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  1. This is an excellent tip. It also tells you what they do for a living and how they receive instruction (or not).
  2. Wow! Huge congrats! Glad you got it back!
  3. Checked with surrounding businesses with cameras?
  4. It can't be real, he looks too old to be a teenager.
  5. Ouch. Very sorry to hear and will keep an eye out.
  6. Located in Austin, TX, Petrol Lounge, is a secure climate controlled facility for storing cars and motorcycles. Need extra space for a month or two while you finish up your project? Or are you out of garage space for your weekend track toy? Or do you want your Sunday driver ready for the weekend? Let us help solve that problem for you. From one off cars, to a collection, we store and manage anything from Sunday drivers, track cars, exotics, classics, and everything between. Drop off and pick up access at any time Battery tender service Weekly start and 10 minute run Weekly inspection of fluids, tire pressures, and other minor maintenance items Temperature and humidity controlled storage We also offer a full line of other services, including remote drop off, pick up, detailing, routine maintenance and others. What we find is that everyone has different needs and we strive to find solutions. We have found that most of our customers have a preferred detailer they'd like to have come by our shop, but we have several that we can recommend if necessary. www.petrollounge.com www.facebook.com/petrollounge
  7. This might be last minute, but if you TJ'ers would like to drop by Petrol Lounge after your Dec 11th dinner, we are having an informal open house from 6:30-10pm. Some cars will be visible and some cars will not. www.petrollounge.com www.facebook.com/petrollounge
  8. Depends what you consider mid-range. I consider my stilo composite mid range but it isn't cheap either. It's all relative.
  9. SoulSpeed is located down in S. Austin. http://www.soulspeed.com/
  10. I think the site admin could help me change your signature image. It might be cheaper. =D
  11. Very tempting indeed. Been looking at low profile scissor lifts but this might be an option.
  12. Things are changing. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.844124915613850.1073741894.219399881419693&type=1&stream_ref=10
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