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  2. I ll be there to cheer up for you!
  3. I'll be at MSRH on the 28th with Driven & Blessed.
  4. thank you very much for the invitation. I have tried and drove the WRC-XL and its really really comfortable. I probably fit better in the non-XL version hence trying the normal HRE would make more sense for me. 6.1 - 200lb, 34 waist. alternatively anyone is aware of any place in the houston area I can go and try these 2 seats? I have narrowed down my option from different samples to wither OMP WRC (Standard) or Recaro Pole Position. The only reason I like Recaro is the leather/suede combo...if it wasnt for that I would go blind-folded to the WRC...unless anyone know a shop that I can upholster the OMPs in leather/suede (and add the Jake Skull Emblem!)
  5. do you imply something for the size of my butt???...be careful here Lobstah...you make a killer combo with red sauce on pasta!!!! 😛 thank you! are you around? I'd like to give it a try yes
  6. I have an HTE-R XL version sitting in my garage if you need the fat boy version. nearly brand new. I bought two of them cause they were a good deal, and I need to get rid of one if anybody's looking. It's a touch loose on me and I'm pretty round (5-9, 250lb, 40" waist). I'm going to add a little foam under the cushions for lumbar and kidney support but otherwise it's very comfortable.
  7. Engine is all the way behind the front axle though, so a mid engine mega Miata
  8. Chris B

    VW Mk4 R32

    Man I hope so. I’ve put 5k on it in 7 month and the car has been fantastic. Only needed street tires, brakes, and a coolant temp sensor. Granted 1600miles were driving it when I bought the car from Maryland to Texas. Miles will slow down now that I’ve fixed the daily driver and I’m getting into tracking. I don’t need to put as much wear and tear on a 16 year old motor with 126k miles. I’ll save the eventual rebuild for track abuse.
  9. robertcope

    VW Mk4 R32

    Oooooh, I love it. I started my track life in a 2003 GLI with the 2.8L 24v VR6. The VR6 motor is so amazing. You're going to have a lot of fun in that thing.
  10. Chris B

    VW Mk4 R32

    I’m a relatively new owner of someone else’s project and brand new to tracking any car. I’m currently in the Air Force and stationed 4 hours from the closest track. I have my first track day at MSR Cresson 7-8 March and am super excited. With that being said. Let’s talk about my car. It’s a 2004 Volkswagen R32. The car has been gutted, cammed, half caged, suspension components, big brakes up front. The car is a blast to drive and I’m sure way more than I can use at the moment. I’m showing up to my first track day with open ears for tips from my instructor and other drivers. But I’ll learn. A link to the build from the previous owner/shop. New German Performance R32
  11. Looks like a Miata on steroids....
  12. I saw it in a garage at MSR and didn’t have a clue what it was. Once I got close enough to start drooling on it, found out it was a supercharged Shelby Series 1. Had to come home and google it to get the story, because I didn’t even know these things existed. With 600+hp and only 2700 pounds, I’d about give a nut for a chance to put a couple of laps on it. Sexiest damn car I’ve seen in a long time.
  13. I think it would be awesome to attend eventually but realistically not this year. To many trips planned already. I just plopped the HTE-R in the car you're welcome to try that one out but it's a little smaller than the WRC fwiw
  14. Guys just before pulling the trigger on seats...anyone with Recaro pole positions I can have a last try in it? I am inclining towards the OMP wrc but need to give Recaro one last chance!
  15. Paladin

    Penis extension car

    Short shifter ...the genuine Porsche has a really great feeling!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Yep. Or a different car. Here's a link to the rules: https://www.texasshorttrackracingseries.com/rules/ I made it to my first race for about $2700. Including a seat, belts, etc. I already had all my safety gear.
  18. Eco stock? Aka get a saturn and cage it?
  19. 8URAMG

    Train Wreck E36

    New sticker until it’s paint time. Also wanted to showcase a Tech at our shops Mini he’s building
  20. I'll ask next time I'm out at Cresson. Would rather ask them in person than email or phone. I asked about MSRH based on what I read on Harris Hills site. I wasn't too optimistic about MSRH / MSRC with each other because there is no agreement between Cresson and ECR. Reciprocal memberships with Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson and MSR Houston as well as Eagles Canyon Raceway
  21. Well at least we know what the RV is for.
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