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  3. Patiently waits as the days crawl by.
  4. Did this car ever make it back to the track? Is it still around? 😬
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  6. Reminder to all to sign up for the 3.1. Why do this? Let me count the ways Saturday-one day event Cheap Tons of track time relative to any other one day event at any track Best configuration available as of the date
  7. Tough weekend all around. But Will and team did a real stand-up job to make sure it was as good as could have been expected under the circumstances. The communication and contingency planning was first rate with what they had to deal with from information on the TMS side. I think TMS is used to IndyCar and NASCAR and having an organized smaller organization is kind of new to them. Next year we return for a more pleasant event.
  8. LOL! My wife and I almost got tested after renting one (a garage!) !!!
  9. but it has elevation changes...there's.....the.......launch?! ....
  10. Nice. internet sarcasm is something i still need help with. MSRH garages will give you gonorrhea.
  11. lol it was a joke, MSRH sucks at doing anything.
  12. Nope, never been a member there and frankly don't care much for that place. Maggie @ ECR is great and responds well. I'm just used to people being responsive in my line of work and that doesn't often translate to other parts of my life. I'm happy to take over the website updates and will tell them that. I have the free time.
  13. fixing a transmission leak, or at least finding out if i can live with it. AMT lockout kit so i can in theory, stop doing alignments constantly. AIM MXL dash I think. eventually widebody so I can lower the car a bit and get better ground effect. Penskes... The car is really coming together for me and im doing a bit of gitting the gud myself.
  14. you must be spoiled from how well MSR Houston communicates and how quickly they make repairs!
  15. Yeah I get it but it’s a damn email and a website update. We members have been very patient through this process I think
  16. Parking assignments! Looks like Lots of us are parked together! 2019 NASA Championships Paddock_Garage Assignments.pdf
  17. I would email the track to verify. Flack and I serve on the Texas Region SCCA Board...asked him about it being open for members this weekend...he said yes. You have to remember that it’s been a crazy schedule getting this going...as in busting butt all day...for a looooong time! Patience is a virtue!
  18. Good reminder. I got a fixed torque wrench at 100lbs that never moves. Makes it easy to dedicate to just my wheels for track days and hopefully calibration is less of a concern. I just got it this year, but I intend to check it at the start of each season at least
  19. Selling my E36 and upgrading to an E46 for NASA. I've won many races in this car, and probably about 8-10 Hoosiers. Motor is strong and has all the right parts for a solid IP car. Car has been sitting for the last year and a half, so it will require a thorough going thru. Brooks wing is off so a car cover can fit better, 4 bolts per stanchion and its back on. PM me for more info. Have title, BMWCCA logbook, NASA logbook Chassis: Full cage (needswork) X-brace OEM LTW front strut bar (very rare) Suspension: MCS 2WNR coilovers 700lb F, 900lb R Ground control camber plates & rear shock mounts Ground control adjustable front sway bar, no rear bar Engine: OBD 1(converted) S52 M50 manifold S54 oil filter housing Schrick Cams & bigger injectors Euro S50 oil pan & pump Fluidyne Aluminum radiator Euro coolant overflow tank setup Conforti cold air intake Setrab oil cooler plumbed from S54 oil filter housing Aluminum power steering reservoir Power steering plumbed w/stainless braided lines w/AN fittings Moroso oil catch can/breather setup Rogue underdrive pulleys (not installed) Supersprint headers w/custom midpipe Active Autoworks 3" single exhaust (V-bands) Brakes: Bimmerworld brass bushing kit front & rear Bimmerworld stainless from pistons Stainless lines PFC direct drive 2 pc front rotors Drivetrain: Bimmerworld V1 strapless clutch/lightweight flywheel combo Bimmerworld track rubber engine mounts Vorschlag urethane transmission mounts Jaffster V2 tall shift knob 3.46 Quaiffe limited slip diff Rougue Diff cover Solid diff mounts Body/Interior/Aero: Brooks Motorsport Carbon fiber wing/home made splitter Sunroof bolted in place Power windows/door locks still work Sparco Corsa Seat (expired) Sparco bolt on head protection VAC motorsports seat mount plates Pegasus racing seat-back brace Rogue diamond plate divers side floor plate SPA AFFF 5 liter system I.O. port cut-off switch Window net/right side net/6 point harness (all expired) VDO gauges: Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Diff Temp, Voltmeter Longacre panoramic rear view mirror Quick release steering wheel mount Momo suede wheel Odyssey PC680 battery Wheels: 1 set black Apex Arc-8 17x9 I have some more wheels and some spares that can be negotiated separately. Asking $14,500 OBO Link to full size/more pics: pics
  20. @lobster, what's next for the car? It looks very well adorned with aero bits. That rear diffuser looks legit!
  21. Is there going to be a member's email telling us the track is open? Seems like communication could be a tad better. Once i finish my maintenance i'm going to move it out there, hopefully right after Labor Day.
  22. Horray! I'll be there camping as well. Just in the paddock.
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