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  1. MER has the 3.90 torsen that they put in my car by mistake but I would suggest a 4.3 unless you are thinking about a turbo or supercharger
  2. I had the A/C and power steering taken out of my 2002 Miata. All were in working order asking $100 for everything.
  3. If you're in Dallas try Chris Halderman X-Factor racing
  4. If they have no tears and look in decent shape you should be ok for a DE or track day. This is just my opinion
  5. I may of missed something here but if there were red flags the instructor should have told him to stop and worried about the critique later
  6. Mer 3 pulls for$75 I think that is still thier rate
  7. Congratulations, enjoy that little bundle of joy
  8. I have a set of NB seats
  9. Do you know the offset and weight
  10. How about an Audi convertible easy to get in and out of .
  11. Now you know the car is good, we can only blame the driver in the future.lol
  12. Looking good,why do you keep changing numbers
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