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  1. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but there seems to be knowledge that's relevant to my situation. I'm planning on grabbing a set of RC1s for my E36 M3, but wanted to check on sizes. My wheels are 17x8.5 Kosei K1s, and I wanted to get the 235/40-17 tires. I don't see those in stock anywhere, so I was thinking about just stepping up to the 255/40-17. That's on the wide side for a 8.5" wheel, but it seems like it should work just fine. Does this sound right? I was planning on ordering direct from Maxxis, unless there are some other good ideas.
  2. Since I'm towing the car for at least the rest of the year, I'll probably try to grab a set of RC1s. I haven't found the size I want in stock anywhere (235/40-17). In someone elses video, it looked like I had no brake lights. I checked those, and everything works, I guess the old lights just aren't as bright as new LEDs (shocking). I found the risers for the rear wing in a box, so I'll try to get those thrown in this weekend. I'm sure there is no aerodynamic benefit to it at all, but I like the way it looks so I'm doing it. It could use a nut/bolt check to make sure everything is solid. Other than that, washing it is the only thing on my list. I spent a little more time looking at data. @Dave sent me some data from one of his fast laps for me to compare. The consistent theme is I brake too early it seems. Braking force (looking at G's) is pretty close. Mid corner speed and lateral acceleration are close in most areas, but I can see myself overslowing in a few places. I brake earlier, slow too much, get back on the gas a bit mid corner, then hold maintenance before hitting the power out. I think not overslowing would be a good place to work on for now. I was way off on my theoretical best lap too. I made some mistakes on my lap selection, so the data was bad. Data now shows a 1:23.15 for a theoretical best, so plenty of room for improvement. Driving cars is fun and I wish I could do more of it.
  3. I can get at least one more weekend out of these tires for sure, hopefully a bit more. I'll likely try RS4s or RC1s next. The prices for those seem pretty darn close unless one of them goes on sale soon. If I decide to plan ahead (for once) I'll bring the new set of something with me and just roll with the RE71s until I see cord. Not related to the knock back issue, but I've wondered about this. I've never replaced the hubs on this while I've had it. It doesn't seem to be a common issue on these cars as far as I can tell, but I know I'll need to do it someday. When I pull the wheels to clean and inspect, I'll poke around on the hubs to see how they feel.
  4. Is the frame shifting left and right the image stabilization at work, or is the mount actually moving?
  5. Been pretty busy, not not much has changed with the car. Got the coolshirt system rewired before the TDE event last weekend. It was hot, so that was definitely nice to have. The car did well, no issues at all. I still feel like I'm getting a little bit of pad knockback or something. The first press of the brake will be a but soft sometimes. I got in the habbit of giving it a little tap before the faster brake zones, and didn't have any issues. I took about 2 seconds off of my best time from the event in April. I looked at the data a bit last night, and my fast lap (1:24.84 via AIM Solo) was all my best sectors, until the very last one. I somehow lost 2/10ths in the rattlesnake exit to the start/finish timing loop. That seems like a whole lot of time for that turn. According to the data, the previous lap to my best had the best final sector. Tires have been my big concern, since I always went through them so quickly before. I have 3 days on these RE71Rs now, and they still have tread, so that's an improvement. They handle lots of slip pretty well. There was some decent drifting this weekend when I pushed too far, but it was still controllable. The shoulders look pretty good, but the inside half definitely has more tread left than the outside half. I'll try to get them flipped left-right before the next event. I did swap front to back wheels/tires Sunday morning. The fronts took a bit more of a beating than the rears. Are there secrets to driving fast while still maintaining tire life? If so, I should figure that out someday. As things stand now, I'm still renting a truck/trailer to tow it out. I should just get some slicks and send it. Might be fun. No real changes planned. I may try to pick up a different camera for in car. I've been borrowing a GoPro3, but I think it would be fun to have a forward and rear facing camera. I may grab some newer off brand camera for forward facing, and make the gopro rear. Something with a remote that I can stick on the dash. Once I'm belted in, I can't reach the buttons, so I end up burning 5-10 minutes of camera time just sitting at the grid.
  6. I like CW better. I think it's the more difficult config, and it is a bit slower which helps me with my relatively low power. I've spent a lot more time on the CW config compared to CCW though. Most of my CCW time has been running the full 3.1 mile track. Consequently, I'm not very good at wagon wheel CCW since I usually drive right by it.
  7. Besides bring warm, it was a great weekend. Took nearly 2 seconds off my time for the same config from the last event. I'm getting more comfortable with the slip angle in these tires too. After 3 days, I still have a fair amount of tread left which is nice. NT01s would be nearly dead by this point. I saw my car in someone else's video and it looked like I had no brake lights. They definitely used to work, so gonna have to check on that. Maybe they just weren't bright enough to see. The temp dropped like 15 degrees during the 3rd session Sunday, then the rain started. My car leaks like crazy in the rain, so I just loaded up real quick and got home. Knowing my luck the last session would have been perfectly fine, but I was getting pretty tired and could feel myself getting slower. I had a very slow off in wagon wheel after a bit too much brake that I should have been able to save. so I didn't feel too bad about ending it after that. It was good to meet a few of you out there ( @BigMonkey73 @Max ). @Dave stopped by Sunday morning and rode with me first session. We didn't get into the 1:24's, but had some low 1:25's. I need to check the video and count how many times he told me to get back on the power sooner (it was a lot).
  8. MSR-C 1.7 CW Date: 6/8/2019 Lap time: 1:24.84 (AIM) Car: 1995 BMW M3 Vehicle weight with driver: ~2900 lbs Wheel horsepower: ~250 Tires: 255/45-17 RE-71R Estimated ambient temperature: 90 degrees I dropped nearly 2 secs from the event a month ago, so making progress. Old data says I went a few tenths faster several years ago on some Toyo RA1s, so this seems decent for a "street" tire.
  9. My understanding is bluetooth on iPhones isn't great. I think the max sample rate you can get is like 5hz, possibly less. I haven't looked it up in a while. If you use an external GPS unit, you want one that pairs with wifi instead because you can get a 10hz sample rate. With iPhones, I believe the built in GPS sample rate is 1hz.
  10. Got this sorted out the other night, and the truck/trailer has been reserved. I need to get tools and other stuff put together, but I'm just about ready to go. I do need to try to finish cleaning the old orange plastidip off the roof. Half my roof is still that faded orange. I clearly haven't been focused on aesthetics with this car, but this is a little silly.
  11. I'll be there. I need to get the coolshirt working before then. I don't think I'm going to be home any weekends before this though.
  12. I was kinda "meh" about one until I tried it. I figured I'm only driving 20 minutes at a time, so no need. But they really are magical. I have a proper fire suit now as well, so it will be even more important. I need to finish rewiring mine to get it back in service before the June TDE at Cresson.
  13. I was thinking exactly the same thing.
  14. Per the race organizer, he missed 25 yellow flags while under a full course yellow.
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