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  2. I've decided to sell my lowly circle track car. I didn't even race it this year; too much other stuff going on. For $2800, you can see what the circle track hoopla is all about. (Hint: it's a lot more fun than you think. A lot more.) It's a 2001 Saturn SL2. Legal for the EcoStock class at Houston Motorsports Park. It's a contender. I've had multiple podiums and a race win with this car. Best of all, you can win money. I think my winnings in 2020 were $650 or so for the season. Race entry is $30, plus $30/head for pit passes for you and your friends. I'm selling it ready to race.
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  5. 2008 NC miata. 2.5L swap with cams and ITBs. About 200whp. Almost done 255 yokos, bilsteins coils, alignment. Stock everything else (including brake pads…which was fun). 1:27.32 yesterday, clockwise. aim solo for timing. More time in it once I can take advantage of the grip under braking. Weather was 70s and cloudy. 2007 NC miata stock 2.5L (~155whp) 225 rt660s, coils, sways, exhaust. 1:29.52 clockwise is my best so far. Car needs cooling mods as it is down on power after a few laps
  6. Are these still for sale? Would love to buy them from you for my dads Miata!
  7. Nice job. Lightness is goodness.
  8. Lap time: 2:28.0 Car: 1992 Mazda Miata Vehicle weight with driver: 2287 Estimated wheel horsepower: 120 Tire size and model: 245 R-S4 Estimated ambient temperature: 78 and sunny Cresson 3.1 Miata - YouTube
  9. Dude, I run 110 leaded in my track car.. urgh. I burn $50 every time I go on track. (Good thing the fuel pumps stop at $9.999) HAHA... well I started with just the tip and a lil spit.. then it got sloppy.
  10. Oh my!! At least you got it in for sloppy seconds! -td
  11. Fifty bucks barely buys gas for a Miata these days. 😞
  12. I was gonna start the shitpost responses with this one.... 😉 https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-komodo-gear-bag?sku_id=1287009
  13. Fifty bucks!! You so crazy! I need that money for tires! -td
  14. https://www.amazon.com/OGIO-121009-36-Stealth-Motorcycle-Helmet/dp/B0041CE22U
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