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  1. By that logic if you have enough money to race cars you have no balls
  2. 3 mins, 5 min, 7 mins into the race
  3. I agree with Brad. I noticed that you tend to lift at apex 3B. Try tracking out further to the edge between T3a and T3b. It gives you a better line on exit allowing you to stay on throttle.
  4. Thought appropriate with some many failed attempts to re-open schools
  5. I lost access to the trailer I used. Looking for an open tandem trailer for my Miata. PM me if you have a lead.
  6. I've been to Winspear and seen three or four of his paintings
  7. Is it me or is it me or does that look like a hair dryer. Certainly doesn't look like any part on my Miata
  8. <el_tortuga> Who is in the right hand seat here? Not sure anyone is being done a favor to cultivate an immediate rage reaction if you don't get an immediate point-by. Its going to happen in DEs. Might be a better approach to chill out and take a lap to work through traffic <el_tortuga> Could not agree more. There were numerous 'teaching' opportunities. ( ie: don't take pass in a DE without a point Red/White/Black Miata @ 1:25 into video did not point). The driver was struggling in several corners. It's a new track and everyone was learning but the instructor could have
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