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  3. From my friends FB feed - my fam got a big kick out of it because they know a bunch of anti-vaxers. -td
  4. Sadly no fun car projects at the moment. Between ongoing work and now being a homeschool parent, I'm definitely not getting much time for boredom! In fact, my car has now been repurposed as a filming studio b/c I couldn't find sufficient quiet in my home for recording. Turns out the inside cabin of a car or minivan with the camera suctioned to the windshield makes for a very quiet, comfy spot for filming 😂
  5. FWIW, my i5-9600K is running at 5K with no issues. I pulled some info (below), but didn't get into the BIOS to check anything. I've been running this setup for over a year without a single BSOD or any lockups. I benched it running even faster, but 5K was super stable so I left it. I don't have my logs, but I remember that I ran prime95 for at least a full day successfully. ==========-COMPUTER-================= Intel i5-9600K @ 5000, ~1.475V, max temp ~64C Asus TUF 390 RTX 2070 32GB GSkill 2666 Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVME M.2 Intel 500GB SATA Win10 CoolerMaster H500P CoolerMaster ML240L Corsair K70 / M65 / MM800 3X MSI 27 Curved Mag27CQ / TechOrbits Triple Monitor Mount
  6. Yes, sad day - I will miss this car a lot. Well a month ago, the plan was to move back to Australia in June 2020. Don't know when we'll be able to move now, but seems certain that I won't be going to the track anytime soon. There's a short list for the next car: 04-06 Wrx Sti Evo 7 or 8 2008-2010 Maloo Ute Lotus Elise Wife has advised that she would prefer the extra seats, which currently has the STI in the lead. I'm excited for the next thing!
  7. On our first family computer, the turbo button took it from 8Mhz to 12Mhz. LOL!!!!
  8. wait what!? My tandem driftor buddy! Replacement is? This car is badass, someone keep it in the fam!!
  9. Continue restoring a 1990 NA with my son. It's just 1000 small jobs, one after the other.... Thank goodness for RockAuto + home delivery!
  10. Sort of. I can get the 2.5 ready on my own, but I'm going to need a hand for the actual swap and social distancing is not going to help. I measured valve clearances with the factory cams before removing them, I was surprised they were a tad more than the spec. This engine only has 2K miles. Looks like I'm going to need new buckets/lifters.
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  12. Lots of work in the workshop... -Stripping down the auction Miata then building a cage and homebrew Ecotec mount/oil pan setup for endurance racing. -Building more tools and organizing and air compressor and electrical projects in the workshop. -Fixing up the K-miata with a better throttle body and some other tweaks. -More work on the race trailer. I just installed the server rack/fridge housing/bed deck extension piece. And some other stuff I'm forgetting I'm sure. I need to find a new home for picture and progress updates.
  13. Contact: Rob Elliot 832 805 7866. Prefer text or PM $10,000 for the Mustang, $1800 for the Trailer $11,500 takes everything including whatever you want from the Spares/Tire pile. I have for sale my 2004 Mustang GT Track Car. It has 71k miles, and I bought it completely stock at 64k miles. It’s definitely track-focused, but it is 100% street legal, and I typically take it to work each week for Racecar Friday. Of the ~7k miles of ownership, about half would be track miles. Does not have ABS or Traction Control. It still has fully functioning AC and heating – all ducts still work – AC blows super cold which is awesome when waiting on the grid in Texas Summer. Exterior is generally very clean. Texas all its life – no rust at all – underneath is super clean. A polish/buff would clean up a lot of the exterior imperfections, but it is also a track car. Most notable blemish is where a door vinyl sticker tore off the paint when I removed the sticker on the vinyl door. Has had a touch up paint repair, and new sticker over the top to hide it some. I was building it to race in the Camaro Mustang Challenge series, but then 3 kids happened, and moving back to Australia has been on the cards the last 12 months, and now that’s actually happening, prompting this sale. Except for a full cage, it’s ‘ready’ for CMC, and should be decently competitive. I’ve done mid 1:48s at MSRH on Falken Azenis 615k+, which is definitely on pace, despite being down on the allowed Max 260hp (Dyno’d at 241hp). The car was purchased completely stock in 2016. I have done ALL of the work myself - Mechanical Engineer that works on bespoke Subsea Robotics. The only two times it has been to a shop was to have the 2 welds on the half cage done, and for the dyno run. I can provide several hundred photos documenting all the work done, and can answer any questions you may have about it. It’s not the fastest car at a trackday, but it’s definitely no slouch. 1:48s at MSRH on street tires is nothing to be ashamed of. It's one of the cheapest cars you can run that isn’t a Miata. Apart from some brake issues that were finally resolved after replacing the Master Cylinder, it’s rock solid reliable. It’s well balanced, slides really well, sounds awesome, and is just a general hoot to drive. I’ve loved every moment of it, and will be sad to see it go. Plenty of people at Drivers Edge will vouch for how fun this car is. For Track Junkies and/or TDE people, I’d be happy to let it go for $10k even. Located in Katy Houston. Additionally, I have 16ft Big Tex Trailer that was also bought in 2016. It’s always been garaged, which is its neat party trick. It fits in my standard garage. I looked far and wide to find a trailer with a short tongue that would fit. $1800 for the trailer alone. $11500 takes the car, trailer, and whatever they want out of my spares and tire pile. Youtube video: Josh is a consistent front runner in CMC. https://youtu.be/2NCJvx40GK8 Parts List: Engine: PA Performance High Torque Starter – Heat Wrapped. Installed Nov 2018 Pypes Stainless X-pipe with high flow cats for shorty headers. Heat Wrapped. – street legal. Stage8 fasteners on the exhaust to ensure nuts don’t come undone. SLP Loudmouth Stainless – sounds awesome 19-row Mishimoto Performance Oil Cooler Fluiddyne 3-row Radiator Steeda Underdrive pulley Canton Road Race Wet Sump Oil Pan CTR-15-784 Autometer Ultralite Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, and Water Temp Gauges. BBK 1640 Timing Adjuster Dyno’d at 241hp. Drivetrain Stock TR-3650. Has a short shifter – can’t remember which one unfortunately. Stifflers Driveshaft Safety Loop – not yet installed. But will include. Torsen T2R Diff 3.73 Ratio Exedy Stage 1 Clutch. Fitted at 68k miles MM Clutch Cable, Quadrant, and Firewall Adjuster Package and Clutch Pedal Height Adjuster Suspension For the most part it’s the Maximum Motorsport Road and Track Box customized for Camaro Mustang Challenge. Bilstein HD Series Dampers. V36-4138-H5 Front Struts, BE5-6418-H4 Rear Shocks H&R Race Springs MM Caster Camber Plates MM Full-Length Subframe Connectors MM Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms MM Solid Steering Shaft – Powersteering MM Panhard Bar BBK Rear Spring Isolators recently installed as I’ve been dailying it. Front Spring Isolators are still removed. All Front and Rear Bushings replaced with MM Urethane Bushings MM Solid Steering Rack Bushings MM 4-point K-Member Brace Strut Tower Brace MM Front Swaybar End Links. Stock Rear Swaybar is currently removed – will be included. Brakes: New Cobra Calipers installed mid 2019 New Master Cylinder mid 2019 – chasing the previously mentioned brake issues. MM Stainless Lines Front and Rear Centric Plain Cryo-Treated Rotors – Brand new. sub 500miles – no track days (last really well – 6-8 weekends) Street Pads currently installed front and rear, but have HAWK DTC60 Pads front and rear to go in. Fronts are near new. Wheels 4x 03 Cobra Replicas 17x9 in Black. Spacers included. 4x Enkei RPF01s – matte black. 17x9.5 +18 – the ones you want!! 3in Moroso Wheels Studs all round Interior Maximummotorsports Rollbar with Diagonal Brace Sparco Ergo II Large – valid until 2022. Sparcp Sprint – valid until 22 Schroth Clubman Racing Harness – Driver and Passenger – valid until 2022 Sparco 330mm Wheel with MOMO Hub Adaptor Billet Aluminum Pedal Kit. ‘$2 Throttle Spacer Mod’. Lifts the accelerator up to a heel/toe friendly position. Combined with the Pedal Kit, Heel/Toe is really nice. I have most interior pieces from another Mustang if you want to go back to full street car. Don’t have stock front seats or carpet. I have center console, seatbelts, all the rear seat stuff, etc. General Exterior Fully Torque’d Racing Tow Hook (front) Hood Pins DriversEdge Sticker – good for 5hp each.
  14. I just love that the word "turbo" has pervasively nested in computer marketing jargon since the 80s. I remember having a tower pc that had a "turbo" button on the front...for those moments when you wanted 133mhz..
  15. The “F” on the end just means it doesn’t have built in graphics processing capabilities. It’s what was available on Prime / $20 cheaper lol. The 4.6GHz thing is advertised on the box as an “unlocked” copy. I did try overclocking to 5GHz at both 1.35V and 1.25V (stock runs about 1.15V at 4.5GHz). It wouldn’t boot at 1.25V, and at 1.35V and everything “pegged” to 5GHz, it was jumping from 5,000 MHz to 800 MHz before crashing during a stability / stress test. So yeah, it also crashed at 5 like yours 😂. For what it’s worth, the internet said 1.35V was safe / most common for that CPU, 1.43V is either recommended, or too much depending on where you read, and the 1.25V thing was another “milder” recommendation. It seems to perform fine with “out of the box” settings so far - so I just went back to those. Was there something happening in IR / AC games that made you want to go to 4.9? If there’s a reason to do it, I might look into trying again: I’m thinking I either messed up, or missed / disabled / enabled something that I shouldn’t have.....
  16. My 9600K (not sure what the difference is) runs 4.9ghz no issues, that's every core multiplier on 49x in the Intel utility. 5ghz crashes it, so have just held steady there.
  17. Sure: MB - Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI CPU - i5-9600KF GPU - GTX 1650S (Super) RAM - 32GB Corsair LPX 3,000MHz C15 SSD - WD Black SN750 1TB NVMe Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black PSU - EVGA G+ 750W 80 Plus Gold Case - NZXT H510 Monitors - (3x) VP249QGR Thrustmaster T300RS GT Assetto Corsa originally booted a single monitor, running 200FPS, once I got the triple setup sorted, it’s closer to 90FPS. Haven’t done iRacing yet. The CPU has a “turbo” function where it will overclock to 4.6GHz without doing anything in the BIOS. I’ve seen up to 4.5GHz on stress tests, and it’s staying at 50-60 degC so I’m pretty happy with the whole thing so far 👍
  18. Palms are getting a little hairy (er) and vision is going slightly....not sure why? LOL Working...going home...drinking heavily...sometimes...sometimes on the sim...sometimes walking around the neighborhood...licking windows and such...
  19. Replacing 12 spark plugs and 1 fuel filter install the GT3 short shift to the Turbo bring our motorcycles, warm them up, put them away.
  20. Could you share the specs of your PC?
  21. Swapping transmissions of course.. Looking forward on being able to shift to 3rd smoothly again..
  22. ^^ 👍 With the lack of track activity lately, I decided to build a PC and give sim racing a try. I haven’t owned a (non laptop) PC in over 20 years, and, basically have only used a work issued laptop for more than 10 years.....so it was pretty fun to piece together the “build” while there was no other car building going on. I haven’t actually done any “racing” yet, between the building, calibrating, tinkering.....and the two mini racecar drivers that keep jumping on the rig: ......so I decided to build them their own setup on a (~15yr old) Xbox 360 😂. I’m not sure what’s happened in those past 15yrs, but this thing still looks fresh / new to me.
  23. I finally finished 'construction' on the shop. I have permanent power, compressed air, water, and data connections out there. got the stereo hooked up so I have tunes, and then started cleaning up all of the messes from months of projects where I just tossed a box of leftovers on the workbench. Air compressor lines run through the shop via PEX pipe; also ran a line from the shop to the garage and plumbed into the old system in garage so I have air in both locations. I also had a problem about turning on the air compressor and forgetting to turn off and end of day, then waking up to it running at 2am... or leaving town and coming home to hear the motor humming away after the compressor threw a belt sometime while I was gone.. So I also put a little 12hr timer next to the light switch in the shop and hooked it to a 240V contact so I can just turn the knob in the morning and forget about turning it back off. Also mounted some solar panels on the roof with multiple battery controllers so I can plug in all of the various vehicles and tools (lawnmower, kart lift, etc) to battery maintenance without worrying about 120VAC... None of it is pretty, but it's all stuff that's been a loooong time coming. Other than lift in the shop (unlikely because of low roofline) and air conditioning (more unlikely because tin building with lots of air gaps on edges), the shop is pretty much done.
  24. I have a feeling there was some wordsmithing involved to convey an intent aligning with the gov't requests, but not actually prohibit members from utilizing the facility. I gassed up the car and drove the kids to Brenham and back to see wildflowers and let them run around a little. we took all back roads and passed many country clubs, parking lot for every golf course and gun club was full. I have a feeling that's the same intent of the MSR memo... "we won't tell you that you cannot come and play since you're paying rent, but we won't be there. sign waiver at the gate and leave us alone"
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