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  2. Nice. Mine is still running strong after almost 4 years. Durable little things. The resolution on the Index is tempting though. But that means going all in on a better video card, cpu, etc.
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  4. I was a weird announcement. Either poorly written or finely crafted, not sure which. It's not super clear if it is even open for members, exactly... but members are allowed in, and if they need to test their car, they can get out on track...
  5. CV1. Gonna sit on that until some much better stuff comes out...or until it quits on me.
  6. Thanks. The big girl and I have a longstanding relationship so we are starting to know our limits. :) I strive for tires singing a consistent note. Maybe someday ;) Boy Howdy, are they vocal @ ECR, No quarter is right. I'm in "kill all tires" mode. Or at least kill the unloved Bridgestones. F 'em. I'm VERY excited to get off of the S007s, they are very difficult to manage in the trail braking transitions especially. Slower and trickier to drive than RS-4s. I've had to be much more conservative which sucks as I was kind of coming to grips with how to use more corner and less brakes to slow down. They have served their purpose and bridged the gap to 2020 tires. I came home Saturday to 6 brand new RS-4s on my front doorstep. RS-4s are faster, much more forgiving, and more durable too. I've effectively got 2 sets stacked in my son's bedroom ready to go. WIN-WIN-WIN. Now to get the clutch healthy, CVD-19 and oil prices where they need to be, and more liquidity in my finances. That's all I need and its GAME ON. Probably will have to just settle for healthy clutch before I'm jump back in the game. As always a work in progress, in all aspects of my life.
  7. Greatness of the Eagles Canyon Raceway in the news: https://www.wcmessenger.com/articles/staying-on-track/
  8. Sounds like a catchy B-movie title....write your own joke....go ahead....
  9. Likewise - it will be fun! I mean, heck, Matt and I even get along! LOL
  10. Ya, that was the announcement that came out yesterday.. I'm guessing in response to the Brazoria county lockdown.
  11. FYI, MSR Houston now has a "no guests" policy until further notice. Spoke to Deb today and confirmed this. 😒
  12. Which VR headset are you using? Looking to upgrade eventually from my OG Rift.
  13. Cigars, large trailers, loud machines,,,etc....Not sure you eeeeeeeeeveeeerrrrr "fly under the radar" 🙂 I look forward to our paths crossing when the stars unfortunately align for you. I tend to make folks run for the hills with my ugly mug and conversation- hahahahaha
  14. That's why you keep your car at the track and fly under the radar...I know, I know...sounds horrible...yes, I'm a horrible person...
  15. If it makes you feel any better...I've always thought of you as an idiot. lol Agreed, right thing to do. In this environment, I don't think it is a good idea to tow my track car on the highway when people are struggling and all of this crazy stuff is happening.
  16. Awesome! It's back open to members, with some changes / social distancing. Even has the blessing from Wise County! Planning to run the Monte this Saturday.
  17. Bring it big boy!!! LOL I'm just amazed that you spelled it right! LOL I know, I know...you copied / pasted... LOL
  18. That was awesome! Watched it until the end. Looks like a BLAST!!
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