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  1. Is it me or is it me or does that look like a hair dryer. Certainly doesn't look like any part on my Miata
  2. <el_tortuga> Who is in the right hand seat here? Not sure anyone is being done a favor to cultivate an immediate rage reaction if you don't get an immediate point-by. Its going to happen in DEs. Might be a better approach to chill out and take a lap to work through traffic <el_tortuga> Could not agree more. There were numerous 'teaching' opportunities. ( ie: don't take pass in a DE without a point Red/White/Black Miata @ 1:25 into video did not point). The driver was struggling in several corners. It's a new track and everyone was learning but the instructor could have handled it much better.
  3. dmo2002

    A/C Power steering

    Wrong audience but good luck
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsA2l12Aqv8 Now this makes a lot a sense! I just hope that when they roll it out in regular cars they don't feel the need to do it carbon fiber.
  5. I take it seriously. I spend time before and after the session with the student. Three goals are safety, learning something and having fun in that order. I do it because it's fun/challenging and I learn things from teaching other people. It makes me a better driver. The free track time is great but I think my biggest reward is that I get to spend the weekend with other people who share a passion
  6. “...the name Miata means reward,” https://jalopnik.com/so-the-word-miata-actually-means-something-1826877849/amp Too true!
  7. Watch your steering wheel just before you hit the triangle. I takes a significant rotation to the right loading the left side. When you crossed the bump at the transition the car unloaded and you lost the left hand grip but the car was still trying to rotate from the earlier input. Your reaction time to counter steel was quick. It sure could have been worse. Most important thing is that you and your passenger are OK
  8. I have an Ultrashield in the passenger seat with minimal padding. Maybe that's why I don't have many passengers.
  9. I just bought the adjustable Hans. Out of the box @ 20 degrees it was very uncomfortable. As @Shuka indicated the chest pieces bit into my chest and the upright part hit the seat. When I adjusted it to 40 degrees the upright was properly spaced between my helmet and the seat headrest which then allowed the chest pieces to ride more comfortably under the seat belt. My only point is if you go with the Hans II or III make sure you get the right tilt.
  10. You buy racing parts at HD & Lowes? .....Oh, putting a plywood splitter on the 4C. Classy! Original Topic: No, I don't think its weird but then again most people think I'm a little weird. Coin toss.
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