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  2. Maybe Muffin Muffler. They can get it done, may not be pretty though...
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  4. Looking for and Austin muffler shop recommendations to weld a Cat and O2 bung into a midpipe.
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  6. That explains the spilled fluids comment.
  7. Some things just can't be unread... LOL!!
  8. We built a new building 7 years ago that included another "garage". We originally chose epoxy, but after three failed attempts by the installer, we switched to porcelain tile. Our application is different from yours though: this room doesn't see any "wrenching, fluid changes (and fluid spills), heavy floor jacks, possibly engine replacements, etc.". We have had some liquids spill on the tiles and it cleaned up nicely. I've included some shots of the tile below. Having said all that, for your application I would choose epoxy. Just get a good company to install it or do it yourself. Cheers, Joe
  9. After moving to Atlanta and renting for the past year, we are finally buying a house that comes with a 24'x24' detached garage. I want to put a nice floor in the garage before we move in. Just looking around the interwebs I see: 1. Epoxy 2. Polyurea/polyaspartic (sturdier than epoxy) 3. Interlocking tiles (RaceDeck, SupraTile) 4. Porcelain tiles Any words of wisdom as to what material to use or to avoid? The garage will see lots of wrenching, fluid changes (and fluid spills), heavy floor jacks, possibly engine replacements, etc. Interlocking tiles look nice but my guess is any fluid spills will seep through the cracks? What about the color? Something bright so it is easy to see anything small that will be inevitably dropped?
  10. Good question, I'm getting some pics today to help see what it's running. Forgot about them and they did great work on my buddies S2000 w/ AEM.
  11. I would give Boost Logic a call.
  12. Just noticed this.....kind of like Batman selling the Batmobile. I can't picture him fighting crime in a 911, or you in something other than a BRZ. Good luck with sale.
  13. HDA

    Penis extension car

    I went to pick up an order at Lowe’s, it was pouring and the parking lot was empty. Awd donuts are fun, let me tell you. The car spins with my butthole as fulcrum. Really really fun. I’d love to own this car in a place where it snows. A guy jumped on his truckbed to be seen from afar and screamed “fuck yeah” it was fun.
  14. That should work for my application. Thanks
  15. I run the 309s on the S2000. I am about to put another set on it. IMHO, they do great in that application, most recently at ECR w/ A052s on the car. I think much more speed/weight/tire and I would probably need something else, but I could be wrong.
  16. @robertcope Would you still recommend the Stop Tech 309's? How did they do with the NT01's?
  17. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Replaced engine mounts. It took me 1 hour. I wanted to take it to a local Houston shop that just opened, you know that “support your local businesses” type of mood, to do the job. they quoted me $340 labor only. why do shops rip off people? Replaced the tips with the ones that @Max has because he is a great guy.
  18. I signed up for advanced or whatever the sub 2:40 class was. Hopefully that’s correct for me.
  19. Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedal set for sale. Used a few times. Located in NW Austin. $110 OBO
  20. Yeah, I'm in the Red Run Group. Me and Piglet don't have what it takes to go <2:30 at COTA 🙂
  21. Jealous of the garage! They sold out quick! Would have been nice for the “gram” 😂 I’ll be in the lookout for you, Joe. I take it that you’re in advanced?
  22. I am in south Austin for now until my house is built in southwest hill country. I was planning on doing a big GL and GTA season when I got the NC ready but we ended up having to move to the Bay Area for my wife’s career. Needless to say, didn’t have the parking/storage space and the NC was sold. Basically put my track hobby on hold until now. I made it to one GL event and was the quickest naturally aspirated Miata by quite a bit. 👍
  23. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    Lap time: 1:45.8 CW Car: 2013 Viper Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3600 Estimated wheel horsepower: 580 Tire size and model: 345/295 R888R Estimated ambient temperature: 80ish Notes: 7th or 8th time at the track. Worked on hitting heel toe downshifts more consistently. Earlier throttle application and later braking were secondary objectives. Ended up gaining 1.8 seconds since the last time out. Gaining confidence in the car. It's surprisingly friendly under throttle, but unfriendly under braking.
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  25. I'll be there also on Sunday 12/13. You'll have a great time. I'll be in a garage somewhere. White Cayman S, #25. Stop by and say howdy. My name is Joe.
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