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  1. I saw your car up there Sunday looks really nice
  2. Seems like you could use more neg camber -3.5 / -4.0 front -3.0 / -35 rear
  3. That's no Miata,looks like fun.will you bring it out Saturday
  4. Don't think HP PLUS are good enough might try HT -10s
  5. You are on this email because you are one of 31 PCA coaches who have told me you are planning to attend ECR this Friday. We will have a great time. Some of you have already driven the track and so know what to expect. What Livio and Paula Galanti have done with the track and facilities is nothing short of amazing – and there is more to come. Its tons safer, faster, more fun and just simply a cool place to be. Please be sure to thank them for making such a crazy investment in our sport. I know a couple of you are already members there, and I imagine more will join after this weekend. Here is some info for you so you can plan your day: Note that we are guests of the track on Friday and it is a normal member day for them. Let’s be sure to make ECR pleased to have invited us by respecting the members who have paid to be there. We will be running under ECR track rules and must sign their paperwork. No one can go on the track without a drivers briefing. I know that you might not all be able to get there at one time, so I or Brad Flack (ECR) will do that briefing as needed, though it sure would be nice not to have to do it 31 times! Here is what I/we will be covering: DO NOT Cross the blend line onto the track. This is a big safety deal. There is one way in and one way out of track, we need to use these. ECR uses SCCA Race flagging. https://www.wdcr-scca.org/guide-to-scca-flags DO NOT drop oil or other fluids on the surface (you know this…). ECR charges $15/bag of oil dry. ECR allows shorts and tee shirt in any car that is not caged. All caged or “race” cars need full driver fire protective clothing. Note on Sat/Sun we will follow PCA rules which is long pants. There is NO passing between T4 and T13. We will define other passing zones on Friday. So now to schedule. I’m thrilled so many of you made the time to come out and learn the track so that we will be really ready to teach it well. I have attached the track schedule. Let me go in reverse order: ECR is rightly concerned that we will overwhelm track members in other sessions before 3.20pm. So I have promised that we will split our group into roughly 15 at a time during member hours. The times we can go on track are 11.40am; possibly 1.40pm (if open wheel members do not arrive); 2.40pm and 3.20pm (track is ours to use at that point and we will probably do a 40 minute session). So my hope is that some of you (up to 15) can arrive in the morning and get ready for going on track at 11.40am. For the rest of you, its first come first served for the 2.40pm session. I will simply use the sign in sheet to count off the first 15 who get there in time to do the 2.40pm session. At 3.20pm all can go on track. We won’t know till Friday morning whether we will have access to the track at 1.40pm. If we do, then we will adjust on the fly and cut back track access for our group to roughly 10 per session. My goal is for you all to each get 2 sessions on track, one of which will be an extended length. I’d like to do a team meeting at 2.05pm (upstairs in their new classroom) so we can chat about the weekend. 30 min max. At 4.20pm we will do a track walk. And by walk, I mean walk…. Yeah, yeah I know, its 1.65 miles. The goal is to spend time together discussing the track. If you have a problem walking, then let me know and we can get you a ride. Livio and Brad will be there to help us get a better understanding of the track. Lean on them for advice. They know the track better than anyone and want us to be successful and safe. Parking. For this Friday we will park on the middle paddock (the same location we have always use). ECR does not allow trailers there on their member days so you will need to leave your trailers at the lower paddock. On Saturday we will also be using the old grid to park (25 spaces) but don’t go up there for Friday so as to leave them open for members. The area directly north of the tech building has sealer on it that is coming up so DO NOT park any car there that you plan on taking on track. ECR want to make sure that they protect their new track surface. Bring your own lunch and water. Or come unprepared and you can pathetically walk around and scrounge off those who came prepared. By the way. Friday the 13th? What could go wrong CU all soon. Craig Janssen C 1.972.523.5903 Attachments area
  6. This is excellent advice
  7. MER has the 3.90 torsen that they put in my car by mistake but I would suggest a 4.3 unless you are thinking about a turbo or supercharger
  8. I had the A/C and power steering taken out of my 2002 Miata. All were in working order asking $100 for everything.
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