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  2. Having a blast!! 7B5E9940-14F0-4184-B324-F82A2C3F8BA5.mov
  3. I almost ought that car πŸ™‚ Ended up with a local Cayman S instead. GLWS Mike
  4. Ricky, I do not have any information on it or know much about the car. I bought it thinking I was going to be driving it a lot at ECR and since I was told they no longer need me I have no where to drive it like I thought I was going to. I have driven it a few times Once at MSR and once at ECR. Once around my neighborhood. Runs and drives great. It did great at MSR3.1 but when I tried to drive it full speed at ECR I found out it needs a new oil separator as it smoked when really transferring the weight in the turns. Driving around the neighborhood and out on the highway there is no smoke. I would take that repair off the price. I looked it up and the part is only $50 but the places I called it is $500 for a 2 to 4 hour job. You can take it to any local Porsche mechanic to have it checked out as I would not want you to buy it not knowing everything you can about the car. Stan 2142447826
  5. Looks like it will be the 2.7 not the 1.65!
  6. Was just looking through your google sheet and that Momo caught my eye
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  8. In the chaos of trying to knock this out while fostering 5 puppies for a rescue I work with, I came back to the job and not paying attention grabbed a brake line clip holder bolt and stuck it in the top bolt hole for the caliper. I proceeded to tighten it down to around oem torque when all of the sudden I feel the dreaded slip. Getting this back out of the caliper was an adventure. next up tonight: throwing in my momo full containment seat and running it with stock seatbelts for shits and giggles.
  9. New brake lines in, GLOC pads in, centric rotors in... old stuff was in bad shape. OEM rotors 😧 new news: passenger rear caliper is pretty seized. Going to run it as is this weekend but will probably need replacing soon. lines were aged out as expected, surprised they weren't a bigger issue than they were on track. new tow straps, b-day present to myself for dealing with god awful shit for years and years...
  10. Sold! Off to new adventures, was very sad to see it go. @joesurf79 @Solo_S14
  11. Dennis

    2004 M3

    Gave it some fresh fluids and did an autox in it: And it survived! It has all of the under steer with the staggered Sumitomo tires. Trying to gather parts to some basic e46 fixes to get it ready to DE: Rear sub frame reinforcements.. plates are in, now just need to find all of the while you're in there bushings. Flex joint didn't like the auto x starts and is hanging by the treads.. And a new trunklid.. finally found somebody who want to ship one in the right color.. can't wait to lose the carbon look trunk..
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GBWOQgvfA6SwOID6e2POxKytY8lOekUJgNKlpwUYjzc/edit?usp=sharing Bump, updated list!
  13. All the gold in this thread, and the only thing that gets comments are the shitty posts! -td
  14. This thread is turning to shit. No, wait. I guess it already was.
  15. haha yeah, getting deep in here, innit?! I'm quite used to seeing TP tossed in the corners in public restrooms when trash cans aren't provided for paper waste. as with the middle eastern stuff.. it's gross to us, but normal to those in other cultures.
  16. Not the cultural lesson I ever thought I'd learn on this forum, but that makes a lot of sense. As well, many Latin countries dont' have plumbing systems that handle flushed paper waste. So at work, there can be little piles of toilet paper on the floor next to the toilet.
  17. Middle East cultures have much different toilets. they routinely squat and crap into a hole in the floor. so a "european" style toilet is strange stuff to them. I did a job on a drilling rig in Turkey one time.. the rig's janitors had to put up instructions signs displaying how to sit-then-shit (wiping was another story altogether.....) one national piped up -politely- and said that after a lifetime of squatting, his body wouldn't let him shit while sitting down.. So finally the rig's mechanics built little platforms around half of the toilets and the nationals could squat over the bowl and do their thing. They coated them in the same pour-then-cure epoxy/plastic stuff they use on shower floors in the rigs so the janitors could simply hose the damn things off and sanitize w/ bleach. voila. no more greasy boot prints on toilet seats for the ex-pats.
  18. Believe it or not...this is a thing. Not sure the sign is legit but we've had foreign contractors that required instruction on how to use toilets. I had caught a glance of someone squatting over the toilet in a stall with what appeared to be one foot on each side of the bowl. We would regularly get 'spackle' on the backside of the toilet...very gross.
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    Link: https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/2972 Info, copy pasted: NASA NOLA is hosting its final NASA Race Weekend of the 2019 Season! Come on down to the Deep South to drive your car on the NOLA Motorsports Park Road Course. You can also enjoy the New Orleans nightlife located just 20 minutes from the track. We will be running the 2.75 mile (with esses) 16-turn configuration. Don't forget that your tech sheet is to be filled out PRIOR to going through the tech line. Any shop that is ASE certified or has an ASE certified mechanic, can complete your tech sheet. Here is a link to print out the tech sheet. https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/277/form_hpde_tech.pdf If you are interested in reserving an RV spot with hook-ups, please contact Ryan Martin at [email protected] Copy and paste the link below to register for the NOLA Motorsports Park Open Track Day on Friday December 6, 2019. The OTD will be running the same configuration as the NASA event. (The open track day is NOT a NASA event and is not associated with NASA - it is run by the track). msreg.com/carotd12-6-19
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