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  3. I have signed up for the June event. I have also made an appointment to adjust the suspension on my Miata and see if I can find a little more power.
  4. I enjoyed my track weekend. I made some big suspension changes. In my mind I was going to be much faster. Unfortunately the suspension changes resulted in some understeer which made me much slower. I still had fun and look forward to making a few more adjustments and getting much faster.
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  10. Sorry to miss this one. Planning on June, but temperature will be a concern. It's already getting hot.
  11. I'm selling a 2019 Kendon Single Rail Ride-Up (with SRL) single motorcycle trailer. This is the Premium version with the nice wheels with parts made in the USA. You can see this product on Kendon's site here: Single Rail Ride-up Folding Motorcycle Trailer This trailer is in excellent condition with ~3500 miles on it. It can be stored standing vertically (see photos) and fits in a standard garage. It can be pushed around on its caster wheels while vertical. It has been garage-kept this way for its entire life when not in use. It is roughly 9.5ft long from hitch to tail when fully exte
  12. Price $600 firm for all 3. These are $681 normally ($227 each), i.e. 12% discount. These are brand-spanking new/fresh, just received a few days ago, and stored in a climate-controlled garage (ie not sitting for months). Tires are at MSR Cresson, or can meet within reasonable distance in DFW area. Text me at nine-1-nine-3-oh-eight-oh-7-oh-7 if you'd like to purchase them.
  13. New (to me) car, first time at Hallett in several years. Ohhh man I forgot how much I love this place! Track: Hallett 1.8CW Date: 4-24-22 Lap Time: 1:24.85 (AIM Data & Mylaps) Car: 2013 FR-S Estimated Weight w/Driver: 2900 Estimated WHP: ~285 Tires: 245/40/17 Hoosier R7 Suspension: KW Clubsport Weather: High 60sF, overcast, strong crosswinds Best time was on Saturday, but I had a few minutes of free time Sunday and stuck a GoPro in the footwell for some footcam video. Best lap on Sunday was a 1:24.95 on lap 15 of the race:
  14. I continued to be excited about the event on the horizon .
  15. I assume you’ve sold this but if not I’m interested
  16. $tealo. Can be bought with hearing protection, radio, and water thingies just like the BA you've got now. Just don't be surprised when it's 4x the price of Chinesium.
  17. Hi there folks! I've been away for a while, but thought I might check in here to see if folks have ideas. I'm looking for a good carbon fiber helmet with a duckbill and coms (ideally built in, or easily added) for use in my Revolution A-One. Right now I have a Black Armor from 2015 and it's not bad but my coms system connector broke (Race Radios stuck something into the helmet during a WRL race) and before I invest in putting a new coms system into my old helmet I figure I'd check to see if folks have some ideas. Right now it appears that Black Armor might not be in business any more
  18. For Sale: QuickJack 5000 TLX (2022 model). Used once, practically brand new and assembled. Wrong size for my application (doh). Includes wall hangers. Location: Houston, TX Price: $1,500. Practically brand new and includes wall hangers.
  19. We are going clockwise this time.
  20. Just go buy a nice red trunk and bolt on a shopping cart pusher. Then you can find balance in the force between front and rear down force and grey and red cars.
  21. Haha just saw this. Still no closer to figuring things out. Got quicker over the weekend, bit still a ways off my PR before the splitter. My next problem is the "carbon fiber" rear trunk likely can't take the weight of a real wing. So I will need to look at a new trunklid too.
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