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  1. Mer 3 pulls for$75 I think that is still thier rate
  2. Congratulations, enjoy that little bundle of joy
  3. I have a set of NB seats
  4. Do you know the offset and weight
  5. How about an Audi convertible easy to get in and out of .
  6. Now you know the car is good, we can only blame the driver in the future.lol
  7. Looking good,why do you keep changing numbers
  8. I agree having an instructor in the car with you will my world of difference.
  9. Make sure the oil filter is tight they have been known to back off. Just something to check
  10. Has she been taught the wet line it makes driving in the rain much more fun.
  11. Congrats, I am sure you will enjoy both
  12. Like someone else said if you are only doing a couple of weekends a year buy a comfortable ride and rent a mustang or camero
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