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  2. oh damn that sucks.. definitely work on range of motion and listen to the docs!! (no duh!) My wife tore a tendon in her ankle several years ago and is allergic to NSAIDs. i.e. no anti-inflammatory drugs to keep pain and swelling down. instead, they had to reduce inflammation by ice and reduction of motion. wellllll then the scar tissue made the recovery just as bad as the torn tendon! She had to have a second surgery to remove the scar tissue and then fight through the pain on the physical therapy to keep the scar tissue at bay. after a few months, it "went away" as everything healed up enough internally that the scar tissue quit trying to grow everything together. Anyway, just be warned-- your arm will try to turn itself into a large lump of scar where the repairs were done-- keep the motion going as long as it's possible!
  3. Hmmmmmn. Only other difference I can think of is E85 (which should drop temps), and I'm at 250whp 14psi. Also driving habits on track, I tend to murder my cars on the bleeding edge and give them no cares. Also the day in question at HH was very hot, but I've since made changes to ducting and undertray. Extending the undertray? Do you have more details on this. Also I was considering removing the FM fans and finding 1 stock fan. The car is 100% track duty now. Might change tune and make her at 220whp; seems like Magic number. Side note after last track day I pulled plugs and checked compression. Compression is so good it brought a tear to eye; within 2%. Plugs looked very clean with good ground straps.
  4. Thanks Max 🙂 appt today at 3pm to hopefully get rid of the splint, and then start working on motion 🙂
  5. ^Ouch!! Good luck on the repair!! Note to self: Double decker tool boxes have right of way
  6. That's the eventual plan. Since july 6th when I last posted - I got my right distal bicep tendon severed by a 3 way mix of issac newton's laws, pure instinct reaction, and shitluck. If your giant double decker tool box wants to roll off the ledge in your garage - LET IT!!!🤣😂 Fully repaired surgically, but full recovery will take a couple months. Just in time for kid #2 to show up... So as long as 2020 doesn't have alien invasion resulting in human enslavement in the cards, should be mixing it up in '21😎🤟👍
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  8. itchy itchy! LOL...I bet! A buddy of mine is literally a fiberglass artist...he repairs and details boats (hulls, decks, etc) for a living...the few times that I've had contact with other things (cars, walls, etc) I've enlisted his services...he can freehand channels in the body, etc...it's crazy. He makes it look so easy. And quick.
  9. I know nothing about this car, just passing it along: http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/79915-hmp-eco-stock/
  10. Yes, I should be at the next race on the 15th.
  11. I was there on Saturday night! Missed your race but watched the later ones. I'm smitten. Like, been looking for donor cars and rule books smitten. Its 15 minutes away from a friends house so I think we're gonna make a habit out of this... will you be there in a couple of weeks?
  12. The track announcer called it the Flyin' 50. 😀
  13. I don't buy that it's setup. I'm sure it's the Flying Tiger paintjob that makes you fast! 😄
  14. Here's the in car video from Saturday. I really need to move the camera to the right. Watch as the release tether for my neck restraint acts as a g meter... 😀 😀
  15. So, I had to post to social media to get a free shirt and this is where I posted. The new Supra did look pretty cool, and it sounds like it'd make a decent $55-$65k daily/track car. If you don't want a Corvette and the M2 isn't your bag and you want a new car, the Supra is a fine choice. The rep was a bit frustrated though when I told him I was faster in my BRZ, but really that's not a fair comparison since I run 200tw tires and they were on MPSS (I'm at less than half the hp of the Supra, half the price, and a full set of tires and tools fit in the back of my BRZ). And, it's not built by BMW, just from BMW parts in Austria. But the Toyota guys totally got to set up the suspension and tuning (the 2021 was re-tuned for an extra 60hp, and the 2020 suffered from understeer but Toyota got to decide that, not BMW!). I'd recommend waiting 3 years for them to come off lease, so you can pick them up for $20-$25k and have a hell of a car for that price.
  16. Beat the summer heat with a CoolShirt setup. Tired of your ice melting after a single session? This cooler will keep the water cold for several sessions or even until the next day. I have wraps for the hose to help insulate it too for $22. The cooler is just over 13" deep so it fits in even the smallest trunks. I searched for a long time to find a cooler of this quality that fits into my NC Miata trunk. This is the best trade off between size and R factor that is available. The dimensions are 18" wide x 13" deep x 13 1/2" tall. Unlike the other coolers on the market, this pump is easily replaceable. Free local pickup in Austin or I can ship it for another $30. Scott
  17. Forgot to give a heads up, but we raced last night. The weather was miserable, unless you just love that warm feeling from the humidity. But otherwise, it was a good night. Mostly because I won! Since the last race, I made a few setup changes. I bounced some ideas off a friend that is good with racing setups, and he gave me a few tips. And it all worked. I qualified first, but they had the top 6 draw chips for starting position. I drew #6, of course. But by the end of the first lap I was in 4th. Stayed there for a while, got up to 3rd, then with 7 to go, I started outside front row after a caution. I'm about the only one out there that can run the outside line with any speed. It's because I have no horsepower, so I had to learn a new trick. And the setup changes helped a ton. Anyway, I stayed neck and neck with the 1st place car for a lap and a half. I'm pretty sure I would have passed him after a few more laps, but before it came to that, he got bumped from behind and lost his momentum. With 5 to go, I found myself in the lead. I jumped out to about a 7-8 car length lead, and was never challenged. Once I was in open track with no traffic, where I could run the fast line for my car, it was wicked fast (that being relative to the pack; it's still a 124hp Saturn). There is one other car about equal to mine, but he was stuck back in 3rd. He eventually got to 2nd, but was too far behind me to challenge me. Racing nose to tail in a 4 car pack like we did for the first 12 or so laps was a lot of fun. But running out front with a decent gap to 2nd place is a lot of fun also. 🙂 1st place normally pays $150. But some businesses chipped in to up the purse for last night, so I won $320. And I'll get another $70 bonus for fast lap. 18.325 sec.; next fastest was 18.368. $390, not a bad payday for having fun. A couple of pictures. First is on the front straight for pre-race festivities. In this crowd, nobody kneels for the anthem... And we had a flyover with a couple of planes from the Commemorative Air Force. Pretty cool. The other is obviously after the race.
  18. Hi, Is this trailer still for sale? Please let me know if so. Best regards, Richard in Memphis.
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