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  3. See y'all there! Instructing.
  4. The other benefit is not risking contamination and waste of $$$ brake fluid pouring it into and out of the pressure canister.
  5. Absolutely. You also picked out the interior paint!
  6. This is what I do with mine too. Filling up the master reservoir a couple times is easier than cleaning things up afterwards. Since I'm usually doing a small bleed every other weekend or so, it doesn't take much fluid vs doing a full change.
  7. Woot! I helped! Do I get to drive now? 😉
  8. That's a good tip on the Motive bleeder. I'll do that next time. The only part that was messy was removing the assembly. I have the one for old-style cast iron master cylinders, basically a plate with two holes. If I only used it to pressurize, there would be no mess!
  9. Woot!! first drives are awesome! Just curious.. how loose are the bleeder screws? many cars with vacuum bleeding tools have issues sucking air around the threads in the bleeder screws. liberal use of teflon tape or some thick grease on the threads tends to help keep air from going around the bleeder. That said, I've never been a huge fan of the vacuum bleeders because of this. prefer a pressure style myself. I also have a motive bleeder, but I don't put fluid in it. I just fill up the master cyl with fluid and use the motive as a pressure source. just gotta be careful you don't let the master cyl reservoir pump dry, so I only do one caliper at a time.
  10. So . . . I buttoned it up, bled the brakes with a Motive power bleeder, and went for a drive to get gasoline last night!! First time I've actually driven the car. Excited. I'm going to take it to the Corvette club meeting tonight. That should get some blood flowing in the old codgers! (Wait . . . am I an old codger now?) I had a tough time getting the brakes bled. I started out with the vacuum device I use on all my other cars, but still had a soft pedal. So I broke out the Motive power bleeder. It is messier, but it instantly pushed big air bubbles out of both front calipers and gave me a hard pedal. ?? When I got home, Duke the Donkey was hanging out by the front gate. I think he could have won the Triple Crown based on how fast he was running when he heard the Beast pull up. 😄 Driving impressions -- it shifts great, steering and brakes feel good and are reasonable effort (both manual). Engine is a torque monster. When you put the pedal in it pins you. This is going to be a fun track toy. Next step is to get the harness bar welded in.
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  14. Hey speedracer, I kind of realise that! I guess it depend on how long you race (10 min session? 30minutes?) Outside temp, the track layouy, boost pressure/hp...
  15. Cooling issues with after market turbos is clearly a problem with track cars. I solved a similar problem on my s2000 by removing the turbo. I did this after installing a bigger radiator , oil cooler, vented hood, special radiator ducting. probably not what you wanted to hear. my track Miata is na.....
  16. Back in 2006, I owned a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR. It’s the one car I wish I never let go. As of recent, and old facebook photo popped up displaying its license plate number. I ran a Carfax on it wondering where it ended up. Come to find, it’s been recently purchased in Hammond, Indiana, maybe 15 days ago. I’m trying to figure out with the information that I have, if there is there some way I can find out the owners name. Wanted to see if I could be a creep and find him on Facebook, and possibly keep in touch so when he decides to sell, I’d like to buy it back. Please let me know if there’s anyway y’all can help me find the new owner. ive tried to search the VIN on google to see if any old for sale listings pop up, but no luck. I’d like to see how she looks now after 16 years. Car Info is below: 2006 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION VIN: JA3AH86C06U049048 Carfax info is listed below: https://www.carfax.com/api/consumers/204876953/report/email/5c445338baf37d9d9ceac143fe7d69b93865bf6f17b4e319e06356047949a1b51efe6e5c005eb9e8
  17. It's awwwwwwwwwn! Sometimes you just have to speak up really loud! LOL!! Oh my, let me tell you the fun you're going to have with that tailbone....I bounced off of mine on hardpack dirt (first time riding my RM250 as a 14 year old...I've never let go of the handlebars since LOL!!)....it was just "bruised".....yeah, ok, sure....either way....welcome to sitting on a hemorrhoid donut!! And don't worry....it won't go away....for decades.....I'm about to hit 50 and it "more or less" stopped being really bothersome a few years ago....kind of....sorry to be the bearer of bad news....but make sure *every* seat / chair you are in is nice and comfy! BTW - WELCOME BACK!!
  18. Have you thought about forming up a fiberglass tail hook to put on it? Then- I might be willing to go up in it with you 🙂
  19. Weather forecast is looking nice so far!!
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  23. Got a bit more done on Sunday. Finished mounting all fire system components. Battery and fire bottle are mounted low for CG. Made a cover out of ABS, which makes for great storage behind the seats. Mounted the hood. This involved notching vent fins for the new radiator and upper hose + iterative adjustment of the hood pins.
  24. In! Been off the track waaaaaaaaaay too long and hope to see some of y'all out there.
  25. Its just above the turbo. I made it to help cooling. My car is rhd and the dead pedal was melting because of turbo heat. Not sure if it really help 😕 I think the r35 gtr does have a naca duct for turbo cooling
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