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  1. Brand new (still in original plastic bags/box, taken out of bags just to take a picture) Radium oil Catch Can and associated fittings. This came as part of a dual catch can kit (http://www.radiumauto.com/Dual-Catch-Can-Kit-Lotus-Evora-P259.aspx), however my car only needed 1 of the 2 catch cans. Price: $150 + shipping to CONUS (or local pickup in Dallas, TX area). Comes with everything you see in the picture, and nothing you don't. Text me at nine-1-nine-3-oh-eight-oh-7-oh-7 if you'd like to purchase.
  2. Full set of QA1 double-adjustable shocks in excellent working condition. These are the factory shocks that came with my '19 Atom SRA, selling because I upgraded to Motion Control shocks and no longer need these. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/n9Koiu9srFFBGNvj8 Shock specs: Front Compressed length = 320.1mm / 12.60in (not including bump rubber) Front Extended length = 432.7mm / 17.04in Rear Compressed length = 320.1mm / 12.60in (not including bump rubber) Rear Extended length = 439.8mm / 17.32in Works with 2.25" ID springs Comes with everything you see in the pictures (including bushings) and nothing you don't (ie springs). Price: $600 for full set only + shipping to CONUS or pickup in Dallas/Fort Worth/Cresson area. PM or text me at nine-1-nine three oh eight oh 7 oh 7.
  3. Thanks all, i've reached out to Chris @ X-Factor. Much appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for Texas shops that are experienced with doing Honda K24/K20 head swaps? Contemplating doing a K20 head swap on my K24Z7 Atom. Off the top of my head, i think i'd need the following done: sourcing K20 head aftermarket cams, valvetrain oil/water pump replacement custom header/exhaust dyno tune Proximity to DFW is a plus, but can drive up to a few hours away if needed to get the right level of experience. I was referred to Alamo Autosports in Arlington, but he went radio silent after I met with him to discuss the project (not confidence-inspiring for a project of this size), so I'm looking for an alternative.
  5. I have a Honda K24Z7-powered Ariel Atom, and I am contemplating adding a swirl pot to alleviate some cooling issues I've been experiencing. I'm also a moron when it comes to cooling system design, so was hoping some of y'all with more knowledge could assist. The factory setup has an expansion tank with a 16psi cap, mounted up high (underneath the "mohawk" air intake cover if you've ever seen an Atom). Don't think this is relevant to my questions, but the radiator is mounted up front, and is sealed (well technically it has a bolt to bleed air, but it's not a traditional radiator with a radiator cap). Couple questions: 1) The swirl pot would typically be installed immediately after the main engine coolant outlet, is that correct? i.e. it should be fed by the hot coolant coming out of the motor? 2) Does the mounting height of the swirl pot relative to the motor matter? 3) Between the swirl pot and the expansion tank, which needs to be higher or does it not matter? 4) What should be the highest part of the system? 5) If the factory cap on the expansion tank is 16psi, would going to an 18psi or as high as 22psi cap be problematic?
  6. Brand new AIM GPS08B Receiver for SmartyCam HD, 2M Cable (6.56 feet), AIM Part # MC-591-2.0M. 4-pin connector, plugs into your Smartycam HD. I ordered this by mistake a few weeks ago. $149 new, selling for $110 (25% off). Buyer pays shipping cost to wherever you are.
  7. Weird, they're basically the same type of car :)
  8. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 6/26/20 Lap time: 1:17.974 (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1685 lbs Wheel horsepower: 202 hp (230hp crank) per GSpeed dyno Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 275/35/R15 Hoosier A7 rears, 5th HC Estimated ambient temperature: 95.0F (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Finally cracked 1:18 for the first time, woot woot!
  9. Headed to CotA this weekend through EdgeAddicts, first time with my trailer in tow. Does anyone know if there are power hookups (ideally 30A) for trailers/RVs in the main paddock area? I can't recall from the previous times I've been.
  10. I have the non-Pro Dash2 on my Ariel Atom SRA. If you're going datalogging, I'd buy once/cry once with an AIM system (even though I continue to believe AIM's software is awful). I think the Dash2 is great if you just want a digital dash with basic inputs without datalogging, as it's super simple. But I would hate to invest a lot of money in sensors and then be on an island with Dash2 data and everybody else with AIM data.
  11. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 4/16/20 Lap time: 1:18.495 (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1685 lbs (well, maybe 1695 lbs after 4 weeks of coronavirus lockdown) Wheel horsepower: 202 hp (230hp crank) Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 245/40/R15 Hoosier A7 rears. 7 HCs. Estimated ambient temperature: 80.6F
  12. That picture is CGI, as is a few others on their site (fooled me the first time i saw their site a while back). That said they did a car on display at SEMA (pictured on their Instagram account). Unclear if it was functional or just a mockup. Very interested to see if it's real. If they can pull it off at the price point they claim, I know i'd be interested.
  13. Anybody have any recos for somebody that could install e-track on an enclosed trailer? Trailer is stored at MSR Cresson, so the closer to there the better for me!
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