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  3. top of the hill on turns 3-6 are good to watch, high up on turn 16 toward the end of the bleachers is good too because you can see a lot of the track-- bikes it may be hard to make out stuff, but with cars you can see them well enough to see action most of the way around. bleachers at T12 are OK as well, but I prefer other spots. both of the internal bridges and whatnot are good places to watch, but they cover the bridges with signs and security often doesn't allow people to congregate in the corners of the bridges. Turns 3-6 and the infield portions of the track are all acc
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  5. I'm planning on hitting Austin for the MotoGP in April. I've never been to COTA and looking for advice for best places to watch the race?
  6. Maybe your bathroom doesn't have one..........
  7. @Matt93SE Charge your phone before you have pho. No plugs in the pooper. -td
  8. Rotten gas station sushi? no problem. Habanero salsa with listeria and a sprinkle of botulinum ? no problem. Hot bowl of pho? better put my name on one of the bathroom stalls cause I'm gonna need quick access the rest of the day..
  9. Shoot....food safety?? We just let @Matt93SE try it....if he comes down with a case of severe "it blows from both ends" then we know not to eat it.... LOL
  10. Don't know about that one specifically, but I've used a similar metal screen filter in my RX7 for years. mine is made by System 1 https://system1filters.com/product-category/oil-filters/ Every time I would open it up, I would find things I didn't want to find in there. every time I would call my engine guy freaking out. Every time he would remind me that the car is still running and "you're always gonna find stuff. that's why the filter is there. Stop stressing, clean it, and put it back together." And the car's always ran great. 🙂
  11. Picked up a Spec C5Z and I have never seen a filter like this...can't seem to find too much about them other than the few that like them and the rest that dispute them. It was sooo hard to take off. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Brian
  12. I now dub thee CAPTAIN ASSSS HOOOLEEEE!
  13. Have an old Harbor Freight trailer we used to hauler tires years ago. Has been sitting for a few years. Tool box sits in front and tires in back. Don't have any idea if the lights still work. Located in NW Austin
  15. LOL!!! Shoot....my wife already uses me as her rug.... LOL....that was a good one though!!
  16. Hey, nothing else going on this forum recently! we're bringing traffic to the site! hahah
  17. Nothing like a little spam to bring out the bromance!
  18. @Captain Buddha Dude.. when you die, some grizzly bear is gonna skin you and use you for a rug in his cave.
  19. @Captain Buddha Eye weel keel joo.
  20. The food safety course will help prepare you for safely working in a kitchen and food handler tests like Serve safe. In this fun and course you will learn about food borne illness, how to prevent it and how to train employees in food sanitation. Do not assume people understand these rules or how to apply them. It is your job to protect customer health, improve employee performance and preserve your business reputation. Most people like myself learn these essential food safety practices in culinary school but some do not. It is your job to understand, identify and create a culture of food saf
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  22. I have checked up on the Miata and it is ready to go.
  23. I have this friend, his initials are @Matt93SE.... LOL.....he likes to develop the web, some say he started the web.....
  24. I have this friend, his initials are @Matt93SE.... LOL.....he likes to "make it snow" with his dandruff....it's like watching a snow globe, fascinating, really....
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