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  2. Track: Hallett CCW - Sep 19, 2020 Lap Time: 1.23.37 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 80 Sunny Car: 2007 GT3 Estimated weight with driver: 3450 lbs Estimated whp: 365 Tires: 235/645/18, 305/680/18 Pirelli DH, fronts corded this session First time to Hallet, this was my 3rd session at speed, definitely some mistakes on line which I learned later on, however only had NT01's to run on the rest of the weekend.
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  4. How would you compare this to a stock exhaust with regard to loudness? With the cat, of course.
  5. Nice, don't think I've ever heard anyone dislike PFC pads.
  6. For Sale: Berk Technology 3" cat back exhaust for AP1/AP2 Honda S2000 - $275 picked up in Houston ONLY -In good working condition, has 2 dents on the piping -Comes with the differential mount hanger Berk Technology 70mm high flow cat for AP1/AP2 Honda S2000 - $150.00 picked up in Houston, will also ship -In good working condition, no issues -Comes with O2 sensor extension to avoid CEL
  7. Progressing, little by little . . . Welded up a battery tray and got it mounted along with the fire bottle. Fabricated an ABS cover for the battery and fire bottle: Mounted a 14" Spal pusher fan: Mounted the headlights: Looks kind of sinister: 🙂
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  9. Can someone post the GPS location for the start/finish line? I know its in the latest file but its easier I think just for me to punch in the GPS numbers in the map I already have. The start/finish line is not yet in the Googlemaps pictures which is where I sometimes go to get GPS coordinates. I think it is strange that every race track doesn't have that info posted on their websites. Thanks in advance!
  10. NO BROKEN OR CRACKED TABS IN GREAT WORKING CONDITION $625 SHIPPED in the US WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE FOR $$$$$ Text 484-709-6851 for more pics Email [email protected]
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  12. Nice tow vehicle though! Old man . . . . Speaking of old men, I passed a kidney stone this morning for the first time in my life. Holy crud, that gets your attention. Get off my lawn.
  13. I would have used the sun-resistant black cable ties.
  14. ugh. getting old sucks! priorities change, kids get in the way, etc.. eventually you'll dump all your play money into the kids' racing and live vicariously through them. your body wont' work well enough to go fast anyway.
  15. Continuing to heal as the car gathers dust. I vaguely remember being on track...pre covid...pre arm surgery...Motion is great, pain still sucks when moved certain ways. Lame scar. I rate this injury 3/10, would not recommend. Oh and I bought a non running square body beater to turn into a tire smoking rowdy burnout machine in my non existent free time. The Bogan Dunny Team is racing Champ this weekend without me while I heal and wait for the arrival of child number 2 - I feel like I'm in a parallel universe... 😛
  16. Sounds good, thank you both. This is the first new track I've had to learn since I started this hobby ~6 years ago. Having to learn a track while also learning how to drive is definitely more difficult than just having to pick up a new track. Some of the curbs out there seem to be SUPER slick, so I started avoiding them. I know some of them can be useful, just need to know which ones are still good to hit. I'm definitely over slowing in some places. Once I can pick up that minimum speed, momentum should be carry me to track out a bit better. The track is so smooth I think tightening up the rear shocks a bit to help with on throttle rotation might be nice. I don't really know anything about car setup though, so it might just turn into a drift track!
  17. For Sale: Used Greddy Emanage Ultimate with Karcepts PnP S2000 Harness & Karcepts AP1 base tune - SOLD!! -In great working condition, with NO issues - comes with Emanage box and documentation -The Greddy Emanage placard on the unit fell off and I can't find it, but does not effect functionality -Comes with Karcepts 2000-2005 PnP Harness so that you don't have to splice anything -Currently loaded with AP1 (2000-2003) Karcepts base tune
  18. I have a Honda K24Z7-powered Ariel Atom, and I am contemplating adding a swirl pot to alleviate some cooling issues I've been experiencing. I'm also a moron when it comes to cooling system design, so was hoping some of y'all with more knowledge could assist. The factory setup has an expansion tank with a 16psi cap, mounted up high (underneath the "mohawk" air intake cover if you've ever seen an Atom). Don't think this is relevant to my questions, but the radiator is mounted up front, and is sealed (well technically it has a bolt to bleed air, but it's not a traditional radiator with a radiator cap). Couple questions: 1) The swirl pot would typically be installed immediately after the main engine coolant outlet, is that correct? i.e. it should be fed by the hot coolant coming out of the motor? 2) Does the mounting height of the swirl pot relative to the motor matter? 3) Between the swirl pot and the expansion tank, which needs to be higher or does it not matter? 4) What should be the highest part of the system? 5) If the factory cap on the expansion tank is 16psi, would going to an 18psi or as high as 22psi cap be problematic?
  19. For Sale: Used Ballade Sport Version 2.5 Bolt in roll bar for Honda S2000 - In black - $775.00 picked up in Houston only -Comes with all hardware and supporting mounting plates to install -Single diagonal, X brace on the down bars, harness bar, and mounts for the OEM seat belt system -In great condition, looks barely used Ballade's Product description: "Ballade Sports V2.5 Roll Bar. Our latest iteration of our roll bar retains full soft top functionality and is compatible with any hardtop on the market Each bar is equipped with an abundance of features that include: a welded single diagonal, a structural X brace tying together the back legs of the roll bar, and a harness bar located at the proper height for the recommended harness attachment angle. Our roll bar includes an integrated bulk head bar and seat belt shoulder tabs to allow use of OEM 3 point seat belts with no additional purchase required."
  20. Thanks will do, i'll sell all or in pieces.
  21. I agree with Brad. I noticed that you tend to lift at apex 3B. Try tracking out further to the edge between T3a and T3b. It gives you a better line on exit allowing you to stay on throttle.
  22. If you're not getting the response you want you should post up in the iRacing hardware forum too, lots of Texas guys in there and this stuff would probably go pretty quick, especially if you're willing to part out. I upgraded recently and my old stuff sold pretty much all the same day I listed it.
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