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  1. Stockish. Car had a Richmond Super T-10 in it, but that's close to the limit of what they allow. I tore into it a bit yesterday. Diff is OK and transmission is OK. Probably broke the clutch disc. A little more digging and I'll know for sure.
  2. Did CVAR's racing school this weekend. The racing school was interesting because they mix all the groups together. This was the last session of the weekend. Got in four laps and the transmission let go. I have a few weeks to get another transmission in before the CVAR race at Hallett. Hope I can get one with all the stupid COVID supply issues.
  3. I was out there getting new gear and a weight on the Corvette. Looked like you guys were having fun. I wanted to come play, but it didn't work out. Maybe Sunday.
  4. You're delving pretty far from your Miata roots (says the Pot).
  5. Plus it uses swords, so the Taliban won't have any issue operating it.
  6. So, all back together and to the track. It's running cool and strong with greatly improved video capability. It's ready for CVAR next month. Did the 1.3 today. Here's a "race" between a 1964 Corvette and a 1995 Miata. Amazingly close. http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/61181509b88e0-1964-corvette-vs-1995-miata-msr-cresson-1-3.php
  7. Working on German cars ticks me off too. 🙂
  8. New clutches are in and diff is reassembled and back in the car. All clearances checked good with a good gear pattern. I'll be doing my own diffs from now on. Since I've been getting tidbits here and there from the "Corvette Forum," I went ahead and joined. Monitoring the traffic and topics . . . I'm definitely not a "Corvette Guy" (despite owning two). Those guys really fit the stereotype. LOL.
  9. Awesome. A parking space for my wife's Eldo!
  10. Since the gears and bearings are good and I haven't disturbed the pinion, all I need to do is reassemble with all shims in EXACTLY the same place and with the ring gear remounted to the carrier in EXACTLY the same orientation (according to the Chevy service manual). Fortunately, I'm OCD. That's a good thing for this work. Putting the carrier back in the case is a tight fit on purpose (you get about .010" of stretch when you put the shims in). I'm buying a set of shim drivers as Plan A. If Plan A doesn't work (i.e., looks like shims might get damaged), then Plan B is to homebuild a
  11. I noticed some play in the driver's rear. It was coming from the diff. On old Corvettes, the halfshaft serves as an upper control arm, so it is important to minimize the play in the stub axle so that camber and toe stays put. Ideally, this should be .005". I measured .012" on the passenger side (OK), but .030" on the driver side (too loose). There are two possible causes: (1) wear on the stub axle end where it meets the posi shaft (easy fix); and (2) wear in the posi clutches (harder fix). I pulled the diff and inspected the stub axle ends. They were perfect (sigh): S
  12. Now that's an interesting idea. Make the students earn their keep. 🙂
  13. LOL! Here was mine (second row, far right). I won the ship's "Saddam Hussein Lookalike" contest. https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv60-91/451.htm
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