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  3. New clutches are in and diff is reassembled and back in the car. All clearances checked good with a good gear pattern. I'll be doing my own diffs from now on. Since I've been getting tidbits here and there from the "Corvette Forum," I went ahead and joined. Monitoring the traffic and topics . . . I'm definitely not a "Corvette Guy" (despite owning two). Those guys really fit the stereotype. LOL.
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  6. Awesome. A parking space for my wife's Eldo!
  7. Loved ECR clockwise this month. 2020 cayman GT4, 6 speed manual transmission Stock power:360 at wheel weight: 3400 with driver and half tank of gas Good year eagle f1 SC3 R tires track alignment (rear toe links and front caster pucks) best lap: 2.09.93 IMG_8676.mov
  8. Nice! Now get those bushy eyebrows out!! And get ready to run from the lads.....Zeuss.....Apollo!!!!
  9. who is this lady? I'd like to interview her. for research...
  10. drop the undershirt and let your chest hair flow!
  11. (yeah, Magnum wore a Tigers hat, but I like LA and it's still blue!)
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