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  1. Tell him the name of the game is to increase his min speed. Driving a Miata will make him faster in a Vette.
  2. That was based on a brief he gave at a TDE event. I'll try to get the straight scoop from JC. Sorry for added confusion.
  3. According to Jack, MSR members are automatic KartMoto members. All you need is a kart and a lot of Aleve.
  4. hornetball

    Go Kart

    Jack's building a cart track at MSR Cresson. Hmmmm . . . .
  5. Yes, if you are down to one bolt in the rear, you can easily swing the PPF against the side of the tunnel and have enough room. Another pro tip . . . Jack the front of the engine to angle the tranny downward. It will teeter-totter on the engine mounts. Gives much better access to the bolts and other stuff on top. Thank me later (with Bud Light Lime please).
  6. Welp, my addiction continues. My FF restoration has been sidetracked a bit because I found something very special for my bride. Super clean car, but restoring a ship takes a bit of effort (note -- if weight exceeds 5000#s and engine exceeds 500CID it cannot be called a mere boat!). Once this car is 100%, I'll be back onto the FF. And, yes, I'm finally working on the Fury too. http://forums.cadillaclasalleclub.org/index.php?topic=154660.0 To me, the track thing is as much about comraderie as it is about the cars and/or going fast. Understand getting burned out, but I miss seeing you out there!
  7. Also, don't forget to add a large utility sink with hot water (mine has an "instant on" type heater). I use it all the time. I also installed a tire mounter and balancer combo. Not as expensive as you might thing and goodness knows we go through tires . . . .
  8. As you may know, I built myself an 80 x 100 shop last year. I kick myself everyday that I didn't do it years sooner. I'm in a much drier, windier climate than you and am also on top of a hill. I did the opposing RV doors that Matt mentioned. I also have a lot of windows. In the Summer, my shop has constant breeze. In winter, I can keep the doors closed and sunlight warms the shop significantly. I didn't make any other HVAC provisions, and it is working out fine. It would cost a ton to condition a shop this large. The windows also enhance the excellent lighting from the LED overheads. And, yeah, plenty of 240 outlets too. You've got the right idea about drains. I wish I had added more drains -- specifically where the lifts are. Only have one in a dedicated wash bay. Getting a good contractor is key. I went with the contractor that the metal company recommended (i.e., Who does a lot of projects? Who pays you on time? Etc.). I couldn't be happier with how the project went. Once you have a shop, you'll need to factor in that many more projects will begin appearing. 😉
  9. Gotta' love Miatas. 😉
  10. Geeez. I hope the NASA officials had a stern talk with him.
  11. In. This time, I'm going to attempt to jump 14 buses with the Miata.
  12. Just fine. I've got great safety gear. A lot of things went through my mind as I was flying through the air (time really does slow down), including: 1. WTF . . . where did the grass go? 2. Sure am glad I bought the high-dollar harnesses to go with my HANS. 3. Sure am glad this car is caged. Then, as I went sliding around the hairpin: 1. Dang. I'm dumping fluid. Need to get off the track so my buddies won't hate me. 2. Hope the engine is OK. 3. I got it on vid!!! 😀
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