reliable than the crappy Chatterbox and Nady systems that break constantly and are hard to hear. The TracCom system is LOUD (if you want it to be, there are separately adjustable volumes for driver and passenger ), and built with quality components and RF shielding so you can use it around cell phones without the annoying RF interference. I paid $563.98 for everything, which includes the following: TracCom Intercom main unit ($125, actually out of stock currently even if you wanted to buy it from the factory) https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/products/trac-com-intercom#3593 Pro Helmet kit, standard ($150) https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/products/helmet-wiring-kits#4060 Semicustom Silicone Earbuds ($169.99) https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/products/earpieces#3581 TracCom Adapter Cable - IMSA Female to TracCom, 4 ft length ($39.00) https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/products/trac-com-intercom#3679 Student Helmet Boom w/ Speaker & Mic, 5 ft, TracCom connector ($79.99) https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/products/trac-com-intercom#3678 Selling for $300 for all of the above (plus shipping cost if applicable). PM me if interested. I'm regularly at MSR Cresson if you want to meet in person, or i can ship within a day of confirmation (same day if you catch me early enough).
  3. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but seemed relevant to the subject. Has anybody tried the wireless Bluetooth motorcycle intercom systems? Cardo and Sena have numerous Bluetooth intercom systems. I would think they would be perfect for track days as they're voice-activated, wireless, and designed for high ambient noise. I have a Traccom v2 that has been sitting brand new in a box unused largely because I don't want to deal with cables all over the place. These Bluetooth intercoms ideally would solve all of that in one elegant (albeit pricey) solution.
  4. I've known the seller for years and can verify that the trailer is in superb shape. I wanted to buy it myself but don't have a place to put it either.
  5. Hi TennTex, just sent you a PM!
  6. Selling my like-new Dual Electronics XPGS 10hz GPS Receiver. Used it only a few times, in excellent working condition. Includes charge cable. Bought a racecar with built-in GPS so no longer need. Sells for $149 new at Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Dual-Electronics-XGPS160-Multipurpose-Augmentation/dp/B00E65TNYE) Price is $100 shipped to continental US.
  7. Track: CotA Date: 6/3/18 Time: 2:42.78 Car: 2012 Lotus Evora S Weight: ~3400 lbs with driver WHP: ~295whp Tires: RE71R Ambient: 102 F
  8. For those of you that have PSL tickets (that come in the spiral booklet), did you get lanyards and clear vinyl ticketholders shipped along with your ticket booklet? I just received my tickets through an eBay seller and got the ticket booklet but no lanyard/holder. Can't recall if they are supposed to come with the ticket booklet, or if you get them when you enter at the gate entrance.
  9. Wouldn't the image not be mirror-adjusted? Ie, with this setup, wouldn't a car behind you and to the right show up on the left side of the screen instead of the right?
  10. Bryan, what components did you use the second time around?
  11. All your base are belong to us. Just ordered one of those backup camera packages, will report back on how it turns out. Worst case scenario I'm out $80.
  12. Thinking about adding an LCD panel and rear-facing camera to help with situational awareness/visibility in my track car. I would prefer not to spend a thousand bucks on what should be a relatively simple setup. Would like high quality video, no lag, and water-proof/resistant. Have any of you used low-cost cameras/panels off of eBay to do this? If so, can you point me in the right direction as to what parts you bought/from whom? Thanks in advance!
  13. Just ordered my Trac-Com this morning. According to HMS, apparently the first batch of Trac-Coms had RF interference issues on some cars (believe he mentioned Porsche and BMWs being particularly problematic). The new v2 versions of them are currently being assembled and should be available within 2-3 weeks. The v2 will have RF shielding to mitigate interference noise, as well as a more automated build process (the v1s were all hand-assembled leading to more variation in build quality). Will report back on how the v2 performs when I get it.
  14. Hot relative to other suits, or just hot in general? I'm in a 3-layer Alpinestars GP Race suit, and considering the RS-4 (or if i splurged, maybe the RS-8.1) due to its single layer Hocotex, but not if the "hotness" is difference is insigificant. I assumed single layer Hocotex would be noticeably cooler than any 3-layer. Any thoughts/feedback? Separately, how is the RS-4 wearing? WOuld hate to drop a lot of coin only to have it wear out quickly.
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