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  1. After some illness and scheduling conflict, I finally made it out to Cresson this morning to do some coaching with Adam Poland. We were the only car on track since it rained few days ago, so the track was veeery green. First session I managed a 1:25.2, which I was fairly pleased with on street tires (a fresh set of RS4s). The car was pushing pretty bad in big bend, the long right hander, so we threw the car on the rack to check things out. There was a fair amount of slop in the passenger side end link, were it seems I stripped the bolt. That was tightened as best as possible, but I'll get a replacement ordered. Went out for 1 more session, and put down a 1:24.135 per the Aim Solo. That's within 2 tenths of my personal best on NT01s. I'll be back out at the track this weekend the TDE. I'm hoping with some good weather and a bit of hot rubber to get the track in better shape (gotta get those excuses in there, lol), I might be able to bring that time down a bit more. RaceStudio says my theoretical best is 1:22.5, so there's still plenty of headroom left. Thanks to Adam and the guys at Doghouse, not a bad way to spend a Thursday morning. My lap times are fairly consistent once I get going, which I'm pleased with. Session 1 Session 2
  2. Finally spent the time to get the front bumper and under tray back in place. My fab skills are shameful, but it's done. I don't want to talk about how long I spent on this dumb little bracket... I would have preferred to make it a single piece and just bend it as necessary, but the lack of the decent workbench and vice, much less a metal brake, kind of required this multi piece approach. Are all the edges square to each other? No Is is pretty to look at? Absolutely not Does it hold thing in place? It sure as heck does! Did it stay in place through two off track excursions, both forward and backwards? It sure did! I couldn't find my rivnut install tool, so I ordered a slightly nicer kit on amazon. So far so good on that front. Now that I have dimensions that work I'll probably make a better looking bracket where all the flat edges line up better. But this one does work, so no big rush. I went out to MSR-C with TDE this past weekend. Didn't have a ton of confidence in the faster braking zones. Botched a downshift going into T1, leading to a 180 spin and the backwards off track adventure. Same Turn in a different session, hit the brakes and just didn't have the braking force I was expecting, leading to a forward off track adventure. Making to tap the brake and actually feel for positive feedback gave me good brakes the rest of the weekend, so some adjustments to my driving style could be the fix for now. As I expected, the ABS is still non-op. I may need to suck it up and replace the ABS pump. It's not supposed to be that tough of a job, I just didn't want to do it. At least these street tires seem to be pretty resistant to flat spotting as long as I don't do anything too crazy. The second off track did a little bit of damage. I noticed some terrible rattling and banging while heading back to the pits. Steering and brakes felt fine but I was fearing the worst. When I got the car stopped and walked around I noticed the exhaust hanging pretty low, I had an idea of the culprit. It broke two exhaust hangers on the muffler and tore a hole in the side. Doghouse performance got it welded back up for me. I missed the last session, but no big deal there. I got a couple rides with instructors, which always makes me feel like a beginner again. The ride in a Audi TT-S with it's AWD was a very strange experience. I'm so used to RWD dynamics and handling, the pull from the front felt so strange. I'm very jealous of modern high performance brakes and ABS systems. Once the exhaust was reattached, things were all good. For a little bit... After the first Sunday session, I was checking tire pressures, letting the car run and cool down, when I started hearing a horrible rattle. I shut the car off real quick and started looking around. Right after this, someone stopped by and told me they saw something come off my car they had to dodge on track after giving me a pass. Parts falling off, things rattling, not a good feeling. I noticed the front grill was no longer there. Some people may notice another issue with this picture, but I didn't see it until later. I did find what was left of the grill wedged on top of the power steering pump. Something definitely hit it. It's not particularly tough plastic, so it wouldn't take much do to this. I wasn't too worried about this, and the radiator looked good so I figured we were back in business. Sitting at the grid for the next session, the rattle started back up. I revved it a bit and it wasn't tied to RPMs. I really wanted to just ignore it, but I thought better of it. Popped the hood some of the plastic shrouding was shaking like mad. Kill the power and it stopped. Dean noticed the broken fan blade before I did. I have a better electric puller fan on the back of the radiator so I wouldn't miss this one at all. Pulled the power to the fan, which was conveniently located on the bottom of the fan housing. Access to this was easy since the grill was in the trash can at this point. Taped the wire and connector to the bumper with some painters tape, and didn't even miss a full lap of driving time. I did get some questions later from onlookers who were curious what the problem was at the grid were some painters tape was the answer. The car was good no problems on track on Sunday, besides the grill incident. Things felt good and I had much more confidence in the brakes. I was able to get one of the instructors to ride with me last session to call me out on any bad habits I might be forming. He definitely had some helpful pointers but gave me a generally passing grade which was nice to hear. I think I'm much more critical of my mistakes than other people are. I scheduled some private coaching from Adam Poland at Doghouse for next Thursday, so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm hoping he can give me some more pointers on car setup, in addition to the actual driving feedback. As we all know, driving is fun. It's even more fun when your car isn't breaking all the time. I talked to a bunch of nice folks this weekend. If I met any of you out there, please feel free to chime in and discuss how bad the car looks in person.
  3. There has been very little car work the past few months. I'm going to MSR-C this weekend, so I have done a few things. New rotors all around went on 2 weeks ago. The old ones don't really look bad, but they at least need to be resurfaced. Rotors are so cheap, I figure if they were coming off I might as well replace them. The old ones went on the car when I got it years ago, so I figure I've gotten my money's worth out of them. Made sure to toss a little anti seize on a few of the parts so they come off easily again next time this happens. The brake pedal travel sensor was a pain. The old one came out easily enough, but getting the dang clip that holds it all in back in place was a struggle. I measured the old one with a multi meter when it came out, and I get basically the same readings from the new and old pieces. Oh well, I suppose I have a spare now if I need one. Even after multiple emails to the company that made the under tray, I got no response. So my hopes of getting actual replacement parts were dashed. I was able to hammer one of the brackets into a shape resembling the correct dimensions, and it bolted up easily enough. I have some aluminum I'm going to hack up this week to try to bolt onto the other side. One way or another, I'll get that attached this week. I threw in a new oil filter for good measure. I'd like to give it a wash this week, but not sure the weather is going to cooperate.
  4. After this year I can get my car inspected so I can drive to these 1 day events. Renting a truck and trailer is kind of a hassle for 1 day.
  5. I had a few minutes last Wednesday after work, so I got the bumper pulled off to check out the damage. It really doesn't look bad. A little bit of bent metal that I think I can hammer back into shape, and some new rivnuts, then I should be good to go. The much thicker under tray is totally fine, it's just the vertical mounts that bent. It looks like a plastic clip or two got trashed, but NBD. I may be at home next weekend, so hopefully I can get everything put back together. That give me time to order some parts I need, like brake rotors and the brake pedal travel sensor (which I'm told may be the issue with my ABS).
  6. Wow, speaking of design flaws...
  7. I love this build. Totally noob aero question here. What does having the whole front grill smooth(ish) like that accomplish without some sort of splitter? I get with a splitter that high pressure zone will help push the splitter down, but I don't get what it's doing in this instance.
  8. Temp on the car were awesome, even in the heat. Coolant max was 205, Oil max was 222. I had some issues with understeer on Saturday. I tried higher and lower tire pressures with no noticeable difference. Then I did what I should have done sooner and asked someone who knows about car setup what to change. Adam at Doghouse had several suggestions. I softened up the front dampers a bit (single adjustable konis). Things seemed a little better, but not a ton. I rolled down to Doghouse again and Adam threw it on the lift to soften the front sway bar. This helped a bit more, but I still couldn't get the throttle rotation I wanted. I stiffened the rear dampers, and all of a sudden I had some throttle rotation back. I really had to work on some self control and finesse this weekend. Without a ton of HP, I can really just mash the throttle in a lot of instances. This weekend that would just cause the front to start pushing, particularly in places like wagon wheel and horse shoe. I had to hold my maintenance a bit longer and roll into the throttle, then things were better. A friend of mine came out Saturday to go for a ride. He made it through 8 laps before he thought he was going to get sick so I feel like I did my job on that one. Oil consumption seemed pretty standard. I probably added 2 quarts this weekend which is normal. Tires are pretty low, but I do have 5 days on them now. Their fast days are behind them, but I have the RS4s ready to go so I'll run these to the cords. I had some strong shuddering under hard braking which is a new development. I'll measure the rotors, but I'm pretty sure these are the ones I put on there when I got the car so I'd feel fine replacing them. The carbotech pads still have plenty of meat left. When I was pulling the car off the trailer Sunday evening, I didn't realize the front lip had caught so it nearly ripped the bumper off. The mount for the Motion Motorsports undertray got all bent up and ripped out one side. That put me in a super great mood. I can probably bend it all back and remount everything. I don't have a weekend at home for at least a few weeks, but I'll get around to it some day. The pictures are after I pulled on things a bit to stop it from rubbing on the tires so I could get it in the garage.
  9. Yeah, you're right. Nothing surprising there at all, I am not the first person to discover this behavior. @joesurf79, I saw you coming off track several time when I was sitting on the grid (sometimes with a grill full of grass). I wanted to come by and say hi but I think you were busy with instructor stuff.
  10. MSR-C 1.7 CCWDate: 7/13/2019Lap time: 1:24.83 (AIM)Car: 1995 BMW M3Vehicle weight with driver: ~2900 lbsWheel horsepower: ~250Tires: 245/40-17 RE-71REstimated ambient temperature: 90 degrees 1/100th faster than my best going the other direction on these same tires. Race studio says there's 2.5 seconds out there with my current splits, but I'm not going to find it on these tires. It feels like the grip really drops by lap 6-7. By lap 9 it's pretty greasy, especially in this heat. But it takes me time to get comfortable with everything again. The car wants the fast laps early, but I feel more in the groove later. With speed differences on warm up laps, records are going to be hard to set in HPDE.
  11. I did a small brake flush yesterday when I got home. I don't expect it will make a difference in the pad knock back issue I think I was getting, but it won't hurt. Didn't see any bubbles come out, so that was good. Checked and topped off the oil too. I need to order some new filters and I'll toss one in there soon. I chickened out on the RC1s after seeing people talk about them not handling high ambient temps very well (Texas summers, lol). I ordered some RS4s in 255/40-17 last Friday. They were at the door today. These will be the backups in case I cord the RE71s, which are being flipped on the wheels. Maybe I should add some more camber back to the front. I'll see how things go this weekend. I also found the risers for the rear spoiler, so obviously I added those back. It looks like they add a little bit more angle as well. I'm sure any added down force (lol) can't possibly be worth more than the drag this adds, but I like how it looks so whatever. When I get wheels and tires back on I'll get it washed, which it needs terribly. It's probably been 3+ years since that's happened. The sunroof replacement panel needs to come out sometime, but it won't happen before this weekend. I need to get the last of the plastidip off, then repaint and seal it. I didn't do a great job last time. Pretty much ready for TDE this weekend at Cresson. Gonna be warm out there, but the coolshirt is ready to go.
  12. I saw some reviews on that. I think I can get another weekend out of my RE71s, and I'm looking for a set to have as backups so I can throw them on when I see cords, hopefully for the September TDE event. I may wait and see if anything goes on sale around the 4th. I think I'd be fine with an RS4 or RC1.
  13. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but there seems to be knowledge that's relevant to my situation. I'm planning on grabbing a set of RC1s for my E36 M3, but wanted to check on sizes. My wheels are 17x8.5 Kosei K1s, and I wanted to get the 235/40-17 tires. I don't see those in stock anywhere, so I was thinking about just stepping up to the 255/40-17. That's on the wide side for a 8.5" wheel, but it seems like it should work just fine. Does this sound right? I was planning on ordering direct from Maxxis, unless there are some other good ideas.
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