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  2. Sorry for late response, but I agree, I'm not riding right seat at this time. That said, I'll be there on May 31st - weather looks good!
  3. Bringing this back into the market, now that the pandemic is over.
  4. Cross-posting from FB here. Don’t know if I got the pricing right or not, trying to recover some of what I spent on the sets. I bought these all as a set, but upon inspection, one or two of them are damaged. (8ea) 205/50/15 Hoosier SM7’s with 4 Heat Cycles. 6 of them look like they’re in great condition. 1 looks like it has a small chunk, and 1 has a small cord I assume from dragging a braking zone. Everything in the pictures. They look to have TireRack heat cycled stamps on them. Taking a stab here - 6 look great, 1 questionable, 1 maybe junk or spare only.... Call it (1.5 sets) of SM7’s for the price of (1.5) new SM7’s? And take the other 2 for “free”??? So $400 for all of them? (3ea) Federal RS-R 205/50/15 - I bought a car with “brand new 500 mile tires”, and when I got home I noticed a sidewall out of one of them. So I had them removed, the one disposed of, and these 3 remain. $200 for the Federals.
  5. like an injection? I'll float the idea by the prez!
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  7. If your friend had to ask, it will be longer than his attention span. But he can split off at any time. Previous Grand Tour was 4 hours, including lunch.
  8. How long is the drive going to be? Asking for a friend
  9. HDA

    German Beetle car

    Shop dipped magnesium wheels into acid by mistake. Wheels have now the structure of Swiss cheese. i need new wheels
  10. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Found my first boost leak! 😃
  11. Nothing is happening. I did drive it through a storm and it was pretty cool
  12. I think you'll see more "official - we are running _________ this day, _____ that day" etc....once there are brake zone markers for CW direction....once the crossover is done, etc....ECR is amazing as it is...but it is still a work in progress.
  13. I'll be out there Sunday afternoon for the Open Track Day. I'll ask about the HPDE note if they don't respond to my email. On the configuration / direction of the day, it still would be nice if the mixed it up officially ahead of time, at least part of the time. At least the default is the big track!
  14. Last week
  15. Same here. I'm just a few min from MSRH, so I have to drive straight through Houston and DFW. towing a beast of a trailer, it usually took about 6hrs for me when I used to race up there. I will certainly go back for race weekends, but membership is not feasible.
  16. Ditto, I wish it was closer. A buddy of mine is a recent ECR member. I think it's a pretty big commitment when it's 5 hours away, on a good day. When traffic picks back up through Dallas it will be more like 6+ hours from South Austin.
  17. Man I really wish ECR was closer. would also be cool if local track would 'upgrade', but I'm certainly not knocking that it's there. I'm fortunate to have a track 10 min from the house.
  18. Dave - I appreciate it!! I can give you Brad Flack's email / cell if you're ready to jump - he's going to ask you to fill out the member application on the website too, of course.... 1 - yes, members can run the ECR Open Track Days at no cost...Flack can give you better answers on "ALL HPDE's"...I know that ECR has subsidized the cost for members to run with other track groups that have rented the track for the weekend... 2 - yes for adding a family member later at $150 per month 3 - typically the track runs the full configuration. it's really up to the members to decide which way to run. I ran out there in the rain a few weeks ago - after running the full layout I talked to Flack about running the 1.65.....presto chango...a few minutes later the full track was coned off and we ran the short track. Just like that. Ask and ye shall receive! As long as every member agrees....
  19. Nah...your engine internals were just wanting to social distance...the Monte's did the same...it's painful...
  20. 🙈🙉🙊 It is not out of the realm of possibility. I didn't miss a shift, but was certainly pushing it.. an overrev on a downshift, or simply being that close to the redline for much of the track might (was?) too much for the engine. the wound was certainly inflicted by something I did. would be nice to figure it out so I can learn to not do it again.
  21. Crap. Now the supercharger concept is poking it's head back in the door going "hey buddy....!"
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