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  2. it’s getting there congrats buddy
  3. Guys when is the next members day??
  4. Interested in the S1’s and gauges all together @joesurf79 @clifton23 We still need gauges yeah?
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  6. Parting out my track prepped '01 Miata. I had a kid and decided to go with a more mildly setup NC for the next few years. Full updated list of items available in this spreadsheet (format shamelessly ripped off from Hollywood). Willing to negotiate on prices for most items, especially where it saves me time (buying multiple items, keeping engine/trans/clutch together, local pickup, etc...) Quick copy and paste below of what's in the list, the link above will be kept up to date I can't promise that about the list below. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks! Item Description BP6D 1.8 VVT Engine 2001, ~117k miles, runs strong, no issues, consumes no oil Includes alt and starter Timing belt and water pump replaced March '17 @ 112k Small oil leak at rear cam seal Flyin Miata 1.8 Clutch Happy Meal Level 1 Clutch (~300 ft-lb) 10.3lb lightweight flywheel Includes all bolts Under 6k miles 2001 5 Speed Trans ~117k miles, shifts well except 5th synchro has some wear, have to rev match going from 4 to 5 to avoid grinding 2001 4.3 Torsen Diff, Drivesshaft, Axles Includes Poly diff mounts 15x9 Advanti Storm S1's, Bronze 225/45-15 Maxxis Rc-1's Wheels in great shape 3 tires have a few days left on them, 1 is flat spotted badly 225/45-15 Maxxis Rc-1's New, never mounted, stored in garage Miataroadster short shifter NA/NB 5-speed Tall, angled, satin black LE5 and Ecotec swap parts LE5 motor (91k miles) DIY Builder kit + wiring harness and flashed ECU from Ecotec Miata Wiring harness and flashed ECU from Ecotec Miata Timing Cover / Bottom End Gasket, Valve Cover / Oil Filter / DP gasket / Timing Set Powdercoated Valve Cover (and engine mounts) 1320 shorty header Gas Pedal Starter Includes fasteners not included in DIY builder kit Blackbird Fabworx GT3 NB Rollbar Black, has welded on harness tabs, includes formed FIA padding PS delete tensioner Bearing replaced March '17, 4k miles on it PCI Sparco Sprint seat mount Passenger, '89-'05 Blackbird Fabworx Motor Mounts '01-'05, Stock Height, Street Bushing Good-Win Racing Exhaust RoadsterSport 3 Miata Muffler with RoadsterSport Miata Midpipe, '99-'05 Includes gaskets and bolts/washers with Nordlock washers ~6k miles Water Neck Sandwhich plate Has NPT port for temp sender AEM Temp Gauge (Oil Face) Includes sender and adapter for oil pan drain plug AEM Temp Gauge (Water Face) Includes Sender Radio Gauge Pod (5X Racing) Black, 3X 2-1/16" (52mm) holes for gauges K&N Intake 99-05 Miata A Pillar Gauage Pod Flyin Miata, one piece design Below Radio Gauge Pod (TDR) Coolant reroute hard pipe New, never used Eclipse A/C Vents Trimmed to fit NB dash Master Cylinder Brace "LHD" version, works on my 2001 w/ sport brakes and ABS, not sure on other MC configs NB Radiator cooling panel Garagestar, wrinkle black Front License Plate Bracket Garagestar, attaches to factory tow hook, includes hardware Poly steering rack mounts Prothane Ultrashield Pro Road Race Seat, 15" 20 degree layback
  7. thanks for your help guyz, I think I will apply all your tips, I wanted to avoid spending 200usd on a hood. I can't find one cheaper πŸ˜• (i'm in europe, shipping is quiet expensive)
  8. Last week
  9. So for those of us in the back; Am I reading the 2020 part of this thread to indicate that we forget about the Solo2 DL, find an original Solo DL w/ SmartyCam Plug it into CanBus / OBDII depending on model year to read available OE sensors, then /thread?
  10. Thanks for the insight. I was aware of the 49 CFR but not aware of the track limitations. It wasn't for the power more for the octane. Right now I'll stick to the 100 octane mix since it's what my uncle used. If I remember right though the 49CFR allowed 110 gallons not including the vehicle. (aux storage). But yes I completely agree with the consumption. My "novice" level I was using only 4 gallons per 20min session. My uncle being an instructor is the only data I have on fuel consumption and at the Road america was his biggest fuel hungry track would use 10 gallons in a 20 min session which he said was right around 3.4mpg. He said michigan, putman, mid ohio etc would average around 4.5-5mpg. Right now I'm getting a bit over 6mpg πŸ˜› Don't get me wrong... I'm not changing anything until I need to. Which is literally years away.
  11. ... running into other large objects tends to leave indentions on fiberglass... πŸ˜›
  12. I feel ya! It's been a full on thrash every night this week to be ready for tech inspection Friday.
  13. Your car is VERY thirsty. think of how much fuel you go through now. Double it when you develop more speed and are on the throttle more time/lap. and now add another 30-50% for the greater consumption due to the E85. Fast guys I know in decent power cars go through 15-20gallons PER SESSION on track. One guy I talked to recently with a ~600hp Camaro said he converted to E85 and would go through >100 gal in a weekend. He converted back to gas due to the hassles. 49 CFR covers transportation of fuels, and the internet opinion is that 110gal of any type of fuel is the max you can carry in a single load, which includes furl drums and anything in the car. Also, many tracks have a 5gal container size limit. you can bring as many 5 gal containers as you want, but you cannot bring a 55gal drum to the track. Soooo.... Be armed with all of the information before you convert the car to E85 and make sure it's the correct decision vs. "I can make more power on it".. ... And without beating on that horse any more, more power is the last thing you need right now, young man. πŸ˜‰
  14. March is a lot of time.. aiming for Friday before 7 here..
  15. I think the 1999 is also the lightest watercooled 911 ever built!
  16. My car has the 20 gallon fuel cell. It won't hurt me to switch and that is my plan but some will need to consider it. Also this brings the need to tote E85 to the track as well. I have a trailer and can do this but others who might drive to the track could hurt them to do so. Good points but E85 shouldn't hurt that much considering we are already running these motors hard unlike a normal motor. Drag boys live by the stuff. New new pumps are good for it and my entire fuel system. My only thing left to do is upgrade the injectors and get a retune. My 60lbs won't be enough so I'll need 80lbs (or 1050cc's)
  17. FIFY πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Also...we need to get the car running. Like for real. March is coming fast.
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