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  1. The car did pretty well this past weekend. With all the rain Saturday, I bailed to see some family that was in town. If I had known for sure the rain would stop and the track would go hot(ish) I would have waited. Oh well. Sunday was beautiful though. The car felt great and it was good to finally get back on track. The RE71s seemed to hold up well. I ran two sessions with only a very short break in the afternoon (ran yellow, 20 min break, then ran in red). I could definitely feel the extra heat in the tires, but overall they felt good. I got very little audible feedback, but maybe my car is just loud :shrug:. I did have a couple issues with the brake. I didn't notice any fade, but sometimes on the first press the pedal would have a lot of extra travel. If I released and hit them again it would bite with much less pedal travel. I've heard of people talk about this with pad knockback, but I've never experienced with this car before. I'm going to bleed the brakes a bit to see if any other bubbles come out but I don't think that's the issue. It did lead to a nice little off track excursion at horse shoe (twice...). I definitely didn't push as hard as I did in the past but I'm sure the confidence will come back to me with some more seat time. I also need to look into a different steering wheel or hub extension. I forgot how far back and down you are when you're fully strapped in and I end up with more arm extension than I'd like. Not a super high priority though.
  2. Yeah, Saturday was a bummer. I bailed around noon since the afternoon forecast was still terrible and I had family in town. I figured it rather seem them than "maybe" drive later. If I had known it would clear up a bit, I would have stuck it out. I sure could have used the practice in the wet where I am terrible. Sunday was great though. The first session was definitely a bit slick still, but once some heat and rubber built up things were pretty good. Got checked back to red which was nice. I haven't downloaded AIM data yet, but I think I got back down pretty close to my previous best time.
  3. All the lights/blinkers are working now. Except the dash lights, but those aren't a super high priority. And the relay/speed control for the cool shirt. And probably all the other busted electrical in this thing. I don't wanna talk about it. After looking at the crazy bleeder valve and getting some other opinions, I feel confident I know what was going on. The caliper was a rebuilt one I got form turner several years ago. It appears there was some problem with the bleeder valve in its former life, and the hole had been drilled, tapped, and some sort of collar put in there. An OEM bleeder was then installed in that collar. Of course that collar should have never come out, but it seized to the bleeder. A new (rebuilt) caliper showed up yesterday. I got the brass bushings moved over from the old caliper and got it installed on the car. Then I pulled all the other calipers and cleaned/greased the bushings/sliders with high temp grease. Bled the brakes again, which was super easy when everything worked properly. Drove it up the street and the brakes seemed to work. I think that was my last item to be ready for the track this coming weekend. Woop!
  4. I know, I'm totally with you. I accidentally got my quotes/replies backwards. Fixed now. I saw someone mention "unintended acceleration" with some BMWs once upon a time, and how the only way to stop it was to use the blinkers. We all know people who drive BMWs are just the worst.
  5. It probably left the factory this way. I replaced the front calipers with rebuilt ones when I got the car, that was several years ago though. The brakes have been bled several times (not by me). So someone out there knows how to work these things. New parts should be here today, so we'll see how it goes.
  6. This was my first weekend at home in a month, so I spent some time in the garage. As as always the case, things never go as planned. I've been tracking down some electrical issues with the lights. After pulling the dash out to check wires and plugs, I found out that I missed a blown fuse which was causing 50% of my light issues. So lights are nearly working. I have no blinkers on the right side of the care, but the left side works just fine. I tested the connections on the stalk and everything seems fine. I have a new blinker relay on the way that I'm hoping fixes that. New tires went on last week and it got a fresh alignment. The ride height in the front was raised about an inch, and 1/4" in the rear. I can drive in and out of the garage without having to continually move boards around to prevent scraping. Maybe it's not as good for performance, but it will be a great quality of life improvement. I picked up a motive power bleeder, and started bleeding the brakes. The rears went just fine, but I had no luck with the fronts. I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious, because the brakes have been bled before by other people. Naturally, the front valves are 8mm instead of 7 like the rear. I had to pull the front valve completely out to get an fluid to drain. It doesn't look like a normal bleeder to me. Is this some sort of speed bleeder that I'm using wrong? I ordered a few standard 7mm valves that I'll swap on there and finish things up. Side Bottom
  7. I'm mostly just messing with you about the E36. I love the car, but I've had bad luck with mine in particular. I've been Stockholmed bad I think, hehe. Looking forward to seeing some corvette pictures in this thread!
  8. Please let me refer you to my build E36 build thread for some alternative facts on this matter.
  9. I went last year and paddock access was great. The GT3 cars tend to be kept at a bit more distance in garages, but some are on display. Other classes are pretty wide open with people wrenching and working all over. It was very cool last year.
  10. I went back out to take another stab at the trans fill plug. It still didn't want to budge. So I did what I should have done in the first place and pulled the Y pipe. With that out of the way, I could get to it at a 90 degree angle and it came out without too much fan fare. The old oil looked fine, but it had been sitting in there for a long time so I figured why not. Fresh Motul 75W90 in there now. I also wanted to see if it would still fire up. I pulled the fuel pump fuse and cranked it for 10-15 seconds to get the oil moving. The gauge still didn't register pressure, but I figured that wasn't too big of a deal. Put the fuse back in and it fired up in less than 3 seconds!. I was pretty happy it fired right up. It has just over half a tank of 2.5 year old gas in there now. I should probably drain that, but what the heck do you do with 6-7 gallons of old fuel? I'm open to ideas on what to do. Someone suggested just throwing some stabilizer in there, and go to town. I figure it it fires up and drives it can't be too bad... I have a question, and I probably know the answer but I figure I'll throw it out there. Do I need to worry about the brake pads that have been sitting on there for so long? They only have a couple of track days on them, and I imagine just sitting around shouldn't be a problem. Should I be concerned at all or send it? Still need to check all the lights so I can get it inspected. Gonna bleed the brakes, but I don't plan on doing much else to it before I drive it again.
  11. I'm going to try to keep posting some updates on this so people can shame me if I'm not making any progress. I ordered some replacement parts for the ground control kit that I had stripped on the front strut mounts. I got those parts installed this past weekend. I also changed the engine oil and filter, so I have some fresh Motul 300V 15W50 in there. I really need to decide on some less expensive oil. I'm sure the motul stuff is nice, but it's not cheap. I have some new gear oil for the trans and diff. I need to get or fab a tool to get the diff fill plug out. The 14mm I have is way to deep to fit in there. This is a common issue, since the diff butts up to the spare tire well. Should be no big deal with a lower profile tool. I couldn't get the fill plug on the transmission off. I hit it will some penetrating oil, and I'll try it again next time I get out there. I need to lift the car up a bit higher as well to help me get a better angle on it. I believe I have some u-joints for the impact wrench. May have to break that out too. I haven't pulled the drain plug yet, so not a huge deal for now. A fresh set of RE71s showed up yesterday. I'll get those mounted soon, with a new alignment. After that I should be ready to get it inspected so I can drive it to and from the track. I'm signed up for TDE in April, which I'm pretty excited about. It will be nice to get back on track.
  12. I'm signed up for this one. It will be my first time back on track in about 2.5 years, so we'll see how rusty I've gotten.
  13. I'm going to be there. I had a good time last year, I'm looking forward to it again this year.
  14. I didn’t look closely enough at this date. I’ll actually be at COTA for blancpain GT that weekend. Next time though!
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