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  2. I'm 5'8" 165lbs - 34 waist with broad shoulders. For me, there's still some room around the waist/hip to wiggle around. The kidney/lower rib cage area is snug and so were my shoulders. I'd say maybe? You can PM me and swing by to test sit to confirm.
  3. Interesting, I was wondering if the 615s were going to stick around. Seems odd as they seem to cover the same ground. But personally, I like the _look_ of the 615 better for the NSX. I know, that sounds weird.
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  5. Heck, they let me in, how tough can it be? Realistically, I don’t think it’s too bad if you can show a record with other groups. Start by entering yourself into clubreg system and the website lets you upload an experience summary. Plus many of the instructors will be familiar from other groups you’ve probably run with, so they can validate your claims. And when I checked the other day, there were only a handful of advanced people signed up, so I kind of expect they may end up combining the adv and instructor run groups again for extra track time.
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  7. Good call. Can't get blood out of a turnip. Usually, only the lawyers do well in a lawsuit.
  8. Good news. Picked up the car and all the parts (sans engine) today. The car looks like it did the day I dropped it off 3/15/2019. I'm satisfied with this outcome, and the shop gave me a small refund as well. I don't feel the need to pursue any legal action at this point - which is a relief.
  9. @BobKid I haven't been to any pca events. How onerous is their process for getting into their system?
  10. I'm out, at least for Saturday. Work had other plans for my schedule.
  11. any idea how 'fat boy' friendly these are? I'm 6' and 220 with a size 36" waist. I carry most of my weight from the beltline up through my chest. Any chance they'd fit me?
  12. I just bought the 660's at a $300+ discount over RE71Rs for my OEM 996 sizes. We'll see how they do out on the track March 6-7th. There are super deals on the 615s right now with delivery expected in the April 2021 range for the next shipment per Tire Rack. I needed tires and couldn't wait, but for my sizes a few weeks ago, 615s=$570, 660s=$775, RE71Rs=$1100 I was told they're going to keep making the 615s so the 660 isn't replacing. I hope that's correct as the more options the better.
  13. SZR Auto as well. They are skilled Nissan specialists, but they'll work on anything and are track friendly. https://szrpro.com/
  14. Tracktime Performance at 6815 Theall Rd Ste E, Houston, TX 77066 as well (I think they're still open?) Gashead @ I-10 & BW8, but obviously not "northside" just throwing it out there - high end shop, A+ alignments.
  15. Pop's Alignment in Pinehurst is good. Only open M-F though. Stay away from Absolute Suspension in Tomball.
  16. anywhere north of i10 really. I live in Conroe, but work near i45/BW8
  17. Any recommendations for alignments on the North Side of Houston? A shop that is comfortable with track cars / custom specs preferable. Thanks!
  18. 2020 was definitely a weird year. You’d think with the lack of traveling for work I would’ve had more times for the track, but it just didn’t work out that way. I did finally get to run the full track at ECR after only doing the short track a couple of times the year before. Also had a couple of good days at MSRC, but I’ve quit getting faster and need to shake things up to break out. Not really a goals kinda guy myself, but this year I would love to make more DEs, bust outta this plateau I’m in on lap times at MSRC, and meet more good folks on track days. And I still don’t see how some of you do so much instructing. That would put a serious crimp in my mid-afternoon nap between sessions.
  19. Scarce, I know, but does anyone have a bolt in cage for a R53 Mini Cooper S? Cheers Based in Houston Texas.
  20. I'm hoping to use this as my suspension tuning day if my MCS order arrives and is installed by then.
  21. Single day this time and only the 1.7, but thinking we might use this as a warmup for Edge Addicts on the 3.1 the following Monday. Registration is starting slow, so might be pretty small run groups, or maybe combined White/Red groups for more track time. Anyone planning to be there?
  22. We're ready for another Monday Funday on the 3.1. Deb and I laid off waaaaaaay too long for the holidays this year and need to get back on the track. Who else will I see out there this time?
  23. Glad you have a potential resolution, but this isn't over yet. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! I assume you have at least some photos of the car and parts before it went in? Soon as you show up, get you pictures of the car where it sits before you touch it, all the parts, etc. There's a large percentage of these cases where the shop has damaged the car requiring a repaint (laying parts on top of it for months, cars on lift above leaking fluids onto your paint, etc) If you took or shipped loose parts for install, you might want to bring photocopies of receipts for that stuff to prove it belongs to you. I hope none of that is needed, but be prepared to fight for what's yours. bring witness(es), stay polite and factual. get your crap, get out, and don't look back!
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