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  1. Progressing, little by little . . . Welded up a battery tray and got it mounted along with the fire bottle. Fabricated an ABS cover for the battery and fire bottle: Mounted a 14" Spal pusher fan: Mounted the headlights: Looks kind of sinister: 🙂
  2. Nice tow vehicle though! Old man . . . . Speaking of old men, I passed a kidney stone this morning for the first time in my life. Holy crud, that gets your attention. Get off my lawn.
  3. I would have used the sun-resistant black cable ties.
  4. So THAT'S where the darn things went. Been looking forever . . . .
  5. Need to finish the front, including figuring out spoiler and towing provisions. Then I'll do the final seal as you mentioned. I daily a turbo Miata and strongly believe in radiator sealing. 🙂
  6. You have an interesting definition of "fun." Of course, who am I to speak?
  7. Eeeewww!! I used to work in downtown Houston. Don't miss that drive.
  8. I've been having misfire issues with the Miata too. Lots of bad connectors. Old car problems.
  9. Masked off the engine bay and gave it a spray of satin black. The previous radiator setup was pretty unsat. It had gaping holes for air to go around (rather than through) the radiator. It also left the front end completely unsecured from the frame and did not tie the forward ends of the frame rails together. I guess someone missed the memo that radiator supports are structural. Here's a picture of the original setup compared to the new repro radiator support and correct radiator. Much happier now. Everything is well supported and airflow through the radiator will be much better.
  10. Plan on using a 4-post. And, yes, strings attached to the vehicle seems like a clear winner.
  11. Time to take the plunge into doing my own setups (caster/camber/toe). For those already there, toolset recommendations? Simple, durable, cost-effective (i.e., value rather than cheap). What has worked well for you? Will be using on a variety of cars from open-wheel to vintage to good ol' Miatas.
  12. Patched all the holes. General process, clean, grind to bare fiberglass, itch, apply patches, itch. Repaired the torn-up tunnel by cutting out the damage, fabricating an aluminum hoop to clear the HD U-joint and fiberglassing over the hoop. Also patched the large ashtray hole next to the shifter. Firewall patch. Rear storage area patches. Repaired the large cutout in the radiator support area to restore airflow through the radiator. Used construction paper with aluminum tape on top to make a form. This got 5-plies, 3 from the front and 2 from the back. Re-bonded the passenger-side fender liner to the fender with 3M panel bond. Used a wood wedge to hold the pieces apart while I sanded the bonding surfaces. Small crack repair. This crack happened because the nose of the car has been unsecured due to the removal of the OEM radiator support. I bought the product that Matt recommended. I did a comparison test between the brush-on stuff (Amazon) and the more commonly available spray bomb (Lowes). The results were startlingly different, with the brush-on product being far superior. Finished with the brush-on product. It covered great. All of this was done with slightly less than 1 quart. Before and after:
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