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  1. Weird, they're basically the same type of car :)
  2. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 6/26/20 Lap time: 1:17.974 (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1685 lbs Wheel horsepower: 202 hp (230hp crank) per GSpeed dyno Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 275/35/R15 Hoosier A7 rears, 5th HC Estimated ambient temperature: 95.0F (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Finally cracked 1:18 for the first time, woot woot!
  3. Headed to CotA this weekend through EdgeAddicts, first time with my trailer in tow. Does anyone know if there are power hookups (ideally 30A) for trailers/RVs in the main paddock area? I can't recall from the previous times I've been.
  4. I have the non-Pro Dash2 on my Ariel Atom SRA. If you're going datalogging, I'd buy once/cry once with an AIM system (even though I continue to believe AIM's software is awful). I think the Dash2 is great if you just want a digital dash with basic inputs without datalogging, as it's super simple. But I would hate to invest a lot of money in sensors and then be on an island with Dash2 data and everybody else with AIM data.
  5. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 4/16/20 Lap time: 1:18.495 (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1685 lbs (well, maybe 1695 lbs after 4 weeks of coronavirus lockdown) Wheel horsepower: 202 hp (230hp crank) Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 245/40/R15 Hoosier A7 rears. 7 HCs. Estimated ambient temperature: 80.6F
  6. That picture is CGI, as is a few others on their site (fooled me the first time i saw their site a while back). That said they did a car on display at SEMA (pictured on their Instagram account). Unclear if it was functional or just a mockup. Very interested to see if it's real. If they can pull it off at the price point they claim, I know i'd be interested.
  7. Anybody have any recos for somebody that could install e-track on an enclosed trailer? Trailer is stored at MSR Cresson, so the closer to there the better for me!
  8. I have an AIM Smartycam HD Rev 2.1 in pristine/like new condition with the standard 67 degree lens. I would prefer to have the wide angle 84 degree lens. Anyone interested in a straight swap? I am regularly at MSR Cresson if you'd like to see my Smartycam in person.
  9. MSR-C 1.3 Date: 9/28/19 Lap time: 1:04.254 (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1685 lbs Wheel horsepower: 202.4 whp (GSpeed Dynojet) Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 275/35/R15 Hoosier A7 rears, 18 heat cycles Ambient temperature: 96.8 degrees F (via AIM Solo 2 DL, IAT channel)
  10. Mine's shipped off to AIM for the second time, fingers crossed they fix my issues.
  11. Thanks guys, much appreciated! @BigMonkey73 @BRZ4Science
  12. Hi all, i'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with my Solo2DL with AIM technical support. Does anyone have a data file from their Solo2 or Solo2DL (not the original Solo) they can send me for one of their sessions at MSR Cresson (Preferably 1.7ccw)? I would greatly appreciate it. My email is [redacted as no longer needed].
  13. Curious if anyone else has upgraded from the AIM Solo to the Solo2 and has had a similar experience to mine? I upgraded from a SoloDL to a Solo2 DL in March (about 6 months ago), and have had nothing but constant issues with the Solo2. I'm getting useless/nonsensical/inaccurate g-force data from the Solo2. This is even after having to send my Solo2 in for service due to it constantly losing GPS accuracy mid-session and stopping both lap-timing and predictive timing. AIM fixed the timing issue by replacing the GPS antenna, however my Solo2's g-force data (both internal accelerometers & GPS-derived g-force data) is either completely nonsensical on the internal accelerometers, or super "jaggy" and all over the place for the GPS-derived data. This makes it impossible to do any sort of relative analysis. I feel like I either have a lemon of a Solo2 unit, or the Solo2's are just inherently problematic vs the Solos. I had no issues with my Solo in several years of ownership, and it's super-frustrating wasting testing session after testing session with the Solo2 collecting what ends up being useless g-force data. Any thoughts/suggestions welcome.
  14. Hi folks, I have an Ariel Atom SRA with the stock Honda K24 motor. I'm most likely going to be getting a Hondata FlashPro to allow for custom tuning. Curious if anyone can recommend a tuner that has experience tuning Honda motors in the area. The closer to MSR the better, as my car is stored there, and I don't own a trailer (could borrow one if needed though). I know GSpeed and Doghouse are both at MSR, but not sure how much Honda-specific tuning experience they have (maybe it's irrelevant?).
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