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  2. 2020 was definitely a weird year. You’d think with the lack of traveling for work I would’ve had more times for the track, but it just didn’t work out that way. I did finally get to run the full track at ECR after only doing the short track a couple of times the year before. Also had a couple of good days at MSRC, but I’ve quit getting faster and need to shake things up to break out. Not really a goals kinda guy myself, but this year I would love to make more DEs, bust outta this plateau I’m in on lap times at MSRC, and meet more good folks on track days. And I still don’t see how some of you do so much instructing. That would put a serious crimp in my mid-afternoon nap between sessions.
  3. Scarce, I know, but does anyone have a bolt in cage for a R53 Mini Cooper S? Cheers Based in Houston Texas.
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  5. I'm hoping to use this as my suspension tuning day if my MCS order arrives and is installed by then.
  6. Single day this time and only the 1.7, but thinking we might use this as a warmup for Edge Addicts on the 3.1 the following Monday. Registration is starting slow, so might be pretty small run groups, or maybe combined White/Red groups for more track time. Anyone planning to be there?
  7. We're ready for another Monday Funday on the 3.1. Deb and I laid off waaaaaaay too long for the holidays this year and need to get back on the track. Who else will I see out there this time?
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  9. Glad you have a potential resolution, but this isn't over yet. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! I assume you have at least some photos of the car and parts before it went in? Soon as you show up, get you pictures of the car where it sits before you touch it, all the parts, etc. There's a large percentage of these cases where the shop has damaged the car requiring a repaint (laying parts on top of it for months, cars on lift above leaking fluids onto your paint, etc) If you took or shipped loose parts for install, you might want to bring photocopies of receipts for that stuff to prove it belongs to you. I hope none of that is needed, but be prepared to fight for what's yours. bring witness(es), stay polite and factual. get your crap, get out, and don't look back!
  10. Well... I got a call on Friday the 15th from the person / shop in question. Basically saying I can come pick up my stuff next Friday. So I'll be rolling out there with some help and probably a wrecker service to grab the rolling chassis of my car, and some boxes of parts. The engine itself is mostly complete and is at the engine builder, so I'll pick that up separately. I guess this is the best possible outcome at this point - ironic that I was just in the process of having a lawyer send a DTPA letter and go from there. If all goes well this coming Friday, that won't be necessary. In talks with Biddle Motorsports to pick up the pieces and try to put humpty dumpty back together again. Biddle knew of this other person, and this will not be the first project they've taken over from that shop.
  11. Planning to be out on Saturday. Fred will be there, too.
  12. MSR-C 3.1 Date: 1/18/21 Lap time: 2:18.452 (via AIM Solo 2 DL) Car: Ariel Atom SRA Total vehicle weight with driver: 1695 lbs Wheel horsepower: 202 hp (230hp crank) per GSpeed dyno Tires: 205/50/R15 Hoosier A7 fronts, 275/35/R15 Hoosier A7 rears, 10th HC Estimated ambient temperature: 71.6F (via AIM Solo 2 DL IAT)
  13. Selling off my open car trailer as my new enclosed will be ready soon. Thanks for looking! Modified 2003 Big Tex 70DM 18’ (22’ overall) open car trailer Original owner Clear title, currently registered Dual 3500lbs axles, approx. 2500lbs overall weight Factory optioned - Dual axle electric brakes and upgraded HD 2-5/8” coupler Completely rebuild/painted/wired/modified in 2015 with the following features: · Sandblasted, primed and painted 2006 Mitsubishi Evo Graphite Grey color · Professionally painted with high performance epoxy and clearcoat for longevity · Each pull-out ramp extended by 2’ by using additional factory ramps. Total of 7’ length o Flipped door openings/new easy-open piano hinges o Lower profile for lowered vehicles · Custom front overhead tire rack, lockable bar, holds 6-8 wheels depending on width · Brute Commercial Class Tool/Storage Box, stainless diamond plate, custom mounted · Side air deflectors, custom diamond plate · All LED lighting package– o (2) in-deck, (2) fenderwell, both switched o Additional side markers & updated rears · (4) additional D-rings for (8) total · Smittybilt XRC 9500# deck-mounted winch with plug-in remote · On-board 12-V battery with waterproof battery box (New in 2019), custom mounted · All new wiring harness, trailer break-away kit · Both axles rebuilt and all completely new brake kits · Maxxis 205/75-15 load-range D tires, 3/4 tread left with even wear · Will include weight distribution hitch Trailer pulls like a dream, loads very well, and is easy to back-up. Can be used with any modern ½ ton truck. Good-to-Excellent condition, never wrecked, little to no rust, and paint is holding up very well. When modified, the achieved goal was to create the best open-car trailer possible. Only selling as I’m upgrading to an aluminum fully enclosed. Located in the DFW area, just Northeast of Dallas. Willing to deliver within 200 miles. $4500.00 More pics here - https://www.racingjunk.com/Open-Car-Trailers/184133420/Modified-Big-Tex-70DM-18-.html
  14. Two seats in good condition with the exception of one bottom cushions inner corner has a tear/rip. (Marked location and shown in one of the photos) Otherwise the shell and other fabric are fine. One seat has a MFG Date of Feb 2007, and the other is Jun 2012. Only have a side mount bracket for one seat though. Both seats come with all 8 mounting bolts. Asking $1,400 OBO for both seats + the one side mount bracket. Any questions, feel free to ask. Only selling because I prefer how my body fits in a Recaro SPG better. More info: https://racetech-usa.com/shop/RT4009-motorsport-seats
  15. I'm planning on a member day at MSRH on January 23rd or 24th, whichever has better weather. Track direction also looks to be CCW for this weekend. Throwing it out there for anyone that wants to jump on. I believe another member may be planning to attend as well but will wait for them to confirm.
  16. Looking for either the Hard Dog M3 double diagonal or the Blackbird bar. Thanks!
  17. 7 months for a paint job? wow! I hope you love it!
  18. Got the car back on Monday. It looks awesome. Have to wait a month or so before taking it for final paint correction, coating, PPF, etc.
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