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  3. this made me really miss the NA and miatas in general...glad to see moonpie back on track (soon).
  4. Nice. I gave up on splitters. I don't have enough discipline to use them. 😄
  5. Pretty much done with aero (until I get a wing). Going to add some cables/eyelets to support the outer edge of splitter and that about wraps it up. After that baseline fluids, going to replace coolant hoses with OEM b/c the ones in there look like they're on borrowed time, and it's time to send it at some bucket list tracks. Also got some nice new numbers from TrackDecals, didn't get to finish left side b/c old vinyl left some gunk behind on that side and I don't have anything to remove it at the moment.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Nothing to see here, just another miata with splitter and air dam. Adding aero to the car, but not power at the moment landing me in a very uncompetitive TT5 state. But no worries, kinda over TT at the moment and loosely building towards ST5/4 / GLTC. Plan is to just make the car fun for DE, knock out every track in Cali and try to find time and moonies for a cage somewhere in there.
  8. Hey Joe. I’m just glad you’re not selling. Let’s go racing. I made a lot of beginner mistakes that I regret. Biggest mistake was not properly understanding air flow. Oil, engine and intake temps. I was an idiot. That mistake overheated my built engine and blew it July 2018 at ECR, haven’t been back to ECR since but just signed up for SCCA TT in two weeks. Since then, replaced with a stock engine and started competing NASA TT in Oct 2018, ST in May 2019, Motec installed July 2019. I’ve thought about LS swap too and maybe someday I will. I’ll wait til this one blows before deciding.
  9. Last week
  10. For rent! "New" '97 Spec Miata available that can be ran in TT6 / ST6 / SM or HPDE. It's good on power for SM, and will make weight easily. Car has a floor drop and is currently set up for a 6' driver, but can be adjusted to fit. I have a passenger seat setup that can go in for HPDE instruction. As it's just me I can't offer you an arrive and drive with luxury lounge experience, I can offer you a competitive spec miata for not a lot of money. Options availible on other dates as well, let me know when you need it!
  11. Removed from s550 mustang. Fit well. Sparco Sprint is red (sold) GP-Race: $400 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/drv-dr50blk
  12. Want to buy brake cooling parts for the NC1 06-08 Miata, namely backing plates and bumper inlets.
  13. My LS swap dream is looking more like this these days hahaha: +
  14. For sale, gently used (only on weekends :)) Dual Technologies SkyPro XGPS160 Bluetooth receiver and GoPoint BT1 OBD2 bluetooth dongle. $200 plus shipping for both.
  15. Pete

    July Member Days

    You got the LS swap done already! 😀
  16. Still getting the brakes sorted out?
  17. I went and looked at it while drinking my coffee before heading in to work today.
  18. jp129

    July Member Days

    All good man! How's everything progressing?
  19. guys normally I'd happily be your huckleberry but I'm still out of commission. hope to have the S back up and running sometime in July, but it won't be this coming weekend. When I'm back, I'll be sure to post what days I'm going.
  20. If the weather does turnout great, and someone wants to host a total hack in exchange for lunch, I'll be the hack / lunch provider lol
  21. Anyone planning on going out there this Friday or the weekend? Weather is looking iffy, but maybe it'll clear up by then.
  22. Now THAT'LL keep people at least 6 feet away!
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