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  2. Turn key system of seat, mounting hardware, harness, harness bar, and hans. Track day set up, not for racing.
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  4. What exactly are you looking for? A shop with seats to sit in and try? Someone that can install a roll bar? Cage builder? Fire suppression? Race suit? Electrical cut offs? Hans and belt fitment? belt install? Helmets? -td
  5. I want to beef up the safety but have no experience with such matters so I really want to rely on someone that knows what they are doing. Any recommendations in Houston?
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  7. A big loss indeed, for those that knew him here is a celebrationGrumpy's invite.pdf
  8. I was saddened to see this news. I met David long ago when he was my instructor for a weekend. I had many fun conversations with him after that when I was fortunate enough to see him around MSRC. He had a great sense of humor, and I often received the "Glad you got to see me!" catch phrase at the end of our conversation! I will miss seeing him and it is a great loss for our community. I hope to see him again when I leave my body and this planet. I will adopt a child this year from the Angel tree in his honor. I wish his family and friends well during this difficult time, and wish him Go
  9. Just to offer a comparison, obviously separated by a LOT of distance....pricing for MSRH is very similar to ECR (which is a FANCY / AMAZING track): Eagle - $5,000 Initiation / $250 Monthly Dues Platinum - $10,000 Initiation / $500 Monthly Dues
  10. I had a fun weekend. I certainly was not setting any record lap times but I managed to get all my sessions in without breaking the car and not going off track. I will upload some pictures when they are available. I would like to thank gas head motor works for helping me get the car ready.
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  12. That’s the beauty! It’s not some fancy track but it’s a track!!! Spread the word, it would be very appreciated.
  13. To be positive for a bit... it is really awesome to be able to pop in for the morning and be home by lunch.
  14. Hey guys! We have three people including myself interested. We are getting closer. If you know anyone who is interested please spread the word!
  15. That’s what I am talking about!!!! Let’s f&@$ing goooooo!!!
  16. I find the negatives to be positives and what allows the membership to be reasonably priced. The really nice country club tracks are like $20-40k so I'm fine with our ghetto track and its ghetto pricing. I love being able to go out spur of the moment on a Friday, run 3 or 4 sessions, grab lunch, and be home with the entire afternoon still open to catch up on work or do other stuff. But everyone's situation is different.
  17. The only thing my dog drools for are sammiches and pizza.
  18. Renting a garage is up to you it’s only $275 a month. You realize you don’t have to make your negative comments here. The Ol, don’t have nothing nice to say applies a lot of the time. If you don’t want it, that’s fine. But the world could do without so much negativity.
  19. Spending $800/mo for membership and a garage to drive at MSRH over and over doesn't really seem worth it. The biggest reason is...where is the track headed? Seems like it's the next TWS except there will be a much smaller fight to keep it open. The track needs attention. The paddock is a whole other level of needing attention. The staff do their best but it seems like the place is being run into the ground because management or whatever group owns the place doesn't care.
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