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  2. I know y'all are somewhat kidding...but let your mind start wandering and do the "what if" scenario about the back straight and COTA and certain parts coming loose....at 150+ that is kind of scary!! At Road America there are three very long/fast straights with really hard turns...would hate to lose things....one of the reasons I always do a little brake check/pump/knock the pads back move.....
  3. Do they make Mini size Laminating Machines? I'll make ones for Matt, Cliff and myself on post-it notes, so we can keep them handy in the wallet: 1) Arrive / Coffee. 2) Full tilt boogie. 3) Tacos and/or beer.
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  5. Yeah, I'm in the same boat.. I must admit I'm pretty lax when it comes to prep and whatnot. so far it hasn't had drastic consequences. it's not like I've run out of gas mid-race or blown the engine cause I ran it out of oil. but there are definitely things that I've gotten lucky on that didn't fail on track. caught metal-metal pad just before it fell out of the caliper for example. (but I checked 'em friday morning before the 8 test sessions and there was at least 20% left!)
  6. 😍 that is the secret code word yes. May I expect a call from you in the future?
  7. Show off. Where do you find that kinda time? I mean I roll up, and the car hasn't fallen off the the trailer, so obviously the tires are on tight, and the gas was weighing it down. No smoke on start up, and the gauge needles move - it's ready to be sent. ^sarcasm dialed to ten, but I always end up having to fix some accidental self sabotage.
  8. 255's on 8.5 are fine (I run 255 on 9" and they're about perfect), I've run 255's on a 7" wheel and that was okay but pinched enough to not be worth it.
  9. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but there seems to be knowledge that's relevant to my situation. I'm planning on grabbing a set of RC1s for my E36 M3, but wanted to check on sizes. My wheels are 17x8.5 Kosei K1s, and I wanted to get the 235/40-17 tires. I don't see those in stock anywhere, so I was thinking about just stepping up to the 255/40-17. That's on the wide side for a 8.5" wheel, but it seems like it should work just fine. Does this sound right? I was planning on ordering direct from Maxxis, unless there are some other good ideas.
  10. It would take me a while to look back at the RX7's reliability history, but the Nissan was a 100% finisher with a completely full logbook. I had one race where I pulled in with 3 laps to go due to a tire going bad, but I still took a "finish" per SCCA's rules and was 3rd/5. The RX7 has had a much spottier record, but it's not been due to prep- always a freak thing. lost a rear axle bearing + seal, broke the 3rd link in half, broke an axle at Hallett.. stuff like that which you can't predict.
  11. Pete


    Ah, an R6, I've always been partial to 600's. God superbikes are a hoot but as I got older I didn't want to throw myself on the ground at high speeds. So I got an NSR50 and found out I didn't like throwing myself on the ground at slow speeds either. Cars aren't near the rush but still pretty fun. Before doing a member day I'd suggest doing a couple TDE events. I had a few bad bike habits that needed fixing.
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  13. LOL - I wish these GT2 cars were that easy! I will say this though - I always knew I had a very good finish percentage...I figured out how good last night - finally got around to filling out my SCCO Pro / Trans Am license application including the competition resume - list all races and finishing positions for each....which I listed...as well as any DNF/DNS, etc....and the reason for that.... So - out of 65 races (as of the June Sprints)....how many races? I had ONE DNF - that is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! That particular DNF was from a track bar that let loose on the first lap - an item that had never been needed to have safety wire previously....well, I'm special LOL! So, yep, that was itI I also had one DNS - so if it were not for that I would've had 66 races - that one was due to a broken axle that happened at HPR during qualifying - I was peg legging it...literally almost undrivable! Had a talk with the Chief Steward - advised that I would start and pull in after the halfway point - I just needed the points / halfway / finish mark. The next day's race would have nothing for me to gain position point wise in the chase and I did not want to cause further damage....there ya go. I've had times when I probably should've called it a day, but did not - Indy Runoffs 2017 - had a flat tire with a few laps left to go...kept on driving and took the checker, in 29th place...but I still took the checker...I was NOT about to give up....and yeah, I finished ahead of a lot of other folks!! So - proper prep is the key. And BTW - I am not speaking of my technical prowess - I have a pro crew - they do an AMAZING job....hence the numbers that I have.
  14. Pretty close to this. 80 ft-lb torque stick and use torque wrench to final 100. I don't retorque (never seen any loosening) every session but visual check tires, pads/rotors, and (usually) wheel spokes after every session. I always change tires at track, if running multiple days I re-torque the next morning. Good advice on the laminated checklist.
  15. My list: Gas? check oil? meh.. I checked yesterday and there's no puddles under it. air pressures? tires look round. SEND IT!
  16. Not saying this was his issue - but it *could* be.... Even though I have a 100 ft lb torque stick on my impact - we still use a torque wrench after ever session (hey, my wife has to keep busy!!) and...of course....after every wheel/tire change....follow your checklist religiously...don't skip / skimp...not saying that you were...but if you don't have a checklist - get one...laminate it...mark it off - have a pre-event and post event list and well as pre-session and pos-session list. Just saying...
  17. Just a thought but if you had that many lugnuts loose on one wheel, I wonder if your installation technique has a flaw. i.e. do you ensure the wheel is centered while installing lugnuts? (are you using hubcentric rings?) when I mount wheels, I run one lug up just until the taper on the lug contacts the wheel's seat. then I wiggle the wheel a little while I'm running up the next lug across the wheel and only get it barely snug. same for #3 and 4. by #5, everything should be well centered and I tighten to 2.41 uggaduggas on the impact, and hit all 5 lugs at least once more. the only time I've ever had a lugnut come loose was when I was using my small air compressor at the track and it was low on pressure because I was using air faster than tank could recover, causing my uggaduggas to be below normal calibration values. I confirmed by doing my normal tightening sequence and then checking it with a torque wrench. what used to be 2.41 uggaduggas = 85ft lb, they were only about 50ft lb or 1.42 uggaduggas. so I upped my travelling torque spec on my portable air compressor to 4 uggaduggas and a double check with the clickyclicky stick set to 85.
  18. Wow dude, glad it wasn't worse on track. I've had some moments after the session/day like that. Pretty scary, makes me open up the wallet for upgrades more easily.
  19. Dodged a bullet - could have significant consequences. Time for new ARP studs all the way around.
  20. MSR- 1.7 CW Date- 06/22/19 Lap time- 1:20.81, 1:20.82 (AIM SOLO 2DL) 2019 ZL1 1LE (Stock) Weight with driver- 4050 Tire- Goodyear Supercar 3R (stock 305-325) First time on the 1.7 Clockwise. Great time and I love the way the track flows and requires mainting momentum. Fast_Laps_Cresson_17_CW.mp4
  21. Last week
  22. Looooong time since the last update. I just haven't been in the mood or right frame of mind to work on it, I guess. At this point there are really two things I need to do: mount the ECU and tune the car. I put the wheels back on it and actually drove it around the block this afternoon. I guess at this point, I need to either take it to the dyno or to the track for a tuning session.
  23. MSR-C 1.7 CW Date: 6/22/2019 Lap time: 1:26.2 (AIM) Car: 2014 Subaru BRZ Total vehicle weight with driver: ~2900 lbs w/ driver Wheel horsepower: 178WHP Tires: 255/40-17 Hankook RS4 Estimated ambient temperature: 80 degrees Creeping up on the 1:25's, I know the car has it in it but I've still got to go find the time. I like the CW but I don't run it very often.
  24. KevinDB

    Penis extension car

    Makes sense, the GT1 block is definitely robust.
  25. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Note on the 997 (and base 996) cars, especially on track: I am super paranoid on the IMS issue. i think if the car has high mileage and is driven on the street you are ok, but the moment you take it on track... that’s why I went with the TT: no IMS issue and I’ve seen many with 200k plus miles.
  26. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Thanks! in my head I am convinced to keep it stock for as long as possible. I already have the 964 as a suicidal machine. Then there is this little voice in my ear telling me to dump $10k in it and do the following: ECU tune Remove AWD system (it’s mechanical!) add LSD install coilovers and lower control arms from a GT3 The above transforms the car completely into a torquey, 450rwhp tail happy track monster. Like the sister Gt2 basically. fun fact - does 27mpg at 70mph highway speeds.
  27. KevinDB

    Penis extension car

    I still lust for the 996 Turbo. it's what I should have bought instead of a Camaro. Next time. Driving my wife's 997 Cab is surprisingly fun, so I could see owning a base 997 Carrera too. Congrats!
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