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  1. Some additional pictures as taken for various interested buyers: Underside of the car showing the "self clearanced" downpipe. It is beyond me why Kmiata thought making the downpipe the lowest part of the car was a good idea. Luckily it does not seem to affect performance. A scrape on the front bumper from trailer ramp. The heat blanket inside looks like crap but it peels right off.
  2. Some videos of a walkaround, engine running etc. https://youtu.be/oCqVdB8r4jA https://youtu.be/6c-yAdPt4NE https://youtu.be/2N3OdLsRcHw
  3. I should note I will deliver it to DFW or Austin if you are interested. I could deliver farther but would need you to cover some fuel cost ?
  4. Lots of work in the workshop... -Stripping down the auction Miata then building a cage and homebrew Ecotec mount/oil pan setup for endurance racing. -Building more tools and organizing and air compressor and electrical projects in the workshop. -Fixing up the K-miata with a better throttle body and some other tweaks. -More work on the race trailer. I just installed the server rack/fridge housing/bed deck extension piece. And some other stuff I'm forgetting I'm sure. I need to find a new home for picture and progress updates.
  5. Just playing devil's advocate - alignment can cause interesting behaviors that are only noticeable at full throttle. Perhaps they were making sure thrust angle was correct?
  6. When this happened to me at a dealer service department, they wouldn't return my calls either. So I dropped a DVD of the video off at the front desk with the dealership owner's name on it. I got a call back.
  7. With the SU group, you get a mix of powerful-ish tube frame car and aero effects prototype cars, with maybe a fire breathing factory production race car mixed in there. Without a doubt, the start and first two laps see the most body contact incidents in SU - cold tires and lots of pressure from the ST2/3/GTS3/4 crowd at their heels lead to questionable decisions. Either get out and stay in front, or be ready for the car in front of you to spin mid-track the first corner after the green.
  8. I'm in for ST5 at Cresson! Being the TT director would be super fun!! I could hand out DQ's like Oprah... you get a DQ... and YOU get a DQ. EVERYONE GETS A DQ!!
  9. Like most things racing-prep - it's a question of "will it pass tech" and "am I confident this won't fail in a wreck." If it has multiple bolts and looks secure, it's going to pass tech.
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