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  2. It was lucky that I had just cleaned everything up, so that they were in the right spots! I'm usually "semi organized". I track tools like gazelle in the wild. Things periodically return to the watering hole (toolbox), but I know where they were last seen in the mean time. This weekend I changed the oil, replaced the alternator belt and accessory belt, and swapped the mismatched worn out, cobbled together front sway bar endlinks with some fresh FM links. Less clunk/ bang leaving the driveway 😉 I would have installed a mazda replacement plastic under tray (car came without one) as well to help ensure cooling airflow, but several of the mount points were found to be compromised...bolts broken off in them, tabs bent to hell, etc. That'll be a quick project to make new tabs, and zip them on with the mig gun. Just need the time 😞
  3. Jee

    1992 K24 Swapped Miata

    Sorry forgot to update, just sold last Friday to another trackjunkie. So you should be seeing it around :)
  4. Fingers crossed for you on the idle being more consistent now! I need to pull my Miata's engine and correct an oil pan seal hemorrhage, change timing belt, adjust valves, change clutch etc. Your pics have inspired me to tackle the jobs sooner rather than later ;)
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  6. Didn't know if there was a progression or anything like that you had to go through - or if just a matter of a check ride. Was hoping to get it done next week at COTA to be all ready to go next year so that would be sweet to be able to get a check ride set up then. Could you please PM me Chase's contact info? Have not talked with him before. Thanks!
  7. No, this was the non-paid parking, but there is typically a minimum space allotment listed in the supps. Then when you get there, the people doing the parking squeeze everyone to the absolute minimum they will accept on the spot regardless of what the supps say. I rolled in at midnight and it took over an hour of waiting in line to get parked; was told there was no more room and I'd have to deal with it or park in the back 40.... only to find out next morning hours why there was no room left..
  8. did you pay for the spot?
  9. Many people are worried more about securing as much real estate as they can for themselves and their "crew" who may or may not show than they are about being a good neighbor. My first SCCA event at COTA, I was told we'd get a 20x50 spot. I wound up getting a 10x75' spot and had trailers parked immediately on both sides of me. I couldn't open the side door of the trailer, and wound up working off the back. The space wasn't long enough to fold the door down and fit the car in the parking spot, so I had to leave the trailer door down and park halfway on the door to keep the ass end of the car from sticking out into the fire lane. If I needed to jack up the car, I had to park my car in grid, get all my tools out of the trailer, put the back door up, then put the car back in place and then get to work. All the while there was a semi and a huge 50ft awning a few spaces away for a single formula car.....
  10. Inertia can do bilstein. There’s also an awesome place in Kalamazoo, MI called Delta Vee. They can do crazy stuff to Bilsteins and when I was looking they were actually the cheapest.
  11. Do you still have this bar for sale I am interested!
  12. Yes it got wired in and straight to the dyno. But injectors became clogged so we ordered a injector dynamics ID F750 fuel filter and removed injectors for cleaning. Unfortunately it’s off the dyno until install and final tune. Bummer. Sorry I missed the meeting.
  13. This one looks fantastic. Offer 38 and bring it home. Search in on Pelican. I can’t tell you more because I would like to buy it - secretly. Time is of the essence. I shall disappear now. puffffff
  14. If you are good with a targa then that price is reasonable. Look on Pelican and be quick. Even if it leaks don’t worry too much.
  15. Oh man I missed this! Couldnt you just text me damn it? You know I am a diva and need preferred treatment
  16. At the PCA event last month someone parked their 40 foot RV toy hauler thing lengthwise on the cement. Probably took up over 10 prime spots facing the track. I made a comment about it to someone I thought was part of the organizing group but got a weird stare. I think he was the offender...hahaha in the end people need to practice situational awareness. If you’re attending an event with 140 participants then parking is going to be tough. There are areas reserved for RV parking typically...be a good neighbor and park there.
  17. You'd be amazed what people can do to claim real estate. I was at a club race at MSRH a few years ago, and one shop out of Austin parked their semi AND an RV on the front straight blocking the entire thing. they had a single rental car that ran back-of-pack. When I politely asked why they took up all the room on the front straight instead of parking closer to the MSRH shop like the usual rental companies, the answer was "well I gotta get my name out". yeah screw the other 10 cars that usually park there.......
  18. Yes, awesome ‘Stang in fantastic color. I do like me a blue car!!
  19. the folks that parallel the edge of the parking rather than nosing into the grass.. Arrgh
  20. This sold....did it not?
  21. Sounds like it'll be a fun day. You're out of my league, but I'll be gunning for David and Miles.
  22. I'd love to drive HHR. But it's a long mid-week excursion for me, from Dallas. Not retired yet. Motul RBF600 and track-oriented pads are will help you to avoid frying your brakes. Have fun!
  23. I'm in and I'm bringing most of the STX autox guys. With the temps increasing I don't see me improving on my PB of 1:23.7 on RS4's. If I don't get my mysterious clutch slip or whatever figured out before then I'll be lucky to be in the 1:25's and might not be able to hold off my annoyingly fast friends.
  24. I'm planning to be there. You'll be way faster than me. My PB is 1:25.9 on RE71Rs, but I'll be looking for solid 1:27s on my DD tires.
  25. Couple of questions: Is this street legal or would it be possible to make it so relatively easily? Would driving it on the street for an hour or two be torturous or not so bad? How's the maintenance/reliability, could I beat on it at the track without worry?
  26. Out there yesterday and they’ve cleared and leveled it all the way to the fence now. If you need a drop off, there’s a small gully in front of Doghouse that you can back up to.
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