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  1. First time out at ECR with TDE this past weekend. The track is definitely nice. I'm used to Cresson where there I do very little thresh hold braking, so my lack of skill in that department definitely shows here. I'm relatively happy with this time for a first visit though. Feel free to roast me on where I mess things up. ECR 2.7 CCW Date: Sep 20, 2020 Lap time: 2:13.667 with Aim Solo Car: 1995 BMW M3 Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2900 Estimated wheel horsepower: 250 Tire size and model: 255/40/17 RS4 Estimated ambient temperature: 70's
  2. Sorry for the delay on this. I finally got this pulled out of the box, but I'm not sure it's what you need. It's about 14 1/4" wide, and nearly the same height. 12mm diameter, and the two holes in each side are about 2" apart.
  3. I'm not sure what model of slider it's off, but I found one of these in a box of parts this weekend. I'll try to check for any markings that would identify it.
  4. This will be pretty sweet. You'll have it done in a few weeks right?
  5. I have carbotech xp12s up front and RS4 tires. I tend to see about .8G under braking as well, with max a bit over .9G. I know my braking isn't great, and it sounds like I may be in the same boat as you on brake force. I guess I really need to get on it more and see what happens.
  6. I feel like it might be worth looking into some sort of power steering. Could you fit one of those electric conversion units under whatever is left of the dash? As for ABS, I've survived a long time without it and it's certainly not necessary, but would be nice. How much power are you looking to end up with?
  7. MSRC 1.7 CCW Date: May 10, 2020 Lap time: 1:23.058 with Aim Solo Car: 1995 BMW M3 Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2900 Estimated wheel horsepower: 250 Tire size and model: 255/40/17 RS4 Estimated ambient temperature: 60's Members day at MSRC. Weather was great. So close to a 1:22, yet so far. Watching the video this was not a pretty lap. Big bend traffic at the beginning and end of the lap, and plenty of little mistakes on my part in between. Theoretical best from the day says there's a 1:19.8 in there, but that's a loooong way off. This does show that a 25 year old chassis can still hustle, if it only had a decent driver at the wheel.
  8. No big updates recently. Put new brake pads on (Carbotech XP12 vs the old XP10). That solved the pad knock back issue, so that much medal travel must be a feature not a bug with those calipers. Rear pads still have about 50% of the meat on there, so they stay for a while. I'm still happy with the RS4s. They are wearing pretty well and I like the performance/consistency trade off. Honestly the car has been really solid the several track days. I hate to jinx that by saying it out loud, but here we are. TDE last weekend was good. I reset my PB a few times, ended up around half a sec faster overall. There were 2 other guys out there running nearly identical times, so having some people to chase back and forth was a lot of fun. Got a little bit of rain practice on Sunday. I'm still not "good" by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel much more confident then last time. The car is going to site in the garage for a little bit, ski trip and other travel plans are taking the fun budget for a little bit. Going to do some regular maintenance stuff, new plugs, clean filters, fix some rattles. I think I'm going to start down the aero road next. Going to start with a front splitter and blocking off the front a bit more. We'll see if that can get me a little bit more pace.
  9. MSRC 1.7 CW Date: December 14, 2019 Lap time: 1:23.441 with Aim Solo Car: 1995 BMW M3 Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2900 Estimated wheel horsepower: 250 Tire size and model: 255/40/17 RS4 Estimated ambient temperature: 60's First afternoon session, rained most of the morning. I reset by PB a few time this weekend. Blew the apexes on both big a little bend, so that hurt me a bit. Having some fast people to chase and push me helped a bunch.
  10. No joke. I should have bought 2 sets before so I had some extra laying around.
  11. No problems with the car this past weekend. New a new PB for MSRC 1.7 CW of 1:23.96 which exactly matches my PB going CCW. Data shows a theoretical best of 1:21 and change now, so there's plenty of time left on the table. My best lap didn't actually have any of my individual best sectors, which I found a little bit surprising. I'm liking the RS4s. The tread still looks good after 10 sessions, and they don't fall off like the RE71s did. I have a few plans over the winter break. Going to try to address the exhaust rattles, redo the sunroof panel, clean up some hanging wires around the dash, and possibly do some new rear spring perches. Other then that, the car seems to be in a pretty good spot. It will be 25 years old in 2020, so I'll try to get it inspected again since the sniff test won't be necessary. I'd like to make it to a new track in 2020 as well, probably ECR for a start.
  12. MSRC 1.7 CW Date: December 14, 2019 Lap time: 1:23.960 with Aim Solo Car: 1995 BMW M3 Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2900 Estimated wheel horsepower: 250 Tire size and model: 255/40/17 RS4 Estimated ambient temperature: 40's Fist Saturday session with TDE. I expected to be able to drop more time over the weekend as the track warmed up, but no joy. I came within two 1/100th of this later that day, and a bunch of low 1:24s, but couldn't beat it. I have to say I'm pretty happy with these tires. They don't fall off like the RE-71s did. I think I can find a little more time with suspension, still fighting a little under steer in long right handers (of which there are a few in this track config, ha).
  13. After some illness and scheduling conflict, I finally made it out to Cresson this morning to do some coaching with Adam Poland. We were the only car on track since it rained few days ago, so the track was veeery green. First session I managed a 1:25.2, which I was fairly pleased with on street tires (a fresh set of RS4s). The car was pushing pretty bad in big bend, the long right hander, so we threw the car on the rack to check things out. There was a fair amount of slop in the passenger side end link, were it seems I stripped the bolt. That was tightened as best as possible, but I'll get a replacement ordered. Went out for 1 more session, and put down a 1:24.135 per the Aim Solo. That's within 2 tenths of my personal best on NT01s. I'll be back out at the track this weekend the TDE. I'm hoping with some good weather and a bit of hot rubber to get the track in better shape (gotta get those excuses in there, lol), I might be able to bring that time down a bit more. RaceStudio says my theoretical best is 1:22.5, so there's still plenty of headroom left. Thanks to Adam and the guys at Doghouse, not a bad way to spend a Thursday morning. My lap times are fairly consistent once I get going, which I'm pleased with. Session 1 Session 2
  14. Finally spent the time to get the front bumper and under tray back in place. My fab skills are shameful, but it's done. I don't want to talk about how long I spent on this dumb little bracket... I would have preferred to make it a single piece and just bend it as necessary, but the lack of the decent workbench and vice, much less a metal brake, kind of required this multi piece approach. Are all the edges square to each other? No Is is pretty to look at? Absolutely not Does it hold thing in place? It sure as heck does! Did it stay in place through two off track excursions, both forward and backwards? It sure did! I couldn't find my rivnut install tool, so I ordered a slightly nicer kit on amazon. So far so good on that front. Now that I have dimensions that work I'll probably make a better looking bracket where all the flat edges line up better. But this one does work, so no big rush. I went out to MSR-C with TDE this past weekend. Didn't have a ton of confidence in the faster braking zones. Botched a downshift going into T1, leading to a 180 spin and the backwards off track adventure. Same Turn in a different session, hit the brakes and just didn't have the braking force I was expecting, leading to a forward off track adventure. Making to tap the brake and actually feel for positive feedback gave me good brakes the rest of the weekend, so some adjustments to my driving style could be the fix for now. As I expected, the ABS is still non-op. I may need to suck it up and replace the ABS pump. It's not supposed to be that tough of a job, I just didn't want to do it. At least these street tires seem to be pretty resistant to flat spotting as long as I don't do anything too crazy. The second off track did a little bit of damage. I noticed some terrible rattling and banging while heading back to the pits. Steering and brakes felt fine but I was fearing the worst. When I got the car stopped and walked around I noticed the exhaust hanging pretty low, I had an idea of the culprit. It broke two exhaust hangers on the muffler and tore a hole in the side. Doghouse performance got it welded back up for me. I missed the last session, but no big deal there. I got a couple rides with instructors, which always makes me feel like a beginner again. The ride in a Audi TT-S with it's AWD was a very strange experience. I'm so used to RWD dynamics and handling, the pull from the front felt so strange. I'm very jealous of modern high performance brakes and ABS systems. Once the exhaust was reattached, things were all good. For a little bit... After the first Sunday session, I was checking tire pressures, letting the car run and cool down, when I started hearing a horrible rattle. I shut the car off real quick and started looking around. Right after this, someone stopped by and told me they saw something come off my car they had to dodge on track after giving me a pass. Parts falling off, things rattling, not a good feeling. I noticed the front grill was no longer there. Some people may notice another issue with this picture, but I didn't see it until later. I did find what was left of the grill wedged on top of the power steering pump. Something definitely hit it. It's not particularly tough plastic, so it wouldn't take much do to this. I wasn't too worried about this, and the radiator looked good so I figured we were back in business. Sitting at the grid for the next session, the rattle started back up. I revved it a bit and it wasn't tied to RPMs. I really wanted to just ignore it, but I thought better of it. Popped the hood some of the plastic shrouding was shaking like mad. Kill the power and it stopped. Dean noticed the broken fan blade before I did. I have a better electric puller fan on the back of the radiator so I wouldn't miss this one at all. Pulled the power to the fan, which was conveniently located on the bottom of the fan housing. Access to this was easy since the grill was in the trash can at this point. Taped the wire and connector to the bumper with some painters tape, and didn't even miss a full lap of driving time. I did get some questions later from onlookers who were curious what the problem was at the grid were some painters tape was the answer. The car was good no problems on track on Sunday, besides the grill incident. Things felt good and I had much more confidence in the brakes. I was able to get one of the instructors to ride with me last session to call me out on any bad habits I might be forming. He definitely had some helpful pointers but gave me a generally passing grade which was nice to hear. I think I'm much more critical of my mistakes than other people are. I scheduled some private coaching from Adam Poland at Doghouse for next Thursday, so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm hoping he can give me some more pointers on car setup, in addition to the actual driving feedback. As we all know, driving is fun. It's even more fun when your car isn't breaking all the time. I talked to a bunch of nice folks this weekend. If I met any of you out there, please feel free to chime in and discuss how bad the car looks in person.
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