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  1. RBH

    Racing Suits

    I used Stand21 https://na.stand21.com/ a few years back and they do a fantastic job. Here are same of their old measurement chart for their suits and gloves. They also do shoes and helmets. They are not cheap but their product is one of the best in the industry and it is custom made/fit. They can also do what they call NASCAR BOOT-LEG.
  2. What is happening here? Humm.mp4
  3. Track Daze is hosting an event at the Summit Point for Sterling Motorcars on July 24th, 2019 - https://www.trackdaze.com/index.php/smdat
  4. That looks like a sweet ride ?
  5. It certainly looks great and I think it will be a Lotus and Porche killer
  6. Houston we have a touchdown!
  7. I have to work on that next ?
  8. Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes!
  9. Thank you. They, them, it ? ... the car comes with 3 YR warrantee and it includes full track use. It would be horrible not to let it go wild for a bit. I hope to make it to Watkins Glen, COTA and Road America. Noting crazy but at least enjoy it.
  10. It was purchased from the Collection in Coral Gables, FL, west of Miami. It is an amazing place https://www.thecollection.com As you enter the dealership you see all kinds of jaw-dropping cars, they have their own Valet collect your car and they usher you into the reception area--what a setup. Now, as to calling the car "her" or "she", I have to be very careful with that or I am going to get myself in a lot of trouble ? My better half (she) was with me and she approved it, so for that reason, I will refrain from calling it "her" or "she".
  11. They just shipped it and hopefully it will arrive by Thursday.
  12. TIKI man the warrior ?
  13. LOL - Breakfast is generally a cup of good old fashion coffee and sometimes country ham or bacon and eggs . No Japanese stuff for me?
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