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  1. Hmmm . . . . Pot calling the kettle? BTW, I highly recommend the Valedictorian route for your kids. The resulting scholarships save a lot of money. Not that I'm proud or anything . . . .
  2. It's a long-time race car. SCCA in the early 70s. Then went on to be a drag racer. Ended up in a field before being restored back to road race configuration and vintage raced (lots of SVRA and CVAR). Owner since late 90s was Charlie Barns (late 50s early 60s Alfa/Lotus/Ford racer and SCCA FM class champion in 1964). Charlie stopped racing in 2011 and passed away 2 years ago. Car has been dormant. Planning to do CVAR and SVRA with it. And the Lotus as well.
  3. Maybe I will. Need to replace the tires. If everything else looks reasonable, might as well shake it down in the Instructor group. 🙂
  4. I've been using this to haul my Miata around. Perfect for that. Just bought a C2 vintage racer and it's too wide for the trailer, so moving up to an enclosed. Located in Granbury (near Cresson). Listed for $1200 on CL. TJ price is $1000 (or, $999) 🙂 https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/tro/d/granbury-small-car-trailer/7029865970.html
  5. Hey Jim. I have to confess, it got sidetracked. Last January, I found an Eldorado convertible that was just like the one my wife fell in love with when we were first married (without the rust this time). So that has consumed me (since wives always come first). http://forums.cadillaclasalleclub.org/index.php?topic=154660.0 I do have the Lotus down to a bare frame now. I feel confident to do most of the welding, but want to get someone certified to fix the roll hoop. After that, media blast and fresh paint on the frame followed by re-assembly with fresh bushings. Also change the name on the side. 😉 I'm thinking it may see the track this coming Spring. And, of course, Craigslist is still there to tempt me. Bought a vintage Corvette racer on Tuesday so I can do Jeckyll and Hyde at CVAR. Thread on that one will be upcoming. My real problem is work. I need to retire so I have time for important things. Good to see you on here. PM if you're up for a member day sometime.
  6. See all the little spots on my windshield? It's oil. I left the cap off the engine when driving to the track at 4:30AM before coffee. Notice that I DID NOT TOUCH MY WIPERS. 🙂
  7. Do we need to split this topic into 1.65 vs. 2.75? Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.75CCW Italian Canyon - 11/24/2019 Lap Time: 2:16.071 (TrackAddict App) Ambient temperature: ~45°F Car: 1995 Miata w/VVT, Intake, Headers, Exhaust Estimated weight with driver: 2400 lbs WHP: ~125-30 Tires: Hankook RS4 225/45-15 Can't wait to do it CW!
  8. Seriously fun track. Here's a view from a Miata:
  9. Take two columns. In one column, put the cost of XIDAs. In the other, keep a running tab of all the garbage you're buying. At some point, you'll become depressed. It's all about roll stiffness. Part of that is stiffer springs with matched dampers. The other part is to add roll bar. Use the ELBJs. Also, don't use so much front camber that you kill your braking. 3.5 degrees seems like a nice compromise. Run about 0.5 degrees less on the rear to balance the car with the front stiffness. Even with identical setups, some tires just don't hack it. I get wonderfully even wear out of Toyo RR's. I kill Maxxis RC-1's quickly. For me, the RRs are far more economical despite initially higher cost. They just last way longer. I don't use RC-1's anymore.
  10. Tell him the name of the game is to increase his min speed. Driving a Miata will make him faster in a Vette.
  11. That was based on a brief he gave at a TDE event. I'll try to get the straight scoop from JC. Sorry for added confusion.
  12. According to Jack, MSR members are automatic KartMoto members. All you need is a kart and a lot of Aleve.
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