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  1. Price $600 firm for all 3. These are $681 normally ($227 each), i.e. 12% discount. These are brand-spanking new/fresh, just received a few days ago, and stored in a climate-controlled garage (ie not sitting for months). Tires are at MSR Cresson, or can meet within reasonable distance in DFW area. Text me at nine-1-nine-3-oh-eight-oh-7-oh-7 if you'd like to purchase them.
  2. Apologies, just saw this. The wheels sold almost instantly off of Facebook and I forgot to update this post. Sorry about that!
  3. Selling a full set of four D-Force LTW5 15"x7" +36mm offset 4x100 bolt pattern wheels. Wheels are in great shape, straight/true, <10 hours on them. Price: $300 (new price $600, ie ~$150 each) These wheels came from the factory when I got my Ariel Atom, and I only used them with the tires that came with the car before switching to wider wheels. These are great for Miatas from my understanding. 2 of the 4 wheels still have the original BFG G-Force R1Ss that came with my car. The other 2 have brand new Carlisle ST205/90D15 trailer tires on them. I mounted them on these wheels so tha
  4. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 2/11/22 Lap time: 1:15.388 (via AIM MXP) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1685 lbs Wheel horsepower: 202 hp (230hp crank) Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 275/35/R15 Hoosier A7 rears, 10 HCs. Estimated ambient temperature: 81F (per IAT sensor) Seems like Richochet and Boot Hill/Tombstone have a lot more grip than before. Hope to crack 1:15 soon!
  5. Yeah my previous Smartycam was a 64degree which I instantly regretted. 84 degree lens is definitely the way to go.
  6. Whoops i misunderstood your question. But answer is the same, yes. There is a separate reverse camera non-recording input on the MXP dash/logger, but also an EXP (CAN Expansion) input which connects to a Smartycam for regular front-facing recording with data overlays. Using AIM's CAN hubs, you can daisychain several CANbus devices off the EXP input if you wanted (my setup is pretty simple so don't need expansion hubs).
  7. There is both automatic mode that is programmable to certain triggers like rpm and speed (obviously needs to be hooked up to CAN for that), as well as manual mode where you hit record and stop with the buttons.
  8. $900 firm - BRAND NEW Smartycam HD 2.1 w/ 84 degree FOV lens, and 4m CANbus cable with integrated external mic (not the cheaper non-mic cable that it normally comes with). The Smartycam unit was sent as a warranty replacement so has never been used (other than power-on check to make sure everything was working), and still has the temporary plastic protective lens/screen covers from the factory. Selling because I just switched to an MXP datalogger/Smartycam bullet-cam setup and no longer need. Local pickup preferred in DFW area or at MSR Cresson, but will ship within continental US at buye
  9. Selling for $1550 firm ($327 savings vs new purchase price of $1877) This is EVERYTHING you need to start datalogging/video-recording/laptiming on track. No more fussing with unreliable phone apps or external GPS modules that run out of battery/drop Bluetooth, forgetting to hit record (the AIM system records automatically), or spending hours manually syncing data with video and re-rendering (this AIM system renders data overlays on video in real-time automatically). Package includes: Like-new AIM Solo2DL (This is the DL version which has datalogging. The cheaper basic non-DL
  10. Thanks all for the input and recommendations. I ended up going with the Speedcom SCC-2MPI system with the RTM mic helmet kit for my helmet and a single-ear headset for the student driver. It does seem quite loud testing it at home in a quiet environment. Will test it this weekend on track and report back. The Speedcom system seems quite well made, definitely a step above my Trac-Com that I had briefly IIRC. I did notice that when i plug my helmet speaker cups (which have a stereo 3.5mm plug) into the 1/8" mono jack on the Speedcom helmet kit, i only get sound out of one ear. I thought if
  11. Howdy all, A few years ago i thought I was going to start instructing, and at the time was very unimpressed with the intercom offerings on the market. It seemed like everybody hates Chatterboxes. At the time Trac-Com came out with a competing product, but I wasn't that impressed with that system either and sold it before ever using it. I'm now actually signed up to become an instructor and need to find a suitable intercom system that doesn't suck. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there has been much improvement in offerings on the market. Does anyone have any suggestions on
  12. MSR-C 3.1 Date: 1/18/21 Lap time: 2:18.452 (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1695 lbs Wheel horsepower: 202 hp (230hp crank) per GSpeed dyno Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 275/35/R15 Hoosier A7 rears, 10th HC Estimated ambient temperature: 71.6F (via AIM Solo 2 DL IAT)
  13. Brand new (still in original plastic bags/box, taken out of bags just to take a picture) Radium oil Catch Can and associated fittings. This came as part of a dual catch can kit (http://www.radiumauto.com/Dual-Catch-Can-Kit-Lotus-Evora-P259.aspx), however my car only needed 1 of the 2 catch cans. Price: $150 + shipping to CONUS (or local pickup in Dallas, TX area). Comes with everything you see in the picture, and nothing you don't. Text me at nine-1-nine-3-oh-eight-oh-7-oh-7 if you'd like to purchase.
  14. Full set of QA1 double-adjustable shocks in excellent working condition. These are the factory shocks that came with my '19 Atom SRA, selling because I upgraded to Motion Control shocks and no longer need these. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/n9Koiu9srFFBGNvj8 Shock specs: Front Compressed length = 320.1mm / 12.60in (not including bump rubber) Front Extended length = 432.7mm / 17.04in Rear Compressed length = 320.1mm / 12.60in (not including bump rubber) Rear Extended length = 439.8mm / 17.32in Works with 2.25" ID springs Comes with ever
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