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  1. A big loss indeed, for those that knew him here is a celebrationGrumpy's invite.pdf
  2. I would also be happy to help
  3. https://www.speedcomracing.com/intercom This is the one I think is the best, the headsets seem to be built stronger. I also have a Trac com but it is version 1 and doesn't have enough volume I heard version 2&3 are better.
  4. I saw your car up there Sunday looks really nice
  5. Seems like you could use more neg camber -3.5 / -4.0 front -3.0 / -35 rear
  6. That's no Miata,looks like fun.will you bring it out Saturday
  7. Don't think HP PLUS are good enough might try HT -10s
  8. You are on this email because you are one of 31 PCA coaches who have told me you are planning to attend ECR this Friday. We will have a great time. Some of you have already driven the track and so know what to expect. What Livio and Paula Galanti have done with the track and facilities is nothing short of amazing – and there is more to come. Its tons safer, faster, more fun and just simply a cool place to be. Please be sure to thank them for making such a crazy investment in our sport. I know a couple of you are already members there, and I imagine more will join after this weekend.
  9. This is excellent advice
  10. MER has the 3.90 torsen that they put in my car by mistake but I would suggest a 4.3 unless you are thinking about a turbo or supercharger
  11. I had the A/C and power steering taken out of my 2002 Miata. All were in working order asking $100 for everything.
  12. If you're in Dallas try Chris Halderman X-Factor racing
  13. If they have no tears and look in decent shape you should be ok for a DE or track day. This is just my opinion
  14. I may of missed something here but if there were red flags the instructor should have told him to stop and worried about the critique later
  15. Mer 3 pulls for$75 I think that is still thier rate
  16. Congratulations, enjoy that little bundle of joy
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