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  4. Selling my racing transponder since my plans have changed. All the tabs are in tact, tested for signal. The id number is visible however it's hard to capture on camera. It is 0972978 for anyone interested. Caveat: light does not work though. Price: $500 shipped obo
  5. There was a fire at TWS in July 2022.
  6. 1999 Porsche Carrera C2, 6MT, Silver, clean title. Just north of 100K miles A bit of a work in progress but starts and drives well. Will make a good driver once addressed all the nagging problems. Original IMS, recent black stone oil analysis came back perfect Sell as a package deal with all the extra. Asking $17000 Located in Austin, TX Good: Model Year 99, lightest of all 996 C2, dual row IMS, no traction and stability control Strong engine and transmission Brand new Koni Sports with 997.1 Carrera S OEM springs New Brakes New plugs and coils Original p
  7. Was planning to use for driver / passenger seats for an NB miata race car project that is stalled out. Pro Road Race 15 20deg layback - $500 - See https://www.ultrashieldrace.com/catalog/product/seats-road-race-drag-racing/pro-road-race-seat/ VS Halo Road Race 16 20deg layback - $650 - and https://www.ultrashieldrace.com/catalog/product/seats-road-race-drag-racing/road-race-halo/ Both are in great shape and were only used for a few hours in an HPDE car. Have been stored indoors since, so covers aren't faded or anything. The 16 fits me perfectly at 6'2" 205lb. The 15 fit me bett
  8. z28pwr


    I sold my Miata and no longer need these wheels. Konig Hypergram 17x9 4X100 ET45 Matte Grey with 235/40/17 Falken RT660 tires with over 85% tread left. I never got a chance to track the car or these wheels. The setup is in excellent condition and clears the factory Brembo brakes. This setup was over $2k asking $1,500 located in San Antonio, TX
  9. Good to hear from you, Scott. Are these for your Miata? They are still available on Craigslist. Alas, I will not be in Austin until the Chin-COTA event in September.
  10. Hasta, I am interested but alas, I am in Austin. Do they fit you? If so, they likely would fit me. Scott
  11. (2) after-market steel framed driving seats, with mounting rails for Honda S2000, but further adjustable. Seats are prepared for racing harnesses, one set of cam lock harness included. Limited use, almost no wear. $260. Houston area, will not ship [email protected]
  12. Do you have decoder Tranx3??
  13. Stilo....go visit their HQ just down the road from you (ie - Simpson HQ).
  14. $1800 Brand new set of Stoptech brakes I intended to use on a track car project that has since stalled out. This is the STR42 front kit with floating 11" rotors, and the STR21 race rear calipers for use with NB sport brake rotors (kit does not include the rear rotors). Looks like Stoptech is experiencing very long leadtimes (40+ wk) on their kits right now and a lot of vendors have taken them off of their sites, but the closest I see to these are sold here at V8R - https://v8roadsters.com/product/v8r-stoptech-str-four-wheel-brake-kit/ - their kit has 11.75" rotors instead of 11",
  15. Lavatoad achieved balance in the force. I explored the outer limits of my new suspension. The highlight of my weekend was having a Miata guy do a few laps to confirm my car was set up properly. He came back to the pits and confirmed my car is setup perfectly and have a great learning platform. I can relax about the car and just focus on learning to drive
  16. Good day for me. More tire rubber left to my ongoing contributions at MSRH
  17. For Miata MX5-ND 2016-2022 Used, and less than 10K miles. It was too loud for me after I installed Headers and GWR midpipe. A new one is $899 now.. It has taken a typical patina for stainless that gets hot, and the left tip got too close to some plastic trim. Local pickup in Euless only. $550 Bill 8172402496. Text
  18. New stickers have been applied. Car started after sitting a month. Ready to go.
  19. Perhaps we are addicted to fun.
  20. Kids are going to be karting in Denton this weekend. supposed to be 104 up there. it was 98 last weekend while we were using a local race for practice, and it was pretty awful. I need to spend more time outside to stay used to the heat. Why do we do this to ourselves? (because it's fun, that's why!)
  21. I see 100 and 101. It's going to be f'ing brutal. Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I got the monkeypox at this point.
  22. I do not have an ac so I am fully committed.
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