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  2. Ooh yeah those are fun. Took a tumble off my first bike back in 2007 and got an AC separation and a broken shoulder for good measure. Finding a comfortable sleep position was definitely a challenge. Really, though, the best part of the whole thing was my mom's reaction when I started talking about fixing the bike so I could get back to riding...
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  4. Selling my spot for $150 if anyone is interested! My car still getting prepped and won't be ready, I can't make it.
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  6. Thanks Max! If nothing else this provides leverage for another Miata to track sometime soon ahahahaha!
  7. Wowza! Glad to hear your prognosis is good!! Continue on with recovery at speed!!
  8. Thanks man! Yeaaappp - pretty much back to normal with the exception of sleeping - have to be careful which way I rotate at night. And not lifting heavy stuff over head yet. But other than that, doing alright for the most part.
  9. Every sport (hell, even getting out of bed in the morning) has its risks, and we choose to take them each time we participate. ATGATT is a great way to start and forms the attitude the whole time you're out there. It amazes me how many people will drive a "full blown race car" on a HPDE day wearing shorts and t-shirt simply because they're not racing W2W. what's the difference in risk between that day and any other time you're on track? If the car gonna blow or a part is going to fatigue and fail, it doesn't care whether you're mid race in the heat of battle, or just making pace laps and tap that curb. At least the injury doesn't seem major. take it easy for a while and see where it goes.
  10. All the gear, all the time... You cant ever reduce the risk to 0, but you can reduce it to some degree. All the body parts protected by top-shelf safety gear were 100% fine, and the neck collar was precautionary at that point. Like so many on track incidents, it started as a fairly benign event that ended up with more serious results. Apparently the injury I have is actually pretty common too. Several people at work have it as a result of playing softball, or mountain biking, or from anything where that area of the shoulder takes a blow in the right direction. Don't need a surgical repair unless it causes issues down the road apparently.
  11. This is why I like a cage over me head. you crazy man!
  12. Jeez man. Take care of yourself. The race is long -- avoid the DNF.
  13. Rumor has it I rode it for the first time 3 weekends ago and it came back to me like riding...a bike. But this is not a bike - it is a flame throwing dragon of mayhem upon wings of rpm covered in spacetime warping torque feathers. And I'm in love with it. Went riding the weekend after that. And was on my lid and thus on the way to the ER less than a lap in haha! AC joint grade 3 separation in the rt shoulder. Someqhere between 30 and 39 i lost all of my ability to "bounce"...and i fell onto super soft ground and the shoulder dug in hard. Traded the Acromio-clavicular ligaments for an intact clavicle i guess. Ortho doc's initial take is dont do surgery yet. I go back on 5/20 for clearance to start PT. Which I imagine will just be wrapping it in this neoprene support thing, slapping on a jersey and hitting the track. Right?

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  15. Nice. At this point the only trackable machines I have are two wheeled. 2005 GSXR 1k track only (nannies? Who needs nannies?!) 2019 RMZ250 I'm pretty terrible on both of them but who cares, I'm here to have fun. Met a guy out at Spoaks on the sand track that can barely stand or walk (spinal injury) but was out there tearing it up. Also randomly meet some pretty old dudes (and gals) out having fun, varying levels of fitness, all body parts or not. No excuses...
  16. Just going to set this here. Before 4 wheels, I was a long time addict on 2 wheels. I call this one "Relapse".
  17. Has anyone ran H2R in the rain since the repave? I've got an event on Wednesday and it looks like rain, so just curious. Thanks!
  18. Definitely doable - that is what we run in Pirellis. Might have to go to a taller spring to clear the perch if haven't already.
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